Covid Passports will NOT be compulsory in pubs and restaurants – It’s a coercion tactic due to dwindling uptake as the only people left to vaccinate are those with common sense

Headlines in mainstream media on Saturday 10th July have suggested the Government is going to make Covid passports compulsory in pubs, clubs and restaurants from autumn. They won’t. This is an attempt to coerce those who have not yet been vaccinated into doing so as numbers have dwindled dramatically in recent weeks.

The Times were the first paper to release the headline ‘Covid passports for pubs’. They even told us the precise reason for the headline with the tagline ‘Plans to increase vaccination among young with compulsory certificates in bars, restaurants and clubs’. The actual plan is to increase vaccination among young by making them believe compulsory certificates will be required to enter pubs, not to actually implement it.

The Daily Mail went one further though with the headline ‘Covid passports WILL be compulsory in pubs’. Suggesting that ministers plan to force bars and restaurants to demand proof of two jabs or a negative test from autumn to help tackle a fourth wave.

Have you ever read such tripe? The Government knows that the vaccines cannot stop a person catching the alleged Covid-19 virus or spreading it. They just won’t tell you that part when they’re attempting to coerce you into having it. Covid passports do not make sense in this respect.

Don’t forget they already tried this one with holidays, and by God did it work. Millions have had an experimental injection; not to protect them from Covid-19, but because they believed they wouldn’t be allowed to ever go on holiday again if they didn’t.

And guess what? They still can’t go on holiday, not without hassle like the unvaccinated anyway. Even the new plans to allow the double jabbed more privileges still involve them having to take two PCR tests. They of course have gotten so used to living in a nanny, communist state that they will believe that is called freedom – it isn’t.

The most probable outcome is that nobody will be allowed in a pub or restaurant; just as they can’t freely leave or enter the country at the minute, because come winter they will most likely close them again.

The problem the Government have now is that the only people left to vaccinate are the young who couldn’t care less about being vaccinated, and the people who have some smidgen of intelligence and common sense to see that something isn’t quite right with the past sixteen months and know to avoid these experimental jabs at all costs.

We can see this in the decline in vaccinations given which peaked around the middle of May at around 700,000 doses in a single day. There has been as steady decline since then to less than 300,000 a day.

Even then the majority of those are second doses, with first doses accounting for around 80,000 -100,000 of the doses given per day.

We can also see via NHS statistics on vaccinations that there has been a decline in vaccine uptake as the age groups have got lower and lower. The NHS data tells us that the highest uptake has been in 75 – 79-year-olds which they claim is 100% uptake for the first dose.

However, the first major decline occurred in 35–39-year-olds where they tell us just 80.8% have had a first dose. Then we have 30 – 34-year-olds at just 75.8% uptake, 25 -29 year olds at just 64.8% uptake, and 18 – 24-year-olds at just 56.7% uptake.

It’s also interesting to find that not everybody has been coming back for a second dose. There has been a 5% drop in uptake for the second dose in 50 – 54-year-olds, and the 45 – 49 year old age group is currently lagging 20% behind the uptake seen for the first dose. Do you remember the press-conference the vaccine minster Nadhim Zahawi held a few weeks ago? The one where he claimed the vaccination programme was going wonderfully but stressed around 50,000 times how important it is to get the second dose for full protection?

Other clues pointing to the major decline in uptake is the constant harassment and begging notes from the authorities to get the jab. For the first few months of the vaccine roll-out, vaccinations were strictly by appointment only, now it’s a free-for-all with radio and newspaper advertising reminding the public that there is a walk-in service near you this weekend for you to get your experimental jab.

Even the NHS are bombarding people with text messages to remind them that they can “grab a jab at a walk in service” near them.

Don’t fall for the trap. We still can’t give a definitive answer as to why they are so desperate to vaccinate every man, woman, and child against an alleged disease which has a fatality rate of 0.2% with the majority of deaths occurring in those over the age of 85 who have underlying conditions; although we do have our suspicions.

But desperate they are, and this is just another attempt to boost the rapidly declining uptake through coercive tactics. Keep hold of that intelligence and commons sense, you are going to need it to get through this.

Hold the line.


4 Responses to “Covid Passports will NOT be compulsory in pubs and restaurants – It’s a coercion tactic due to dwindling uptake as the only people left to vaccinate are those with common sense”

  1. Whackd says:

    Look at the efforts they are putting in to get us all jabbed:
    If I had a pound for every time the NHS invited me for my free, painless jab… I would have £8.
    How much would you have?


    x14 txts, x28 phone calls, x2 letters = £44.00.

    £13. 10 texts and 3 letters.

    With the 3 letters and the phone calls I have been getting nearly every day this week £7.

    £36…yep, I’ve just counted 36 text messages from my surgery since February 2021. I can’t get a doctor’s appointment though

    About a tenner probably would be more but I blocked their number on my phone

  2. Whackd says:

    Martial law is coming:
    A mate posted on Telegram earlier that the army are recalling ex soldiers. God knows what for????

    Earlier this year, someone claimed that the old POWs camps in Kent were being refurbished for god-knows-what.

    Yup, soon you’ll see why they will have to impose martial law to keep control. It’s also why they started this whole COVID scam – to condition people into staying at home to keep safe. They want us to die in our homes. Heard that last year in a YT video.

    • ian says:

      I suspect they will use starvation. It has been their MO in the past. Soldiers going door to door stealing or commandeering people’s food. Thus the Spanish law changes. Our laws probably already permit it under emergency powers.

  3. Tom74 says:

    It’s all getting pretty desperate, isn’t it? Still Tim Martin is probably happy – Johnson and the far-right have taken back control.