China floods: Reality comes out

Anyone who saw the videos of the China subway floods ought to have been suspicious of the death toll, it is obvious everyone died, I held off on this because there was not confirmation. Now it is confirmed: All these people died and the photos only got out because people sent them out through social media while their doom was clearly assured.



Everyone in the subway photos and videos you may have seen is dead.



This is what weather warfare looks like at it’s worst. There it is. Someone wanted this, and did this to starve Canada, the United States, and Russia of water. That water has to go somewhere, and THERE IT IS.

This image below is what happened to China.

I know you have all seen this before, but look at the above. THAT is the consequence. We are starting to see the real consequences of permitting this to continue, China today, Mexico City tomorrow, and next week, What, Boston?? LA??


I predicted what happened in the above image could happen in the original Haarp report, where I stated “if they ever clipped that system to ground there would be a lightning bolt of a sort not ever witnessed” AND THERE IT IS, they are getting so anxious to cause disasters that they DID clip the ionosphere to ground.


This image I drew up 10 years ago has been proven right, this is indeed how “haarp” type systems work. Haarp was the original, now the word applies to all such systems like “kleenex”.


We are all paying the price of having such systems be used un-checked right now, with China being a visually stunning case.



3 Responses to “China floods: Reality comes out”

  1. Derek says:

    When I heard of the simultaneous floods in China; Iran; Turkey; Germany and Belgium, I recalled the effects that HAARP were alleged to have from documentaries watched some years ago. Looking at the patterns caused and shown on of the areas involved, especially over Europe, there was this classic ‘hole’ developing. Only a hunch, but that – in my mind, spelt HAARP. This is a weapon that is capable of destroying Continents.

    • ian says:

      The whole Atlantic weather system seems to have been pushed South. I live more or less in the middle of the British mainland, and our rivers are nearly dry. We are being constantly chemtrailed too. If you reduce the solar radiation from heating one area and not another the hottest land will draw the weather systems to it via convection.

      • ian says:

        I obviously understand that other factors come in to play, or deserts wouldn’t exist, but the principal idea works.