Why do so many buildings collapse without apparent explanation?

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Right now we are seeing 1000 explanations for what went on, from flooded parking garage to the cell tower on the roof. And I heard rumor that one of the survivors heard 3 blasts, with the first one being “like a thunderclap but 100 times louder”. I am now leaning towards “Perhaps McAffe’s dead man switch was in that condo, and they are not rescuing anyone until they find those hard drives”. IMPORTANT: This is sheer speculation but it sure fits. It would explain everything.

So now they are saying the parking garage flooded so much cars would float. I call 100 percent pure unadulterated BULLSHIT, there’s no way people who own million dollar condos would EVER, EVER, in a million years accept that. That’s a bold faced lie. A lie told because obviously, anything but the real story is better than the real story. If the concrete spalling ever got even 10 percent as bad as it needed to be to trigger a collapse, it would look so horrific that absolutely no one would tolerate it. I flat out do not believe it.

What I DO believe: A bunch of rag tag arabs with box cutters hijacked planes . . . . . oh wait, that story is BULLSHIT too!

If it was not Jenga, it was explosives. And I was not pushing that, or even considering that which means I am, even now, being fully subjective and analytical when I now say that explosives probably really are the best explanation, and there is something in that rubble worth killing everyone over, even the Jews. Somehow they had it down to where the sound conduction through the supports was louder than what was heard out on the street or in the portion that did not fall. That would be easy to bury if you posted lookouts to make sure no pedestrians would be possible witnesses, and as long as it was not too loud outside the parking garage, the people sleeping in surrounding buildings might not figure it out. Close the parking garage doors to block a majority of the sound and get’er done.

How likely do I think it was explosives? I’d say over 50 percent probable just from the post-collapse handling of the situation. And if they suddenly “clear it like heroes now” there should be no forgiveness, they are past the expiration date, everyone has died of thirst by now which would mean mission accomplished. Why wait anymore?





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  1. joseph2021 says:

    I told him years ago but he refused to believe me. Like most people, he wants information which fits in with his idea of reality and there’s a lot of stuff which is not acceptable.

    • joseph2021 says:

      He’s quite a control freak, our Jim. I was in his forum and a guy starting chatting about a topic which JS knows nothing about (other than he’s checked it out and concluded it was utter crap) so he deleted all the posts presumably to prevent viewers’ minds from being polluted.

      Then someone started discussing the Gulf oil spill because it was something that mattered a lot to him. I said I have info which JS will never allow to appear in his fiefdom so he asked for a private email instead.

      I’ve never been quite sure about this guy. Some call Jim Stein…..