Who controls Planet Earth?

“My movie about the ANUNNAKI goes back to the SOURCE – the 22,500 clay tablets gifted to QUEEN VICTORIA…” ~ CHRIS EVERARD

These Babylonian tablets, now in possession of the British Royals, describe a huge pantheon of ‘GODS’ who COME FROM THE STARS. 

Most of these tablets are NOT on display to the public. 

They contain the ORIGINAL Great Flood history, information about the WATCHERS and most of all, describe the huge number of extraterrestrials who came here and created us – mankind – as their slaves using genetic-husbandry knowledge.

The alien-genetic cloning of WATCHERS with humans is enshrined in the BOOK OF GENESIS which describes how Earthling women were raped by the ‘gods’ from the stars.


Ancient man preserved the memory of how ADAM was created – he was made from earth minerals and genetic material taken from the ‘rib of god’, which is a poetic way of describing CLONING.  The Maori in New Zealand have Creation Myths of ‘TIKI SKY GODS’ who came to Earth and were at war with one another – a war between clans of aliens – a war which was fought [and is still being fought today] to gain ultimate clandestine control of Planet Earth.

The first generation of alien-human clones were brainwashed and instructed to create a global BROTHERHOOD. This first generation had over-sized eyes and noses, known as SAGES. They infiltrated and overthrew the Babylonian Kings, and also infiltrated and betrayed the Pharaohs, leading to the expulsion of the Jews from Egypt. Jewish mysticism considers these SAGES to be the most ‘divine’ beings – the first patriarchs of Judaism and all the splinter religions – such as Christianity, Islam and Catholocism – which were to follow.

This film proves they bred a race of priests with prominent brow bones, huge noses and large eyes – they were the first ‘divine’ creations, and all Rabbis claim descent from this first wave of genetically created priests, who today consider themselves to be ‘the Chosen Ones’…

These first generation Annunaki-Human clones created a BROTHERHOOD called ‘SAGES’ who have continued to influence world events through the manipulation and brainwashing programs integrated into various religions and political Think Tanks.

Museums worldwide have in their vaults many statues which are categorized as “VENUS FIGURINES” – they exist in many countries on three continents. All share similar features of stubby legs, sometime no arms, and exposed brain-stem [so electrodes can control functions] and wide hips to accommodate high-rate birthing of further generations of human ‘GOYLEMS’.

This film investigates the ‘GOYLEM’ [which means ‘lazy slave’ in Ashkenazi German-Yiddish – a Golem, or Goylem is an artificially created humanoid slave]… And ‘ADAM’ was the first man, or, we should say, the first ‘slave’ created by the Anunnaki in the Babylonian tablets.


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6 Responses to “Who controls Planet Earth?”

  1. ihunt says:

    You need to ask?

  2. Gordon says:

    I watched no too few of Everard’s so called movies which were of little interest and very much self opinionated with little or no facts and taught me nothing I didn’t already know.
    All movies started with about ten minutes telling how wonderful he is with about twenty minutes of his opinions and finally crowned with the last twenty minutes telling how great and wonderful he is. Not worth the money and certainly no longer worth my time. In a nutshell, Con Artist.

  3. Tapestry says:

    90% agree Gordon. But the 10% is gold dust. The footage of the orbs flying around in multiple locations cannot be fake, and gives you the tell on many otherwise inexplicable topics like crop circles. His graphical work is excellent. Photography and film. Intellectually he is weak which is a shame as he comes very close to being extremely useful as a historical source. Then again which human is a perfect anything? When things are perfect like on TV then you know you are being lied to. If he had read people like Ralph Ellis he would be better informed about who the Jews were, for example. But as regards the footage of the orbs and some other UFO material he is excellent and worth a few quid a year. I think he is a typical lone wolf who is brilliant in snatches but not able to work outside his own bunker – a bubble dweller. Yet when he’s good he’s got stuff you can’t find anywhere else, like the movies of the American rock garden designer who was clearly using anti-gravity technology. No source is perfect, but we need sources to find out things and be able to solve the riddles we face. You need time and patience to find the good stuff but it’s there. He would help his viewers by offering a proper index. There is an element of con artist but he needn’t be if he got organised and presented his work through a proper index. But he’s weak intellectually IMO, and he can only reach into the graphical and pictorial side convincingly, but that he does excellently. The camera doesn’t lie. Only the humans!

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “No source is perfect, but we need sources to find out things…”
      Well I think I’d pick Chris Everard over say Gomez as such a source, any day.