Whistleblower Funeral Directors Speak Out! The Only Ones Dying Are From the Vaccine

Funeral Homes are saying the only ones dying are those taking the vaccine. This is not the first funeral director I have heard say this. It is more like the tenth. They did not see a rise in deaths or funerals until January through March of this year when the shot was rolled out.

This is in many countries and seems to be the same everywhere. Funeral Directors around the world are now speaking out and are confirming what everyone has known except those still asleep. Directors are reporting that hospitals are virtually empty and that no one is dying of covid.

It’s all a lie to deceive the public into promoting them to get the vaccine which is not in reality, a vaccine.
They are saying that come the Winter season, the vaccinated will begin dying in droves all around the world. We have not seen anything yet.



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  1. Tapestry says:

    The rate at which illness will progress in the vaccinated is not known. The rate at which their own bodily defences can work is also unknown. We hope and pray that the defences are stronger than the attack.

    • joseph2021 says:

      Sorry, their live spans only stretch to the next couple of years or so. Earlier this year, I told a friend to expect huge numbers of deaths to come but I also said there’s no need to feel sad over this. I’m not being hard hearted . It’s very difficult to explain when people have no knowledge of soul contracts and God’s plan for this world

      We are living through the time described in the Book of Revelations. I saw an interesting article a few weeks ago (I can’t find it now). Basically, the writer said he does not fear Satan because Satan has no real power. All power lies with God and God is going to be killing off huge numbers of people. He quoted from the Book of Revelations. The angel did XYZ and a great big disaster happens. Another angel does something else and a massive catastrophe is unleashed. It’s God who is killing off these people. You can see it as the evil cabal who’s killing people with the vax but try a different viewpoint. The cabal have been trying to depopulate the world by various means over the years but they never succeeded because God did not allow them to do now. The cabal has been crossing off their list of ways to kill all of us, until they finally found something which God approves of – the self selecting culling via COVID jabs.

      If you listen to Clif High video “Hello Woo”, he says, “For whatever reason, Universe has broken our slave species free. We don’t have our masters around.
      Our need for divine guidance or an authority figure to tell us what to do is no longer in our future.”

      You want freedom? You are getting it. but it comes at a cost. One seventh of humanity will die soon in a very short space of time. This sort of thing doesn’t occur by happenstance. Those who are ensouled had entered into soul contracts to leave.

      It’s not possible to discuss such topics when most people would tell you there’s no such thing as a soul. Even some of the Illuminati guys would tell you that too, were you able to speak with them…..

  2. joseph2021 says:

    The gov is expecting many deaths.
    Westminster City Council is going to spend £6M on “temporary body storage services”. Wonder what the other city councils are offering to pay?

    They can’t take them to regular morgues. These bodies have to be incinerated like the mad cows of years ago.

    Remember those videos of the Chinese mobile crematoriums? I reckon they’ll be needing a lot of these.

  3. Ander1991 says:


    The problem is there is more than one agenda being played out under context of COVID19, the WEF Cyber Polygon being another:


    Some “exercise” scheduled for July 9th?
    Net outage and/or mains power outage? It’s hard to envisage what might cause the scale of deaths envisaged by the notorious deagel.com forecast for 2025:


    Naturally that could be fear porn to sow FUD in their cherished and customary manner. After all a massive and sudden die-off isn’t exactly calculated to give options for plausible deniability…

  4. Elicat29 says:

    I guess that all the plastic coffins in Georgia and other places start to make sense..