When fake news is actually true

What the BBC describe as ‘FAKE NEWS’ from a man in South Africa, has actually turned out to be real news – and 100% TRUE – but they still threw the man in jail anyway.

Durban, South Africa: A man who posted a video about Covid-19 testing kits being contaminated was forced to appear in court in April… Another man making a similar video clip in Australia was also arrested…

The London Telegraph newspaper reports on how Covid TEST SWABS have been contaminated and then given out to people – perfectly healthy people, no doubt… However, two people are arrested for spreading ‘fake news’ who say the exact same thing as the Telegraph – that some Covid test swabs are contaminated with, er, Covid!

In South Africa, Police spokesperson, Brigadier Mathapelo Peters, confirmed that the man from Durban was arrested for ‘making a video about how TEST KITS were contaminated’.

However, he was actually stating the exact same information that has been reported by mainstream newspapers!

Hmmmm… I never heard of a ‘law’ like that – one where a person makes a video and then has his door kicked-in by police…

Peters said “The arrest relates to a video clip purporting contamination of Covid-19 test kits. The suspect has been charged in terms of Regulation 11 (5) (c)of the Disaster Management Act, in relation to “publishing any statement through any medium including social media with the intention to deceive any other person about measures by the government to address Covid-19″…


The Evening Standard displays the story – the headline still displays on their website. The London Evening Standard is edited by a Bullingdon Club member… But even they ran the news about the contaminated swabs.

Well, this Durban man is due for a MASSIVE PAY-OUT because he was WRONGFULLY ARRESTED.

The Telegraph newspaper in London, the Evening Standard and many other newspapers have all reported the circulation of hundreds of thousands of CONTAMINATED SWABS…

But it goes deeper than this being just a ‘blunder’ by the swab manufacturers… In my film SCAMDEMIC, I prove that the contaminated swabs – yes, you guessed it, many were contaminated with Covid19 – these contaminated swabs were made by MANY different manufacturers – one in Finland, one in Luxembourg and one in China… 

Hmmm… Three manufacturers and they all manufactured hundreds of thousands of swabs infected with Covid! Just a coincidence?


Thousands of contaminated swabs were shipped to TRIBAL NATIONS PEOPLE… Just like the old scam by Lord Amerhurst with his blankets…



2 Responses to “When fake news is actually true”

  1. Hey you says:

    It’s reached the point where they must get the toxin in everyone before the very public exposures. They have nothing left to lose.

  2. Hey you says:

    I told my daughter to warn her manager not to take the vax. She promised to do so. This is a sea change. Previously she scoffed at my conspiracy talk but with the emergence of videos of magnetic people who even attract mobile phones, her attitude is changing.

    I told her I am early. I’ve always been very early; so early that what I say has no credibility. In the investment world, it’s such people who make the killing. Dines used to say he drinks upstream, not down below with the herd.