Vaksinnated banned from air travel in Russia and Spain due to blood clots

Just been sent this, thought it was quite interesting, as it ties in with banning the plebs from air travel.
Blood Clots and Travel: What You Should Know
We are starting to come full circle. Now airlines in Spain and Russia are warning people who have been vaccinated should not travel. Indeed, COVID-19 vaccinated people can be excluded from air travel! That was the headline of a Russian online news portal. There are a number of news articles coming out a warning that vaccinated people may not be allowed to travel because of the danger of blood clots in the mile-high atmosphere. In Spain, the same thing is appearing. This has raised concerns that are the objective of this vaccine to prevent travel?
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  1. Aldous says:

    Hi Tap. Any chance of a source for that breaking story which is absolutely damning if correct. It looks/sounds like the Russian and Spanish authorities don’t want to deal with corpses landing at their airports and who can blame them?
    Most people don’t know that aeroplanes are pressurised at 8000 feet and not sea level regardless of Flight Level. To pressurise at sea level would make the aircraft fuselage/aeroplane far too heavy, so it’s a sensible compromise as the normal human body doesn’t really ‘pick up’ on the lower air pressure and density at 8000 feet and many people live comfortably at these altitudes anyway.
    You have to be careful however when taking off at such altitudes because the thinner air (especially on a hot and humid day) will provide less lift and thrust and require a greater take off run.
    Anyway, it looks like being at 8000 feet cabin pressure is not a good thing for the ‘jabbed’.

  2. baypipo says:

    hello, can you please link the news source?

  3. Hey you says:

    Forget about travelling abroad, they want people to stay indoors in their own homes.

    In 2006, John Moore wrote his paper, “No Need For Panic”. In there, he wrote about the 4 phases we’ll be going through. We are in Phase Three now.

    Phase 3 “will arrive as a thief in the night” when one day you live your life as normal and the next day, your world is upside down.”

    Phase Three is when I.D. cards will be introduced and there’ll be curfews and severe restrictions on travel.

    He wrote, “The possibility of an alleged terrorist event(s) is very real. There is a serious danger of a crisis like Bird Flu being either created or exploited (made to appear worse than it really is) to become the pretext for martial law…..
    It will be sometime during Phase Three that the powers that be plan on implementing their long awaited New World Order or One World Government…..

    Phase Four will be Martial Law for some, Anarchy for many, and TEOTWAWKI for all!”