Vaccine centers shutting down, bring on the aliens

Posts on social media indicate vaccine centers are shutting down because people are simply not going in for the shots. That’s not what you’d believe from all the trolls claiming they just got theirs (herd mentality play) and “they are OK” – saline or abject lie – and these types of posts are reaching a fevered pitch across the infosphere –


The reality is that too many people have woken up to the vax. If you have guys from India among the crowd with all of the western countries saying the vax is a disaster and people are avoiding it there’s a major problem for the vax agenda and today I came across posts from people who said their jobs at those centers got canceled.

I don’t think they hit what could be called “critical mass” with their vax agenda. What they are going to end up with now is a lot of people who were vaxxed dying over the coming months, and they are going to need a way out of this so they are not held responsible. How would they accomplish that type of distraction? EASY:

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5 Responses to “Vaccine centers shutting down, bring on the aliens”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I walked past a VAX centre in Liverpool City Centre two days ago in a busy shopping centre with people queuing down the street for Zara, Jollibee, inter alia.. A masked yellow jacketed brain dead vaccassinator stood at the door awaiting victims, obviously puzzled at the lack of interest. I watched for ten minutes. A sole bearded victim walked in. They were not busy in a shopping centre with tens of thousands. The game is over for the propagandists. The lies are known. No one’s interested or even listening any more. Very few were wearing masks, and not one shop, hotel or pub even mentioned it as I walked in and out. Why don’t they just shut up and go away? The herd has moved on. So they’re moving on to target school children who can’t walk away so easily. Another vaccine victim we know of. We hired a window cleaner, who informed me he and his wife had just been vaccinated. Why do the vaccinated always tell others about their private medical business? She’s now in hospital a week later with bleeding on the brain.

    • ian says:

      This last couple of days have been as near to normal as it’s been since the plague story started Tap’. A good number not masked, enjoying the sun and beer. A very fit 72 year old veggy keep fit guy neighbour was rushed to hospital with a heart attack, probably due to the spike proteins, hope he’s ok as he’s a decent bloke but terrified of Covid, Vaccined twice. Two others died in the area, one who abused his daughters and did time for it, the other busted my very lovely guitar about 50 years ago. No love lost with either of them. As I said though, the masses are relaxed, and vaxx hesitancy is pretty high. We’ll see how the C**ts in charge handle this.

    • Hey you says:

      There’s a vax centre near my home. They’re still getting takers so it’s a worthwhile exercise in this locality. There’s more going in during the weekends. I can see that from the numbers of parked cars spilling out.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        “They’re still getting takers so it’s a worthwhile exercise in this locality.”
        So, are we to assume that you also consider it a ‘worthwhile exercise’, Hey you?
        We sincerely hope not.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Apologies Hey you,
        After reading your comment a couple more times I think you meant it’s considered a ‘worthwhile exercise’ only by the humanity loathing government and NHS or whatever other ‘authorities’ set up the vax centre near your home and who are all determined to inject everyone. And of course, those who were convinced by their rampant propaganda, outright lies and coercion tactics to take it.
        You, on the other hand, think it’s everything BUT ‘worthwhile’ and it needs to cease immediately.
        Sorry, I misinterpreted you.