UFO crash in Germany

Four hundred and sixty years ago, spherical UFOS flew across the German sky, accompanied by a ‘BLACK TRIANGLE’ UFO.

In the Enigma Channel’s SECRET SPACE series of films, we show you HD footage of those exact same spherical UFOS – yes, they are still here – not just in Germany – but have been filmed making CROP CIRCLES…

Watch stabilised and enhanced footage showing multiple spherical UFOS in broad daylight – some flying at more than 3,000 miles per hour – and in many cases, they are flying over MEGALITHIC SITES…

As the sun rose on April 14, 1561, over the German city of Nuremberg, the residents saw what they described as some kind of aerial battle take place in its glare — complete with the erratic dance of orbs, crosses, cylinders, and the appearance of a large and mysterious black arrow-shaped object — all followed by a crash-landing somewhere beyond the city limits.

The GENOA MANUSCRIPT dates from the year 1608…

It has never ever been featured on any TV show, never featured in any film nor on YouTube. 

It describes ALIENS invading 17th century Europe – they have scales on their skin and serpents wrapped around their arms – these aliens are similar to ABRAXAS and other demons in Jewish mysticism…

SCREECHING and HOWLING amphibian-humanoids emerge from the sea causing mass panic & hysteria… 

People run to the local church, some go into shock, some villagers feint and die…

…Many people need psychiatric help after seeing a formation of UFOS and rockets fly across the beach at Genoa, Marseilles and the city of Nice in the south of France.

Midwives and doctors try to treat the shocked peasants. The priests gather a procession of devout catholics and perform an exorcism on the beach…

One hundred canons are fired to scare off the reptilian-amphibian aliens who fight eachother… Eventually they depart – but not without chemtrailing local mountain villages where it begins to RAIN BLOOD…

Yes, the Genoa Manuscript goes a long way to explaining why there are so many 16th, 17th and 18th century engravings and woodcuts of UFOs and even Crop Circles…

But what is really strange is that even though the Genoa Manuscript has been publicly available at the Louvre library in Paris, NO TV SHOW HAS EVER EVEN MENTIONED IT – even TV shows which are meant to be about ‘ancient aliens’…

What is even more odd is that the aliens who invaded Genoa in 1608, inspired the logo of STARBUCKS and are also carved in stone into the pillars of ancient churches!

The Genoa Manuscript is for the first time on film translated by CHRIS EVERARD – and also filmed for the first time in HD.

Click here to start watching https://EnigmaChannel.com It’s all part of a new season of SECRET SPACE documentary films investigating REAL EVIDENCE of an alien invasion.

Also new: SECRET SPACE Vol.4 now streaming…

Planet Earth has been invaded – and this film proves it.

Today, THE ENIGMA CHANNEL has released Chris Everard’s latest SECRET SPACE documentary film – it is his fourth major film about the Secret Space Program and features more than 100 HD clips of UFOs & Crop Circles, including official NASA footage of UFOs being filmed & discussed by Astronauts & Mission Control.

UFOS and CROP CIRCLES in ancient rock art – this shows that the UFO invasion has been going on many thousands of years… This rock ‘art’ is NOT ‘art’ – it is a history – written by our forefathers to record a momentous event in earth’s history.

Chris Everard’s new SECRET SPACE IV documentary features 100+ HD clips of UFOs & Crop Circles never seen in any film before.

SECRET SPACE Volume IV is the companion film to Chris Everard’s book DEEP STATE – if you enjoyed reading DEEP STATE, then you will adore watching hours of UFO footage which corroborates all the documents, photos and evidence which Chris presented in his book.

At least 5 major crop formations have appeared right next to Radio Telescopes – one crop circle appeared INSIDE a high security cordon in England, right under CCTV cameras.

The SECRET SPACE series of films is already streaming on our members site at https://EnigmaChannel.com – if you are already an Enigma Channel member, then log-in and enjoy – subsequent parts of this new film, plus bonus extra shows investigating UFOs will be posted every day for the following week.

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“Chris Everard has helped to push forward information which the public have greatly benefitted from”

~ Fritz Springmeier

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    Walter Veith & Martin Smith – Conspiracy Theories?, Depopulation, UFO’s – What’s Up Prof? 24