They Were Always Going to Betray Us

In this hard-hitting presentation from 2010 Brian Gerrish investigates the evil that lives amongst us and shows how when the time was right they would reveal themselves and strike. Decide for yourselves if Brian was right and is that time now?

Brian Gerrish – Political Ponerology: Confronting Evil – Turning the Tide

‘Who’ is driving the horrible events unfolding around us… illegal wars, social breakdown, child snatching, fraud, propaganda, corruption and political lies? ‘They’ have no conscience, morals or human kindness. We must study and challenge this evil in our society, and address its overt manifestation in supposedly democratic politics. Confronting this wicked network is tough: are we prepared to acquiesce to this increasingly pernicious state agenda, or would we rather protect our children’s future?

Filmed at The Alternative View 4 Event in London – March 2010