5 Responses to “The UK government admitting it’s illegal to enforce vaccination”

  1. jlee11435 says:

    I’m looking where you got that screenshot? Do you have link to the petition at petition.parlamient,uk?

  2. tnwshare says:

    Unable to check the FB page unless I log in. BTW, it’s gene therapy, not the vaccine.

  3. Weaver says:

    It is on the following Facebook page that belongs to JABS: Justice, Awareness & Basic Support the link is here;

  4. joseph2021 says:

    What if they will only let you have food rations if you have been vaxxed?

    UK: Food Shortages ‘Inevitable’ – “The real food crisis for food supplies starts now.”

  5. Ander1991 says:

    I searched at
    and it lists nothing for “have all covid-19 vaccines tested on MPs before being rolled out the the public”. Did I misread the Facebook screen shot?

    Also this Google UK site-specific seach showed nothing (fwiw): “have all covid-19 vaccines tested on MPs” site:petition.parliament.uk

    Absent a specific url confirming this at petition.parliament.uk/ the conclusion will be: fake. Or HMG was so embarrassed that it removed it completely! But then Google cache and/or wayback machine will have a copy unless the petitions site excludes robots…?