The COVID vaccine massacre

My grandfather was a British admiral in WW2. He was ordered to take a convoy half way to Malta across the Med. His route was communicated to German intelligence by the Americans – in that the story goes, the Germans had cracked American codes. In fact all intelligence is used by the higher cabal to bring battles about when they feel inclined to keep the war narrative playing. He lost nine ships. The battle was not reported at the time as it would have been bad for morale, so no one’s ever heard of it. Military forces are created to be destroyed at the leisure of the higher cabal, so more ships and supplies can be sold, financed and deployed. No battles. No profits. Vaccines are simply the new weapon of greatest profit and least required effort. It’s much cheaper if people rush to kill themselves, no battles required. The orders come through TV and people obey like trained soldiers.

The higher cabal wants nearly all humans to die from the COVID vaccine, not a mere 50 million as died in WW2. AIDS killed 200 million. This time they want 7 billion corpses. Grandfather survived WW2. Will we survive the COVID massacre?  Stories from neighbours of illness and death  come in every day now.

They’re rushing to get their numbers they need, as if the world were to awaken before they’re done, it might backfire on them. Prince Charles, for example, must be feeling very nervous right now, as a key backer of the COVID massacre of humanity.  His family is well known for wanting a crash in the human population – the sustainability agenda.


5 Responses to “The COVID vaccine massacre”

  1. Mr Dude says:

    One wonders how the police will treat the NHS once so many of them realise they’ve been had. Or will their Common Purpose ties allow them all to wriggle out of this?

  2. ian says:

    Plausible deniability will save many or all of the participants in the Covid cull. I recently spoke to a GP on the phone, “phone appointments only where I live”. She mentioned vaccines, so I asked her why they used the PCR test etc etc etc. She sounded panicky but stuck to the official lies.
    That’s all they really need to do and say that they’ve been, like the masses, conned by the official TV version.
    The public will forgive them if Jeremy Vine weevil and TV tells them to. I mean look at Tony B liar, imagine TPTB having the audacity to roll out that lying little war criminal. They know no shame. He was in power when they rolled out the scare stories about exposure to the sun, with it’s health giving properties. He’s always pretty bronzed looking though. No travel bans for him. They disgust me.

    • Tapestry says:

      Try asking them,’Have you had the vaccine?’ Some have. Some haven’t. Teachers are ‘off work’ or dying locally. Nurses depressed, suffering bleeding issues – people we know. One teacher in a coma for weeks, again very local. A friend was rushed to hospital with heart issues. Neighbour’s grandmother died. Friend’s grandmother died. My uncle. It’s all happening too quickly to be ‘coincidence’.

      • ian says:

        A local guy, very fit, 72, vegetarian, ran and cycled, just suffered a really bad heart attack. I feel sure that the vaxxes caused it, but if you say that, people just look puzzled. As you say, it’s happening too quickly now, but the masses will take some waking from their slumber.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Look to the top of the Great Reset tree. Prince Charles and the sustainability agenda. In reply to Ian and the cyclist, heart attacks are very common with cyclists. It may be vaccine of course. We heard today many nurses are off work with severe rashes. It’s as if something new hits home every day. One is a friend, who admits it could be a late reaction to the vaccine. She says many other nurses are off work with the same thing.