Steiner’s Dark Forces

Although Rudolf Steiner’s quote has been posted before with everything that’s going on right now I though it worth posting again. When we learn new information we can look at the quote again and consider it from our new position. How did Steiner know? Simple. Things are cyclical and he worked that out as did many before him.

Like a lava lamp high consciousness falls hits rock bottom then rises. Hits the high point then falls. The light world, the electric world. The spiritual world, the physical world. Or, the organic light world, the inorganic electric machine world.

I knew a guy years ago who worked on crashed saucer technology. He told me the “pilots” were very advanced automatons with a machine like electric consciousness and a hive mind. Have you noticed how the word hive is popping up more and more. Apps, cameras, convenience. Like a machine they work tirelessly to achieve their goal. They will never stop. That now makes sense to me.

Transformers was not just a movie. It’s predictive programming. They’re trying to make us like them and need our consent.

If you study the Yugas and understand their nature then indeed you can see where we are and what is happening.

Consciousness is on the way up. The dark forces feel threatened and they don’t like it. Can they stop it? No. Will they have a good go at stopping it. Absolutely. With all their might.


3 Responses to “Steiner’s Dark Forces”

  1. picpac says:

    An important warning from Steiner. He also warned more than 100 years ago about the rise of an Anglo-American economic dictatorship.
    Steiner was very much aware of cycles in history, but his vaccine warning came from his own intense exploration of the spiritual world – both the light and the dark aspects.
    Unfortunately, the word “arymanique” (the original German word is “ahrimanisch”) hides the reality Steiner was pointing out: that the evil programme we are now seeing in the plot to vaccinate the entire world has a spiritual source in the being known as Ahriman – the ‘devil’ of materialism who desires to eliminate knowledge of the spiritual world, the destiny of human beings – and also the spiritual transformation of the Earth.
    This is the goal of transhumanism.

  2. danceaway says:

    Thank you for reposting this, John. Ian Crane would appreciate us being continually reminded.
    I have read numerous anecdotal accounts of the apparent detachment of the soul after the new treatment, as well as the personal account by a healer located in Spain, Mark Bajerski, who says he has seen more than 100 individuals who have been effected in this way. I believe it is happening as Steiner predicted. And now they are going for the children and infants precisely for this reason.

  3. nixon scraypes says:

    It’s my conjecture that autism is a symptom of this chemical de-souling. B.Russell’s Impact of Science on Society contains many hints about this sort of thing in a scientific dictatorship