Pope Francis Admits to Deceiving Followers, Promoting Mark of the Beast, Blackmailing World Leaders

Last Sat. 5 June Pope Francis openly admitted that his push for a One World Religion was a way to put followers under his control and stamp them with the Mark of the Beast. Francis said he has kept secrets and deceived followers for a long time while promoting a secret agenda of the New World Order. Now was the End Times and he needed to tell the truth. He asked that people read the Bible and find God for themselves through it’s teachings rather than teaching their children to worship him. https://m.tiktok.com/v/6970413388279106821.html

The admission should come as no surprise to victims of Vatican crimes that included preventing excavation and investigation of 34 child mass grave sites across Canada wherein was thought to contain the mutilated remains of over 60,000 native children; blackmailing world leaders; the Vatican Bank used as a money laundering center for the Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult, and their child trafficking, pedophile and drug running networks. All were pointed out in this 2019 article: Vatican No Longer Blackmails World Leaders, Though Do Child Sacrifice | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Back in 2019 over 6,000 Vatican bank accounts used to blackmail world leaders were closed – evidently against the wishes of Pope Francis. The Vatican Bank lost their status as a money-laundering center for the Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult’s global human trafficking, pedophile, gun and drug running networks.

Since 1913 the Federal Reserve’s global financial system has funneled US Taxpayer dollars to the Queens Bank of London, to the Vatican Bank and on to Central Banks across the globe. That system would be defunct with the about-to-be-instigated transparent Quantum Computer global financial system of the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South America). /v3/crime-all-stars/2019/2469804.html



“When a person became a prime minister, president, central bank governor, etc., they were visited by authorities of the Vatican Bank,” according to P2 Freemasons who passed the intel to Benjamin Fulford. “The new world leader was given from US $100 million to over US $1 billion as a welcome into an exclusive club under a warning that if they refused to cooperate they would be killed.”

More revelations were emerging about the depth of other Vatican crimes, especially in Canada – a hot spot for Vatican atrocities for centuries. The Vatican has refused requests for excavation of over 34 child mass grave sites believed filled with the mutilated bodies of over 60,000 children who went missing from the Anglican, United Church of Canada, though mainly 80 Catholic native residential schools across Canada. https://youtu.be/cVYkctM1k90

Child Mass Graves and the Ninth Circle in Canada has been extensively discussed by Kevin Annett Sunday nights 6pm EST on blog radio: http://www.bbsradio.com/herewestan

An about-to-be implemented Global Currency Reset would end the Vatican Bank and it’s Ninth Circle’s money laundering operations and cut the criminals off from services of various mafias in their international Child Sex Trafficking, gun and drug running rings. “By shutting down the 6,000 (world leader) accounts we crippled the entire Vatican and forced the Catholic Church into a phased program of only accepting electronic donations (church collections) to conform with international money laundering legislation. This decouples the Vatican from the Italian Mafia,” sources said.

Pope Francis had tried hard to prevent the gold/asset-backed global system from taking over his money pot. Back in June 2018 Bergoglio had met with Swiss political leaders and financiers for the purpose of blocking a “Sovereign Money Initiative” (SMI) that restricted the power of private banks and placed the Swiss system under a single national bank. The Vatican Bank had considerable assets tied into the Swiss banking system and stood to lose if the SMI was approved.



Coincidentally (or not) major tranches of monies destined for the new GCR banking system were blocked that same day of the meeting, which coincidentally (or not) lined up with an attempted arrest of Pope Francis on that June 21. The Interpol police had attempted to serve a 2014 arrest warrant issued by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

Bergoglio had been convicted of Crimes against Humanity and Complicity in a Criminal Conspiracy that included trafficking and death of children. He had raped at least two children and was present at Ninth Circle child sacrifices according to over 68 eyewitnesses who had testified before six international judges and 36 jury members in court proceedings that took over a year to complete (ICLCJ Case Docket No. 06182014-001, in the Matter of The People v. Bergoglio, Pachon, Welby et al, 18 July, 2014).

The ICLCJ Court had also heard testimony on child murders in Belgium believed connected to the Vatican child exploitation ring: http://itccs.org/2014/09/10/transcript-of-anne-marie-van-blijenburghs-testimony-about-child-murders-in-belgium/

In early 2018 Pope Francis was suspected to be behind a so-called “suicide” of Netherlands Queen Maxima’s sister who was threatening to expose details of the international child exploitation ring believed run out of an office at the Vatican. Maxima stepped down after allegations of having “hunts” where children were raped and massacred by her dinner guests.



The year prior that same Court had found 40 global elites of the Ninth Circle guilty of child rape, torture and murder. Defendants included Queen Elizabeth, former Catholic Pope Benedict Ratzinger and Canadian Prime Minister Brent Harper. Ratzinger made his unprecedented resignation within days of the court decision. http://itccs.org/2013/10/28/i-saw-joseph-ratzinger-murder-a-little-girl-eyewitness-to-a-1987-ritual-sacrifice-confirms-account-of-toos-nijenhuis-of-holland/

ICLCJ Court proceedings had produced a document from Vatican archives named Crimen Sollicitationas that required Catholic officials to aid and conceal child rape and trafficking. As Canon Law and Crimen policy, this violence against children was ordered to be covered up by Catholic Church officials as a “Pontifical Secret.”

There were twelve defendants – bankers, religious leaders, mafia bosses, businessmen, politicians and World Council of Churches officers – named as co-conspirators in the disappearance of eight children from Catholic facilities in Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.

A witness testified that they were present during meetings with the then Argentine priest and Bishop Francis and the military Junta during Argentine’s 1970′s Dirty War. According to the witness, Francis helped traffic 30,000 children of missing political prisoners into the Vatican Pedophile Ring.

Some of those children were believed buried in a Child Mass Gravesite in Spain – that the Vatican has continuously refused requests for excavation. See witness testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvhfXAd08TE and https://youtu.be/cVYkctM1k90



10 Responses to “Pope Francis Admits to Deceiving Followers, Promoting Mark of the Beast, Blackmailing World Leaders”

  1. Hey you says:

    He has to reveal the truth to save his soul. One way or another, the information in the Vatican library will come out and we will learn many secrets.

    • Tapestry says:

      Libraries? They collect all the world’s knowledge in one place, make it hidden and finally burn it. Yet in your soul you know it. Just listen to your own thoughts and the inward flow. Ignore mass media and find yourself. That gives you the truth.

      • Hey you says:

        They have miles of archives there. These will be released. It’s just a matter of time. There’s so much shocking information that it has to be dribbled out to lessen the negative effect on the populace.

        Bartzis said there’s a timeline where the mass media fully co-operated in the disclosures but the amount of secrets which came out was so overwhelming that many lost the will to live when faced with the scale of the betrayal of humanity. I don’t know if this is true but it’s plausible such a timeline exists. This is a precious and fragile cargo so we must avoid trashing it about during delivery

        It’s like the effect of Toffler’s Future Shock. Disclosures have to be handled very delicately and with great sensitiveity.

  2. ihunt says:


    Something very odd with the Magnets-Sue the person that jabbed you for failure to give you informed consent, go to the Police!!

    Worldwide Genocide Continues: 13,867 DEAD and 1,354,336 Injuries in European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

    UK Doctor breaks ranks Full Video, where are the rest, Cowards, it wont bode well for them whatever happens..


    I had #COVID19 last November, I recovered. I then got Pfizer vaccine in April & then was admitted to #vanderbilt hospital and had paralysis from the VACCINE! I still haven’t fully recovered.

    Shocking Study Reveals mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines May Progressively Degenerate Your Brain From Prion Disease.

    At this very moment the airlines are consulting on the vaccinated customers and the big risk they have of blood clots as a result of the experimental mRNA serum. The policy has been for many years that people at increased risk of blood clots are allowed to fly only under strict supervision. It is recommended that these individuals should preferably not fly unless in the case of a life-threatening situation.

    • Hey you says:

      That’s why passengers had to do so much walking after disembarking from the plane at Heathrow. It was because they knew of this risk of blood clots. But things may have changed since I was told that. I haven’t been to Heathrow for many years now.

  3. Hey you says:

    They know we will kill them for what they have done. That’s inevitable.

    This world is an illusion. You’d find Lobsang Rampa has also pointed this out in his books. Only the soul matters. When Judgment Day comes, those souls who are judged no longer fit for purpose, will cease to exist.

    Yes, there is a reason for souls to exist. When a soul no longer serves that purpose and even worse, impedes other souls from serving their purpose, soul dissolution will be applied. The window of opportunity to redeem themselves is closing fast.

  4. Hey you says:

    In 2009, I discovered Clif High’s work. At that time, he was writing of the sudden death of 1.289 billion people but he did not know why. He offered various scenarios but he never guessed it was from a ‘vaccine’. It’s taken over a decade for this to show up and we now know it’s from the COVID jab. I’m re-reading his old reports and yes, he’s even described the vaxxidents over a decade ago. It looks like there’s no fix for those who have been jabbed, pine needle tea/oil or NAC notwithstanding. The vaxxed victims’ impending deaths will serve the highest good by sparking the global revolt against the elites.

    The latest video from Clif High may appeal to some:
    Wild Strain Woo – Explorers’ Guide To SciFi World