1. tnwshare says:

    The channel the guy is controlled opposition. Many of them are. https://www.bitchute.com/video/REgI4HPA3w0B/

  2. seanbeannua says:

    Bit of investment behind this; hardly controlled oppostion given the headline is truth; please God people with children will see this and heed it and not vaxxinate their children; our future depends on it becvause even if the don’t die, they certainly will be sterilised

  3. Steiner60 says:

    I’d like to encourage evryone to subscribe to the Light paper. It really is a fantastic paper and by subscribing for £5 pm you not only get your own copy sent to you but your fiver pays for abour 30 or so further copies to be printed and distributed for free by the Light’s distribution network. Something really worth supporting I believe.Thanks.

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