MPs are brought to book for allowing lockdown Project Fear

A GROUP of leading business figures, lawyers and journalists including Sir Rocco Forte, Michel de Carvalho and Simon Dolan met in Westminster yesterday to publicly accuse the Government of ‘weaponising fear’ over the pandemic.

To make their point, they sent every MP a copy of Laura Dodsworth’s best-selling account of Britain’s ordeal during the last year, A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponised Fear During the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

The group are challenging MPs from across the Commons over their consistent dereliction of duty in allowing Covid restrictions to be imposed unchecked and without debate.

The point of distributing Dodsworth’s book is to make them face the way in which fear and behavioural psychology have been used throughout the pandemic.

It is to make them question why they allowed the Government to deliberately frighten the population despite it becoming clear, as the year wore on, that Covid was much less lethal than first thought – with a median infection fatality ratio (IFR) of 0.15 per cent and 0.05 per cent for those under 75.

As Dodsworth points out in her book that while cases and death tolls dominated the headlines other metrics went unreported. The result was ignorance and a highly exaggerated fear, as TCW’s own poll revealed last November.

MPs who have the wherewithal and the fundamental duty to check and question government action bar a few honourable exceptions did not. They failed in their most fundamental role.

In the absence of any such political challenge, and with such unprecedented levels of paid for propaganda carried by the mainstream media, driven by government’s psy-ops that Dodsworth describes, it is not so surprising that the Government succeeded in turning us into one of the most frightened countries in the world.

Her book shines a torch on the Government’s subliminal messaging and behavioural control and asks what the long-term consequences of this fear impact on the nation’s mental health will be.

Dodsworth says: ‘The Government deliberately used fear and “nudge” to make the British people follow lockdown rules. Researching A State of Fear was fascinating, but disturbing – I learnt that the UK government relies on these subliminal methods to manipulate people.

‘Nudge is not fair play, it is not democratic and the British public have not been consulted on its use. The use of fear was unethical.

‘Over the last 12 to 15 months, our Parliamentarians have failed to remember that we live in a democracy, and I hope this book is able to educate them in the dangers of allowing Government diktats to go unchecked. We need an inquiry into the Government’s use of behavioural psychology.’

We do indeed. A good place to start would be TCW’s own investigation into the unprecedented money still being spent by the Cabinet Office on its lockdown propaganda drive –  due to rise to a billion pounds by the end of this year –  that no MP has yet bothered to question.

A small group of unelected ‘experts’ and scientists were given licence to control the behaviour of the population by a government with no mandate to do this, under the guise of a national emergency, while Parliament stood apathetically and unthinkingly by.

Simon Dolan said: ‘Throughout the pandemic, the public have been cowed into submission by a Government hell-bent on forcing through some of the most draconian restrictions ever placed on the British public.’

He hopes the book will educate MPs on what they have consistently and irresponsibly rubber-stamped  and ensure that it is never allowed to happen again.

We at TCW join them in their hope that our elected representatives, who are supposed to safeguard our interests, are able to learn a lesson from this and that the book acts as a well overdue wake-up call.


The donors of the books were: Simon Dolan; Zoe Clews, Co-Founder Recovery; Jon Dobinson, Campaign Director and Co-Founder, Recovery; Michel de Carvalho; Sir Rocco Forte; Sacha Bancroft Cooke; G Brenninkmeijer; Hugh Warrender; Isabel Oakeshott; Laurie Oppenheim; Jonathan Sykes; Francis Hoar and 40,000 supporters of Recovery.

3 Responses to “MPs are brought to book for allowing lockdown Project Fear”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    ? Yawn…
    They still don’t get it. The solution to this act of genocide will not be delivered by any biased and corrupt court, or judiciary which is controlled by the very criminals they believe they can prosecute.
    Forget the courts and the law – they OWN it, so try something else like convincing the masked zombies to stop complying.

    Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  2. John says:

    People keep trying to “wake MPs up” and get them to see the “mistakes” they’re making. In my mind they know exactly what they’re doing. Once you know they’re following orders and reading from a script it all makes sense. Make no mistake. They’re committing treason and they know it. That’s why none will speak out. Once one falls. They all fall. Perhaps it’s time this country had some some kind of peace force empowered by the people and answerable to the people. It’s pretty clear whose side the police are on. There should be no fixed term parliament. No career politicians. Once you start to make decisions that go against the greater good you’re removed. Accountability brings better decisions. No accountability leads to the mess we’re in now. The queen is our sovereign and duty bound to protect us. I don’t see much of that going on. Ultimately you get what you accept so we are to blame. We need to be the solution we want to see.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “No accountability leads to the mess we’re in now.”
      What’s led ‘to the mess we’re in now’ is all down to 90% of our fellow citizens: those compliant masked zombies, who are too pathetic to stand up for their God-given freedom and human rights, by simply refusing to comply with the treasonous, lying government’s dehumanizing mandates and diktats, which they had no right, legal, moral or otherwise to impose.
      Our collaborating fellow citizens are the ones enabling this act of genocide by their acquiescence and gleeful obedience to the captors that clearly hate them, and must be held accountable for most of this mess.

      Without their childlike obedience and willingness to do as big brother told them to, initially: the whole diabolical scam would never even have got off the ground, let alone flown, almost totally unchallenged, to where it is now.