Mask encounters with shop staff. Episode six.

I set off on my usual round of local shops wondering what the day would bring mask challenge-wise.  I was all set for the set piece encounter in the wine wholesalers – ‘do you have a mask Sir?’ etc and was pleasantly surprised to simply be served with no mention of masks at all on this occasion.   It felt like an improvement.  Maybe word has gone round the store that there is no point in mentioning masks to certain customers as it gets them nowhere and merely creates a bad atmosphere.  £42 in cash lighter and two nice bottle of Chianti Classico heavier I left the store relieved that I didn’t have to go through the previous 1-2-3 verbal battle, which went like this –

  1.  DO you have a mask Sir?  Answer with a firm NO.
  2.  Can I get you a mask Sir?  Answer with a firm NO.
  3.  Ask the verbal assailant in return?  e.g. ‘do you have special offers this week on Italian reds?’  (It’s crucial to have a prepared question to move the poodle on once they’ve done with their poodling.)

Next stop, unusually for me, was a large well known supermarket.  I walked in.  Needless to say the mask poodle placed by the door shouted, ‘Do you have a mask Sir?

I shouted back NO, as I walked past him so that everyone who was nearby could hear.

I kept walking.  His shouted his next question I couldn’t hear as I am partly deaf and was already looking at fruits and veg.

I obviously didn’t reply to it.  The poodle stayed in his chair.

No one came after me or mentioned masks while I shopped, going through the auto check-out with half a dozen items.

It’s a little bit tense taking them on, but well worth the effort I would say.  If only a hundred more like me would do the same, they might eff off completely.



4 Responses to “Mask encounters with shop staff. Episode six.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Two of your last three words was my usual reply but now that the store staff know me they just give me a nod and a smile and on I go after I give a nod and a smile back.

  2. tnwshare says:


  3. ian says:

    No one bothers me now. The masses however continue to mask.

    • nixon scraypes says:

      The masses always have and always will, it seems. A few winters ago everyone started tying their scarves a different way, everyone. Apart from…..