It Wasn’t a “Leak”….

LC Vincent – June 6, 2021

When I was a young child, I remember watching a fascinating television show produced by the U.S. Army entitled: “The Big Picture.” This TV show, in turns part history and propaganda, featured various stars that related aspects of world events and placed them in historical context. 

The idea behind “connecting the dots” of the narrative was for the viewer to formulate a more accurate and better informed view of the world by understanding how seemingly disparate elements of the news could actually coalesce around a much larger and more important subject, almost always dealing with national security.

 During that same time period, many local newspapers would run a “connect the dots” puzzle in their comics section, the idea being that by following the dots and connecting the lines between them, a “picture” would gradually emerge that was recognizable and distinct, rather than just a seemingly unconnected random pattern of points.

 While neither “The Big Picture” or “Connect the Dots” were thematically related, their essence was the same: take apparent random, disconnected events and “points” of information and — by connecting the dots — one could eventually discern “The Big Picture” that lay hidden behind seemingly unrelated phenomena.

 Both the television show and the newspaper puzzle remind me of current events that seem to be disconnected, just waiting for an enterprising soul to “fill in the blanks” and reveal The Big Picture dealing with our current political crisis and America’s diminishing role in geopolitics, thanks to Joe Biden and his regime’s “America Last” policies.

 The Incriminating Fauci e-mail Scandal

 At the present time, there is nothing to compete with the scandal that is slowly yet unsurprisingly emerging around St. Anthony Fauci, the highest paid political hack of The Deep State. Fauci’s newly revealed e-mails reveal that he knew that “…masks don’t work…” yet he inflicted them upon us, along with meaningless “social distancing” as a form of Kabuki Theatre, offering “the woke” and the paranoid among us countless opportunities for pointless virtue signaling.

 Much more tellingly, these e-mails reveal that Dr. Fauci was personally responsible for seeing to it that the NIH (National Institute of Health) provided a grant of $3M to the Wuhan Virology Lab to do extremely dangerous “gain of function” research on various Corona viruses. “Gain of function”, by the way, is simply a polite euphemism meaning the process of learning and engineering how to make a virus more deadly and lethal.

 Anthony Fauci, to no one’s surprise, has denied, dissembled and lied about providing funding and authorization for this research in Wuhan. Using his best bureaucratic style and tricks, never actually providing a straight, unequivocal answer to direct questions, Fauci has done his best to deflect and diffuse a toxic situation which implicates him directly in the funding and creation of the COVID-19 “epidemic.”  

Fauci: Creating a deadly Corona Virus “…worth the risk…”!

 Of course, the one thing Dr. Fauci, the highest paid government bureaucrat in America, has done his best to hide is that he personally authorized payment for the Wuhan Virology Lab to do this extremely dangerous “gain of function” research. Nevertheless, the incriminating e-mails are now freely available, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, which prove the case. In fact, as Fauci himself once admitted in a video from 2012, the risks of loosing a virulent pandemic on the entire world to learn how to make such Corona viruses more deadly were, quote: “…worth the risk of a pandemic.” I wonder if it was worth the risk to the 600 thousand plus Americans and the millions who have died and are dying around the world at this very moment from COVID-19. One might justifiably speculate that their opinions would differ.

 Of course, these revelations come well after the fact of a massive, concerted and coordinated government and media campaign to convince all naive simpletons that a Corona bat virus somehow “jumped” from its’ animal host to a human, and then spread among the Chinese population to the rest of the world. Month after month, anyone who thought the most logical explanation for the emergence of the Corona virus was that it had come from the Wuhan Virology lab — where such bat viral research was actually being conducted — was ridiculed, mocked, persecuted, de-platformed, and censored on Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and essentially made a pariah in the scientific community.

 Government/Media Complex resisted Viral Lab Release Theory

The head of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, who insisted the theory that this virus was man-made was absurd despite all evidence to the contrary, even gathered the signatures of 27 bought and paid for “scientists” to lend their weight and moral authority to the theory of accidental animal transmission that “must have occurred” in a nearby Wuhan “wet market”, which, we were told, specialized in selling exotic animals like bats and pangolins for Chinese human consumption. Unfortunately, those nasty “dots” are still just sitting on the page, waiting for someone to connect them. And now more than a few enterprising souls have pointed out the following:

 —The virus first appeared in Wuhan

— There are no bats that have the Corona virus within 100 miles of Wuhan, with the exception of the Wuhan Virology Lab

— Three researchers became seriously ill at the Wuhan Lab from a mysterious “illness” in November of 2019; they have since disappeared, never to resurface;

—Thailand alerted the U.S. in November that they had sensor readings around the Wuhan lab that indicated a release of a pathogen;

— Australia, only a few days later, provided the U.S. with the same information;

— The Wuhan Virology Lab was actually doing “gain of function” research on bat viruses, and the female scientist doing this research, Shi Zhengli, was known as “The Bat Lady.”

—The Wuhan Virology Lab is a Class 4 lab (most dangerous experiments) with only a Class 2 containment system;

Given these indisputable “facts”, the story of the accidental transmission of the Corona virus from a Wuhan “wet market” to a Wuhan “lab leak” has gradually, and finally, come to be accepted as the most likely source of the Corona virus into the Chinese population. So now Dr. Fauci and others who have circled the wagons around him are begrudgingly admitting the “possibility” that maybe, somehow, someway, the Corona virus just might have “leaked” from the Wuhan Virology Laboratory into the general populace and then the rest of the world. This is a flat out LIE. 

The reality is that the Corona Virus — COVID 19 — was not only engineered in the Wuhan Virology Lab and paid for by the United States taxpayers under the guidance of Deep State darling, Dr. Anthony Fauci, but its release was DELIBERATE and orchestrated by a faction of the Chinese Communist Party, a part of the global Deep State. Just connect these dots and draw your own conclusions:

Deliberately Released by The Deep State? Connect the dots…

—The Chinese Communist Government (CCP) prosecuted, persecuted and “disappeared” every scientist who tried to warn the world about the release of this virus from the Wuhan Virology Lab starting in November of 2019;

—The Chinese Communist government refuses to cooperate to this very day about investigating how this virus was released into the general population from the Wuhan Virology Lab;

—The Chinese Communist government forbade all citizens of Wuhan from traveling outside the city; BUT — the Chinese Communist government freely allowed any traveler from Wuhan to travel to and leave from the Wuhan International Airport, enabling the Corona virus to be spread to the rest of the world, thereby enabling vectors of contamination to proliferate world-wide;

—The Chinese Communist government had stockpiled face masks and COVID test kits well before the emergence of COVID-19 for sale to the rest of the world;

—Dr. Li-Meng Yan escaped from China under threat of execution to warn the rest of the world in March of 2020 (via Tucker Carlson’s FOX newscast) that COVID-19 was not only deliberately engineered by the CCP, but was PURPOSELY RELEASED as a biological weapon upon the rest of the world.

For her bravery and courage, Dr. Yan was savagely mocked and ridiculed by the Western media, despite the fact that she has impeccable credentials as a virologist; and now, begrudgingly six months later, the theory that COVID-19 somehow “leaked” from the Wuhan Virology Lab is in competition with another, darker, but far more likely theory: that COVID-19 was not only deliberately created, but that it was also DELIBERATELY RELEASED as a biological weapon upon the rest of the world, primarily against the United States!

 Why Deliberately Release COVID-19?

 Of course, if the engineering and release of the COVID-19 virus from the Wuhan Virology Lab was deliberate, as I contend, then the immediate question that springs to mind is why? Why would China bio-engineer a virus that is deadly not only to their own citizens, but to all the citizens of the world? What could China possibly have to gain from the plague of death that has enveloped our globe since we first became aware of the Chinese Corona virus, COVID-19?

 The limited scope of this very question reveals the paucity of imagination under which so many in our media and government labor. Only a person with mental blinders would be incapable of seeing the multi-faceted benefits and advantages such a pandemic — or more accurately a “planned demic” — might actually bring forth upon our global civilization for a highly select yet minuscule percentage of our population properly positioned to reap and harvest those benefits.

 Just as the U.S. Democrats are fond of repeating the old Saul Alinsky Communist credo — “Let No Crisis Go To Waste” — it shall become clear that the Chinese Corona Virus crisis created a myriad of opportunities for theft, corruption, subversion, and chaos for those who put themselves in the path to profit. The Illuminati motto: “Order from Chaos”, allows these people and their minions to arrange the pieces on the cosmic chess board to their ultimate advantage. Consider the following results of the COVID-19 crisis from the vantage and perspective of a well-heeled denizen of the globalist economic New World Order:

 The COVID-19 “crisis” — despite the fact that the survival rate for those who actually contracted it has averaged a 99.98% survival rate — allowed the following to occur:

 1. Prevented Donald Trump’s re-election, and as a corollary, curtailed Trump from holding massive rallies under the pretext that such gatherings would spread the Corona virus.  

Altho as we will see, there are many other reasons that the Corona virus was loosed on the world, the removal of Donald Trump from the levers of power as President of the United States was paramount in the efforts of the globalists of the New World Order, for Donald Trump opposed their “vision” and imposition of a socialist hive collective upon the world thru the dictates of a global government.

 The Corona virus fostered the apparent “necessity” of a massive, national “mail-in ballot” campaign that provided unlimited opportunities for massive voter fraud, a fraud that is slowly being uncovered by sleuths in the swing states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and others. 

2. Collapse the world economy, especially the U.S (again, to prevent Trump’sre-election), and use the economic crash as an excuse and justification for aglobal monetary re-set, to hide the quadrillions of “default credit swaps” andmassive global debt (8X all the currency on Earth!) that can never be repaid;

 3. Impose the need for global, world-wide mandatory vaccines — to reap vast profits for the pharmaceutical companies like Phizer, Astra-Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson;

 4. Coordinate ID2020 — tagging IDs and satellite tracking devices inserted into COVID vaccines so that everyone on the planet could be tracked by The Governmental Elite; 

5. Reduction of the world’s population — directly thru COVID-19, andassociated vaccines, and indirectly thru delays in cancer testing andtreatment, necessary operations, and suicides from economic destruction and financial despair;

6. Enable a push for a one world “inter-dependent” global government and a global taxation schemes to fight the “planned-demic”…

7. Study the reaction of people to lockdown restrictions for later and more extreme societal manipulation;

8. Fine tune social media censorship and mass media fear mongering; 

9. Adapt new “police state” protocols and restrictions. Promote the mantra of “safety” and in exchange give up the right to free speech, assembly, andtravel to further refine the tool kit of total control: impose quarantines andcurfews. Lock up and quarantine healthy people, destroy business prosperity thru financial bankruptcy, and make people government dependent;

 10. Use the virus as an excuse to eliminate paper currency as a vector for the spread of disease transmission so that all financial transactions can be tracked, monitored and controlled electronically;

 11. End yellow shirt demonstrations in France and freedom protests in Hong Kong

 12. Promote cognitive dissonance, fear and schizophrenia (CDC and WHO Corona “guidelines” constantly switched and contradicted); just some examples include: lockdowns are good, necessary and mandatory vs. lockdowns are bad, unnecessary and evil; masks are good and necessary; masks are bad and unnecessary; stay 6 feet apart — distance does not matter, as it is counterproductive and does not help herd immunity; germs live on surfaces for day vs, it’s almost impossible for CV germs to live on surfaces; CV is deadly vs: CV not as bad as the ordinary flu for most people; Hydroxy Chloroquine (HCQ) will kill you vs. HCQ will save you.

 13. Offer an excuse to hold a “virtual Democrat convention” to protect the democrat leadership hierarchy from the wrath of Bernie Sanders supporters and engineer the nomination of Joe Biden;

 14. Acclimate population to more government restrictions, more government intrusion into private lives, less privacy, and make it harder for people to assemble and travel;

 15. Promote fear (fear porn) via threatening financial security, health, life expectancy, and food supply availability; require mandatory wearing of face masks and body temperature checks, and eventually “vaccine passports” as a requirement to access social, cultural, business and entertainment events;

 16. Promote new buzz words: “the new normal”. “social distancing”, ”we’re all in this together” , “essential work” or person versus “”non-essential” to further divide and mind-control the populace;

 17. Justify social media censorship, (which just happens to mirror the pronouncements of the Chinese Communist government) thru tech tyrants Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites as they blatantly censor anything that goes against what The Elite consider the “official” narrative, labeling anything else as subversive “hate speech” or a violation of their unspoken and unwritten “community standards” which they interpret however they wish and impose on whomever they wish, whenever they wish.

 18. Create HR 6666 (yes… an extra 6 just to be sure you ‘get it’!) which was introduced into the United States Congress by Democrat Bobby Rush to pay for societal “tracers” and “trackers” to go door-to-door to supposedly find those exposed to the virus, as well as test, quarantine and/or REMOVE from U.S. households anyone who is ill with the Corona virus.

 19. Attack and transform the economy of the world (“The Great Re-Set” advocated by the Davos and Bilderberger crowd) by attacking and gutting The Middle Class; eviscerate as much private enterprise and cause as much economic destruction as possible to help usher in an era that harkens back to the Feudal ages and a two-tiered society of Serfs and Rulers, with nothing in between but an unbridgeable economic gulf that permanently protects and isolates The Elite from competition, solidifying their power and privilege.

 As you can see, for all of these and other reasons, the Corona virus was the Prime Mover in re-arranging the world’s economic, social and political order, while beginning the culling process imposed upon the current “herd” of “useless eaters.”

 Never make the mistake of thinking The Deep State is an American phenomenon. The reality is far different; The Deep State is global in nature, recognizing no national boundaries. It operates across and around our globe, not just thru the United Nations and various NGOs, but also thru the cover of think tanks, factions of various intelligence agencies, and even occult secret societies. It encompasses our globe at every level. 

An Occult Signpost in Georgia… 

The inscriptions on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones also allude to a massive reduction in the world population.

If you are aware of The Georgia Guide Stones — financed and erected by a mysterious, shadowy group that remains nameless — their ultimate end goal (eliminating 87% of the globe’s current population) states their preference for a massive, even catastrophic reduction in the global population; at the same time, wealthy entrepreneurs like Bill Gates are gleefully advocating more and more vaccines to accomplish this goal. This may be another reason why Gates currently owns at least half of the productive farm land in America. As Henry Kissinger once coyly remarked:

“Control the food supply and you control The People.”

 These dots I mentioned have now been connected, but undoubtedly there remain those who just cannot fathom nor admit that a genocidal program aimed at “excess” humanity would be created and set loose upon our world by those without moral conscience or compass. If so, let me remind you of the following:

 The Elite and the Yearly “Cremation of Care”

Every year at Bohemian Grove, North of San Francisco, the elite of the world in politics, culture, art, education, government, news and entertainment gather in the redwood groves for a week long bacchanal and celebration, culminating in the ritual bonfire of The Cremation of Care.

This means, in the most simplistic terms one can understand it, that those who set this bonfire and watch the effigy of Care consumed by the flames are ritually cleansing and eliminating their conscience, their link, to the rest of Humanity, so that they can achieve and accomplish their Will upon this Earth without the care and constraints of a conscience, or moral compass.

In short, they no longer “care” about the consequences of their act; they only consider how such actions serve their advantage.

 Pandemic Precursors

Now consider the precursors of COVID-19, and see if you can “connect the dots” and “fill in the blanks” yourself!

 “Event 201”, was held in Baltimore, Maryland in October of 2019, one month before the mysterious illnesses at the Wuhan Virology Lab. Panelists included Bill Gates, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci from the Federal Government, representatives of the CIA, NBC, Johns Hopkins University, The World Economic Forum, the UN Foundation, the World Bank, and the Center for Disease Control. Curiously, the main topic of the event was a discussion of what would happen should a “corona virus” escape into the general population!

 The talks did not center around how the virus should be treated, or how to insure that there were sufficient medical supplies, staff, hospital beds and equipment to deal with such a virus. No, the main thrust of this meeting was how to handle the media to shape and direct their inquiries and push their agenda for vaccines and injectable identification tags, should such a virus appear and escape into the world population, which it did, coincidentally,… just one month later.

 Corona’s appearance was foreshadowed by Bill Gates’ TED Talk in 2015, where he predicted the emergence of a Corona-like virus, and touted that the only effective way to deal with such a pandemic was to have a vaccine which would be injected into the waiting arms of the entire world’s population. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted in a talk in 2017 that a pandemic virus would soon appear upon the world stage. The particulars of this “planned demic” were originally revealed in 2010, when a Rockefeller Foundation Report summarized all the details of this scenario we have witnessed played out on the streets of our country.

 Economist and geo-political analyst Peter Koenig remarked: “It sounds like a strange coincidence that in October 2019 a simulation with precisely the coronavirus was carried out at the John Hopkins Institute in the US, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WEF (World Economic Forum), as well as The Pirbright Institute of the UK, one of the world’s few level 4 (highest security level) bio-warfare laboratories.”

 “Second, there was Event 201, on October 18, 2019, at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF – the corporatocracy representing Big Weapons, Big Pharma and Big Money), and the John Hopkins Institute. The theme was simulating a High-Level Pandemic Exercise – and yes, the simulation produced 65 million deaths just a couple of weeks before the first COVID-19 victims were identified.”

 One could go further in the revelation of how the world stage was set to accommodate the corruption, subversion, death and destruction wrought by COVID-19, but even the most skeptical and naive among us, the kind who are still wearing totally useless and disease causing face masks, may be forced to admit that the Corona virus did not just spring forth from Nature and attack humanity.

 Connect the dots! This virus was engineered, and its release was planned, to bring about massive social, political, cultural and economic changes all across the face of our world; and the global elites, billionaires, bankers, financiers and their lackeys and minions have done their best to change the global chessboard to their permanent advantage at our expense.

To put it in the simplest of terms, always remember:

The Vaccine was not created for The Virus; The Virus was created for The Vaccine.

Now you understand!

 LCVincent 6/6/21

Copyright 2021, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved

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