Irish “Potato Famine” Was Deliberate Genocide


Irish “Potato Famine” Was Deliberate Genocide


ireland massgraves.gif(left, location of mass graves in Ireland)

THE IRISH HOLOCAUST- (Irish: an Gorta Mór) or the Great Hunger was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852
According to historian Chris Fogarty,
the “Irish Potato Famine” which killed over five million people 
was not a famine but a deliberate British policy of starvation similar to the
Holomodor in the Ukraine in 1932-33.
“The truth is startling, 67 out of 130 regiments of Britain’s Empire army were in Ireland in this period (100,000 at any one time). The troops were not on a humanitarian mission. Their job was to remove food by force.”

by Richard Merriman 

History is a big lie told by the victors. The illuminati have almost perfected rewriting history to suit their own agenda.


I grew up thinking that the Irish famine was a natural catastrophe caused by crop failure; the Irish were guilty of only cultivating only one crop– potatoes.
While Chris Fogarty was researching the biography of his paternal grandfather at the National Archives, he uncovered a policy of genocide . The truth is startling: 67 out of 130 regiments of Britain’s Empire army were in Ireland during this period (100,000 at any one time). The troops were not on a humanitarian mission. Their job was to remove food by force.
The nation starved as its food was confiscated, 40-70 shiploads a day were removed at gunpoint assisted by British constables, militia and troops. They seized tens of millions head of livestock, tens of millions of tons flour, grains and poultry. These vast quantities were more than enough to feed 18 million people.
The first lie was that the famine was due to the failure of the potato crop. When the quantity of exported Irish foodstuffs could no longer be concealed, the second lie was that the rich Irish were starving the poor Irish. G.B. Shaw wrote in Man and Superman 1897: “The Famine? No, the Starvation. When a country is full of food and exporting it, there can be no Famine.”‘
In The Great Hunger (1962,) British Historian Woodham Smith identified 13 of the food removal regiments. She became a pariah in British and Irish academia for the next 30 years. Academic historians maintain the lie that only one crop was cultivated, covering up the food removals and exportation to England. British and Irish academia won’t approach the truth, and anyone bringing the genocide out in the open is smeared as a “republican” (implying a terrorist.)
Former Irish President Mary Robinson referred to the genocide as “Ireland’s largest natural disaster.” In 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said, “Britain stood by while the Irish starved to death”, but did not acknowledge role of the British Army in forced food confiscations.
The consequence of publishing the truth can be severe.  Chris Fogarty has been raided several times and charged by the FBI. He was told unofficially that British intelligence were involved. The charges were later proven to be fabricated and dropped.


The 5.2 million death figure cited by Chris is higher than the official figures which only posit a 2M drop from 1841-51 due to natural famine and emigration. He believes the 1841 census underestimates the real population of over 12M.  He calculates a total population reduction of about 6 million with about 1 million  emigrating.
The genocide was a deliberate attempt to exterminate the Irish people and their cultural and national identity.  Queen Victoria’s economist, Nassau Senior, voiced his fear that existing policies “will not kill more than one million Irish in 1848 and that will scarcely be enough to do much good.” The Times leader in 1848 wrote “A Celt will soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the red man on the banks of Manhattan.”
During the “famine” years, Irish foodstuff received high prices on the agricultural and commodity markets of the world. The British Empire covered half the globe; why else would it keep half its armies in Ireland at great expense?
The Irish were an obstacle to Britain’s world power. They were Celtic, Catholic with their own rich culture and traditions, namely strong: National identity, Family, Culture and Christian faith. The Irish have a strong Celtic consciousness giving the people the ability to think critically, morally and be self-sufficient and it’s in our DNA cultural Marxism cannot extinguish it.
 Ireland like many European nations is undergoing the genocide by cultural Marxism, mass immigration of third worlders, minority rights of LGBT, feminists to undermine marriage, gender leading to moral collapse.


The Irish government minister Alan Shatter left, a Zionist Jew, accuses the people of not being sufficiently attentive to the Jewish Holocaust. The propaganda project is failing to mass indoctrinate the Irish.

Charity starts at home and our first duty is to be attentive to our own people’s national tragedies before concentrating on another peoples. Shoahism has no place in Irish cultural life, as the nation and its people had no involvement in this event, so have no guilt or responsibility whatsoever.
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10 Responses to “Irish “Potato Famine” Was Deliberate Genocide”

  1. Hey you says:

    That’s why the Irish loathe the English. I’ve said they are resorting to the much tried and tested method of depopulation – starvation.

    They’ve done terrible things to the Irish. St Patrick’s method of converting the Irish to force parents to stand and watch their children being thrown into a fire to burn to death unless they gave up their old religion and become Christians. Mind you, I doubt the Irish remember this sad episode in their history but sometimes, the soul memories surface and people remember.

    • Hey you says:

      There’s something very interesting with Irish history that’s hardly ever discussed. I knew an Irish woman who insisted the Irish are the Israelites in the bible and that the Jews stole Irish history. Michael Tsarion and Andrew Powers are the go to guys for this info.

      Have you ever wondered why there is no mention of the Sphinx nor the pyramids in the bible? They’re in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical….

      In “We The Skythians” (an extremely rare book), the author claims that the Judea of the bible is in Scotland, while England is the biblical Egypt. He claimed the Scots are the real Israelites.

      Scots, Irish – they are the same. Way back before the pole shift(s), Scotland, England and Ireland would have been one land mass and there may be little (if any) difference between the Celts in Ireland and the Celts in Scotland. Or the Celts in Wales. Someone once gave me a riddle: What is the difference between the Irish and the Scots? The answer was that the Irish are Scots who can swim…..

      The Illuminati bloodline families must know our true history. So why are they fighting over that piece of real estate in the Middle East?

  2. Tapestry says:

    A Darwinist could easily argue that humans evolved the ability to conceive eugenics programs. Thus, the race most successfully implementing eugenics to exterminate other races and proliferate its own kind is indeed more competitive and wins the natural selection game.” That was a comment below this post –

    Ireland was first named Scotia, as with Nova Scotia in Canada. Both names derive from Queen Scota who left Egypt about 1800 BC with her King Gaythelos (the origin of the word Gael). Their son was Hiber – same name as the River Ebro (Nile) where Hebrew was spoken. His descendants founded Ireland and later Scotland hence Hibernian. In Hebrew Ju or Jew simply means government. The Isrealites were the Hyksos, the Shepherd Kings, who dominated the age of Aries, the Pharaohs of Egypt, the richest and most powerful country in the world at that time. The Pharaohs created Judaeism as a religion for their masses to believe in, while they kept ordinary people in fear, in debt and above all in control. The same people who rule the world today believe themselves bloodline descendants, and are equally ruthless and determined to maintain their position above the masses. Wiping out large numbers of humans is part of their game, Irish famine, all other famines, plagues, wars, economic catastrophes, and now the most deadly of all, medical interventions. AIDS was a vaccine delivered condition which killed a mere 200 million. The COVID vaccine is targeting 7 billion humans currently.

    Which pharaoh is ordering the killing of seven billion people by ‘vaccine’, the Great Reset, and the sustainability agenda? The Scottish/Irish connection to Egypt is highly significant here. As the elites crash one empire, they start another with themselves at the top as per usual, taking all the gold and the natural resources for themselves to enjoy, obliterating all potential competition.

  3. ihunt says:

    Deadlier Than The H-Bomb.
    Wing Commander Leonard Young.
    The opposition of the people of Ireland to English rule has always been
    caused by the depredations of the London usurer.

  4. ihunt says:

    Descent Into Slavery-Des Griffin.
    As other European nations moved to abolish war imposed
    restrictions, the Fabians acted to increase them. Daily, new rules,
    regulations and decrees spewed out of government offices as the
    bureaucrats strove to broaden the scope of their influence over the
    lives of the British people.
    Instead of prosperity and abundance, the long-suffering British
    people were shackled with wage and price controls, shortages,
    rationing, currency controls and other forms of deprivation.
    In 1949, after four years of Fabian misrule, the socialist paradise was hovering on the brink of starvation. “A vacation in
    Ireland where food was plentiful became the dream of every
    famished Briton. In those days an Irish-American writer, for the
    New Yorker magazine described his stay at a seaside resort in
    Ireland, once known as the land of famine. He marveled at the
    huge breakfasts being consumed by an English family sitting near
    him in a hotel dining room, and was touched by the words of the
    Irish waiter who remarked: “I’ll just run and get some more eggs
    for the children. They still look a little hungry to me” (p. 76)

  5. ihunt says:

    The Nameless War Capt Archibald Ramsay
    On the 23rd May, 1940, within the first fortnight of Mr Churchill’s
    Premiership, many hundreds of British subjects, a large proportion of them exServicemen, were suddenly arrested and thrown into prison under Regulation
    18B. For some days the entire press had been conducting a whirlwind campaign,
    in rising crescendo, against a supposed fifth column in this country, which was
    declared to be waiting to assist the Germans when they landed.
    How untrue this campaign was, is proved by the fact that our most
    competent Intelligence Service never produced the flimsiest evidence of any
    such conspiracy, nor evidence of any plan or order relating to it, nor the
    complicity in such an undertaking of any single man arrested. Had such
    evidence been forthcoming, those implicated would undoubtedly have been
    charged and tried, and very properly so. But there was not one case of a man
    arrested under 18B being a British subject, who was so charged.
    Four charges were actually framed against one lady, the wife of a
    distinguished Admiral, Mrs Nicholson. She was tried by a Judge and jury, and
    acquitted on all counts. This however, did not prevent her being arrested as she
    left the Law Courts, acquitted, and being thrown into Holloway Prison under
    Regulation 18B, where she remained for years.
    Regulation 18B was originally introduced to deal with certain members of
    the I.R.A., who were committing a number of senseless minor outrages in
    London. Without this Regulation, no liege of His Majesty in the United
    Kingdom [79] could be arrested and held in prison on suspicion. This practice
    had long been abandoned in this country, except in short periods of grave
    Captain RAMSAY : The Nameless War
    — 64 —
    proven conspiracy, and on those occasions Habeas Corpus was always
    18B enabled the medieval process of arrest and imprisonment on suspicion
    to be revived without the suspension of Habeas Corpus. It was, in fact, a return
    to the system of Lettres de Cachet, by which persons in pre-Revolutionary
    France were consigned to the Bastille. Here, it should be remembered, that those
    persons enjoyed full social intercourse with their families, and were allowed
    their own servants, plate, linen, food and drink whilst in prison ; a very different
    treatment to that meted out to persons held under 18B, whose treatment for
    some time was little different from ordinary criminals, and, in fact, worse than
    any remand prisoner.
    These I.R.A. outrages were so fatuous in themselves and so apparently
    meaningless, at a time when there were no sharp differences between this
    country and the Irish Free State, that I commenced making a number of
    inquiries. I was not surprised to discover at length, that special members of the
    I.R.A. had been enrolled for the committing of these outrages ; and that they
    were practically all Communists. I had it on excellent authority that the Left
    Book Club of Dublin had been actively concerned in the matter ; and finally the
    names of 22 of these men were put into my hands ; and again I was informed on
    excellent authority that they were all Communists. Immediately on receipt of
    this information I put down a question to the Home Secretary, and offered to
    supply the necessary information if the matter were taken up. Nothing came of
    my representations. From these Communist-inspired outrages, however, there
    resulted Regulation 18B. Though the I.R.A. were pleaded as an excuse to the
    House for a Regulation, hardly any of their members were ever arrested under
    it ; but in due course it [80] was employed to arrest and hold for 4 or 5 years,
    uncharged, very many hundreds of British subjects, whose one common
    denominator was that they opposed the Jewish power over this country in
    general ; and its exertion to thrust her into a war in purely Jewish interests in
    Now Communism is Jewish-controlled. If Marxist Jewry needed a device
    for securing the assent of parliament to a regulation like 18B, what simpler
    method could there be to achieve this object, without arousing suspicion as to
    the real ulterior motive, than arranging for a few communist members of the
    I.R.A. to plant bombs in the cloakrooms of London stations ?
    Everyone is supposed to be entitled to their opinion in this country ; and,
    furthermore, where we cannot supply absolute proof, we can say with the Home
    Secretary, as I do here, that I have “reasonable cause to believe” that this is the
    real story behind Regulation 18B’s enactment.

  6. ihunt says:

    A Zionist Empire.
    At home, meanwhile, Jewish power gets steadily stronger, but
    drunk with the notion of the mighty British Empire, Britons see only
    the surface; they still believe that they are ruled by their own Monarch
    and elected men, and they fail to grasp the ghastly truth … The Great
    World War even fails to open their eyes. On the battlefields of France,
    ana afterwards in Ireland the best and most virile elements of Britain
    perish in order that for their British Empire which they die to defend
    there should be substituted the Zionist Empire. Henceforth, the
    history of Great Britain becomes that of Zionism.

  7. ihunt says:

    The Controversy of Zion-Douglas Reed.

    The ruling of Christian theologians, that the Old Testament is of “equal divine authority” with the
    New, presumably includes this passage! Ezekiel, in his day, forbade any protest by quickly adding, “And shall
    I be enquired of by you, O house of Israel? As I live, saith the Lord, I will not be enquired of by you”.
    Ezekiel experienced the Fall of Judah and the removal of the sect to Babylon, so that his book is in
    parts an eye-witness account of events. Its other, “prophetic” parts show this founding-father of literal
    Judaism to have been a man of dark, even demoniac obsessions; indeed, parts of the book of Ezekiel
    probably could not be publicly printed as anything but Scripture.
    Early in it he portrays (in words which he also attributes to the Lord God) a siege of Jerusalem in
    which he, Ezekiel, to atone “for the iniquity of the people”, is commanded to eat human excrement baked
    before his eyes. At his plea, that he has always scrupulously observed the dietary laws and never taken
    anything abominable in his mouth, this is mitigated to cow’s dung. Then he threatens trangressors with
    cannibalism, a curse on which the Levites laid marked stress:
    “. . . the fathers shall eat the sons in the midst of thee and the sons shall eat their fathers…. a third part
    shall fall by the sword…. and I will scatter a third part unto all the winds….famine and evil beasts….
    pestilence and blood…..”
    All this is to be the retribution for non-observance, not for evil deeds. Pages of cursings follow and
    Jehovah promises to use the Gentiles as the rod of chastisement: “Wherefore I will bring the worst of the
    heathen,.. and they shall possess your houses”.
    Portraying what will happen to those who worship “other gods”, Ezekiel in a characteristic vision sees
    “them that have charge over the city” (Jerusalem) “draw near, every man with his destroying weapon in his

  8. ihunt says:

    A campaign for exploiting this division and fanning hatreds between the
    Christian communities was soon in process of organization. How well the Jews
    succeeded in this campaign in Britain may be judged from the fact that one of
    the earliest acts of ‘their creature and hireling’ Oliver Cromwell, after executing
    the King according to plan, was to allow the Jews free access to England once

    Jewish 5th Column in India.

    In this way, the British imperialist enterprise called
    the “East India Company” controlled by British Jews and
    crypto-Jews, and dedicated to the economic exploitation of
    the Indian sub-continent, admitted the Beni-Israeles Jews
    to the highest ranks allowed to natives in its army, and
    also used them as spies who betrayed their adopted motherland, India, in the benefit of the conquerors, as occurred with that army’s officer Musayi Israel, who denounced the conspiracy of the Indian patriots in 1857 to the
    British command.

    Lord Reading’s true Jewish name was Rufus Daniel Isaacs. Born
    in London in 1860, the son of a fruit-trader, who became adviser
    to Queen Victoria. In 1913 he was appointed chairman of the
    highest Court of England. In 1917 he was awarded a title of
    nobility as Earl. In 1921 he was appointed Viceroy of India. After
    holding that high position for five years and as a reword for his
    services to Jewish-controlled British imperialism, he was awarded
    the title of Marquis of Reading, to be inherited by his successors.
    Sir Phillip Sassoon, who was a member of several
    English governments in India, and the lawyer of the same
    Israelite community called Solomon Judah, who wrote the
    “Indies Companies Act”. The “Jewish Encyclopedia” ends
    by confirming an already known fact (which when published in an official book of Judaism of unquestionable
    authority has even greater value as evidence) that the
    money earned by these rich Jews coming from Baghdad:
    “both in Calcutta and Rangoon, Burma, came from the
    opium traffic between India and China” (8), In fact, it is
    well known that the British Jews, the Indian Jews and other Israelite monopolist magnates controlled the nineteenth
    century opium traffic with China, and that when the Chinese government wanted to prevent this criminal commerce, in the interests of the Chinese people, the Jews that
    controlled the British government forced Britain into a war
    against China which vas as criminal as the opium traffic
    itself. This war has been fairly called the “opium war”, and
    (8) “Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia”. 5th. vel., p. 615. 1rst. col.
    Word: India.
    was a disgrace to the British people, although it is evident
    that the true British people and native members of the
    United Kingdom had little responsibility for the criminal
    acts of their Jewish and crypto-Jewish rulers other than in
    permitting them to remain in power, due to the systematic
    brain washing and manipulation by the Jews of the mass
    media, the centers of education and by the Protestant and
    Catholic churches controlled by crypto-Jewish clergymen,
    and presently by the control Judaism has over the radio
    and television, and other tentacles of the hidden Israelite power. Such is the power of Judaism in Britain and
    the United States that both nations have become the incorrigible satellites and colonies of Jewish imperialism.

  9. Tapestry says:

    Jew or Ju means government in Hebrew. There is not a race, but a power structure of governing families, bloodlines. The East India Company took over the UK and its Empire, not the other way round. Money is power, and politics is an attempt to disguise that fact.