International Tribunal Of Conscience: Covid-19 Is Genocide

International Tribunal Of Conscience: Covid-19 Is Genocide

Warning: This article’s content may trigger traumatic injury and PTSD. We are in full-fledged genocide and vaccine holocaust. I recommend pine needle tea to remedy stress and pain.

By: Dr. Ariyana Love

Welcome to the third International Tribunal of Conscience (I.T.C.) hosted by Rima Laibow M.D. on the Dr. Rima’s weekly Truth Reports and co-hosted by Ralph Fucetola on the People For People network.

The I.T.C. was founded by Alfred Lambremont Webre, Chief Justice of the International Tribunal for Natural and Common Law Health and Justice, created for the purpose of ending this Covid-19 Genocide. For centuries people have been holding to account governments of Earth through tribunals of this kind. Read more about international tribunals of Common Law and Natural Law at Open Source Truth.

This *most important show* and tribunal assembly was held on June 8th, 2021, with the announcement of game changing information.

I.T.C progress update

Alfred Webre shared some phenomenal news of the ongoing progress and effectiveness of the I.T.C. after orders were filed on the UK Royal family. Three weeks later Prince Philip was “in the hospital” and on April 9th he “passed over”. The UK is on top of over 50 nations and now it’s dissolving. This is a direct result of the tribunal’s force.

The I.T.C. served a Cease And Desist to the US and that same week the Anthony Fauci cover-up unraveled. A Cease And Desist Order was also given to the Ontario Uniformed Police Association, in Canada. As a result the Common Law court held a grand jury trial and arrested the mayor.

When the I.T.C. served a Cease And Desist Order to the Zionist state of Israel the king pin of the global deep state, P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu, was immediately overthrown. He was a major perpetrator of the 9/11 attack on the US and a mastermind behind the agenda to get all Israeli’s inoculated with Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines.

The I.T.C. is working with citizens in Australia where the military is forcibly injecting people with Covid-19 vaccines while aiding and abetting the Chinese Communist Party. There’s prima facie evidence that the Victoria government has provisions to allow foreign standing armies to come into Australia and enforce vaccine Genocide.

A Cease And Desist Order is coming for the CCP and the Communist Republic of China under Article 5 and 8, within days of this session. A Cease And Desist Order is coming for members of Congress in the US.

A report released on April 19th reveals that Covid-19 is a biological attack, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, in violation of Article 6 and 7 under the International Criminal Court statues of which 178 nations have ratified, except for 5 nations which are the aggressor nations in this vaccine Holocaust. Perpetrator nations are the Republic of China, Israel, USA, Iran and Russia.

Just this week the I.T.C. expanded it’s indictment to include Article 5 and Article 8 of international law to include War Crimes and Aggressive War.

The I.T.C. is making progress now and we have entered a new phase, explains Alfred Webre. It is without a shadow of a doubt proven that Covid-19 is a military weapon. There is an Aggressive War in progress, in violation of Article 8 by the People’s Republic of China. This includes units of the US Health sector, a US bioweapons lab and the CIA deep state, in league with racketeering eugenicists.

These are classic War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Aggressive War and Genocide. The I.T.C. will conduct a new trial to cover War Crimes and Aggressive War.

Dr. Rima Laibow, Ralph Fucetola and Guests – Covid – Council *Most Important Show* 8th June 2021

Weapons of war

Judge Michael Sazio, a medical researcher and clinician, emphasized that the Covid-19 depopulation was planned for decades. The Japanese Pfizer study revealed that spike proteins in the mRNA vaccines are collecting in some organs in the body more than others. In the beginning, doctors and scientists were told by the biotech company’s that the spike proteins would remain in the injection site in the shoulder. Now we know that the Covid-19 spike protein spreads throughout the entire body. It damages organs and cells by tricking the immune system to attack the blood cells which are being coded to become the factory producers of this spike protein, which is the killer.

The entire blood supply of the vaxxed is wildly contaminated. The spike protein collects in the testes and ovaries rendering men and women infertile.

The vaccinated will not be allowed to fly in airplanes due to the high risk of blood clotting.

Lipid-nanotechnology is being used to bypass the human immune system and code people’s cells to produce the highly contagious spike protein indefinitely and transgenerationally. This is biohacking of humans without Informed Consent. It’s an auto-immune capture of the immune system and hijacking of people’s cells. Covid-19 is a kill shot, reducing one’s life expectancy down to 1-3 years, according to multiple biotech industry whistleblowers.

Judge Laura Lee Podkin asks, “Since when in history have we vaccinated pregnant women?” Pfizer’s own documents reveal the biotech company had prior knowledge of transmission. Entire decidual casts (uterus lining) of unvaccinated women is shedding in clumps after exposure to the vaccinated.

There is an HIV retro viral component to the Covid-19 vaccines. Dr. Judy Mikovitz explained in her recent interview with Mike Adams from Natural News, that HIV was induced through vaccinations. HIV is a Gain-Of-Function bioweapon and so is SARS. They were used by the biotech industry as trial runs for Covid-19 Genocide so the biotech companies can avoid having to pay out in court. They intend to depopulate the world very quickly and reset history in order to hide their crimes against humanity.

Before Coivd-19 injections are administered, no medical records or history of a patient is taken into account before inoculation. This is unprecedented mass murder and medical maleficence that has entered full-fledged Genocide. This is not a vaccination program but Genocide.

Testing is completely bogus and yet on the basis of PCR people were compelled to take medicines that Anthony Fauci has benefited from financially.

Judge Robert Potter explains Covid-19 stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID. This is a weapons monitoring program to turn people into AI receiving stations. The vaccinated have phone’s, computers, smart TV’s, cars, etc, trying to connect with them. Orwellian, Communist credit system to deny Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Assembly and Bodily Autonomy.

We are potentially dealing with parasitic, non-human beings working with greedy, bribed, blackmailed and well-financed governments that are now mass murdering populations under the guise of vaccination.

We are all nanoparticilized to some extent.

It was my honor to speak as an I.T.C. Judge to include that Covid “tests”, masks and vaccines are all weapons of war for mass depopulation. The Slovakia report revealed that the fibers on the end of Covid-19 swab “tests”are hooked shaped and designed to rupture the delicate membrane at the blood/brain barrier. This enables the lipid-nanobots in vaccines to more easily enter the brain and deliver their drug/chemical payloads. This is causing Prion auto-immune disease, neurological disorders, dementia and death. They also cause brain clotting and strokes.

Toxic grephene hydrogels inside masks and nasal swabs are vaccinating people without Informed Consent. Lab photo’s produced by Mike Adams from Natural News, showed that the hydrogels contain grippers on the ends, enabling them to attach themselves to tissue inside the body where they lay in wait for external activation. The lab photos also reveal a bioluminescent glow from the swab fibers proving they are artificial and semi-conductors. This is very advanced, potentially non-human weaponry. Graphene hydrogels with lipid-nanoparticles are being used to exterminate the human race in the billions. The swabs and masks contain the graphene hydrogels for ballistic vaccine delivery.

The lipid-nanobots have two payloads. The outer lipid coating contains Lithium and it is the first drug and chemical payload being used for rapid delivery. Lipid-nanobots enter through the vascular system and target lung cells first. They stop the respiratory enzyme from transferring electrons to oxygen molecules during respiration, cutting oxygen to the body.

The second payload is contained within the lipid-nanobots and can be released later by external activation.

Humanity is being drugged and poisoned and sprayed with nanoparticles from the sky’s via Bill Gates “Smart Dust”, to reduce resistance and the population. Lipid-nanoparticles are found in food and labeled as natural ingredients like vitamins and minerals. They have also been found in everyday items such as tampons, diapers, baked foods, hot dogs, masks and Covid-19 “test” swabs. Please listen to my podcast: Humanity Under A Spell? Let’s Talk About Lithium.

The spike protein is causing blood platelet aggregation and targeting the vascular system. It binds to the ACE2 Receptors on blood platelets. Cells on the blood vessels are targeted but any cell in the body can be targeted for destruction. The spike protein causes myocarditus, bleeding in the heart and inflammation. It accumulates in many organs in the body including the ovaries and the testes, rendering men and women infertile.

A Salk Institute report revealed that the spike protein is causing the blood clotting and destroying all cells.

Mainstream media is discredited. This is not a vaccine trial. It’s a biological weapon deployed for Genocide and depopulation. The human genome is being attacked. It’s a highly advanced and coordinated attack by a “higher intelligence” which is using advanced weapons such as graphene and nanobots to exterminate the human race, in the billions. Our DNA, which is your past, present and future, is under assault and so is what it means to be human.

What is being transmitted? We do not know for sure if it is spike protein and we don’t know the long-term effects of transmission. Transmission is fatal and anticipated to strengthen fatalities. The evidence is compelling and the vaxxed pose a serious threat.

The spike protein is widely spread and could be transmitted through the breathing zone, skin, feces and urine. Dr. Roger Hodkinson revealed to the Corona Investigative Committee that SARS located itself heavily in sweat glands. If the spike protein in Covid-19 does the same, this means it’s aerosolized from sweat. These particles are much smaller than a virus.

Pfizer document asks non-vaxxed persons adversely affected by transmission, to report to the Pfizer BioNTech investigators but that data is not mingled with vaccine data. So we don’t know what the investigators know. If it’s able to kill unborn babies then it will be able to kill more people eventually because the cells of the vaxxed were coded to continuously produce the spike protein contagion. Humanity has been split right down the middle. Just about everybody has somebody in their own family who’s been vaxxed. DARPA has been working on communicable vaccines for at least a decade. Covid-19 is the first of these “self replicating vaccines“.

Children as young as 6 years old are being injected with Covid-19 spike protein in Finland. There are reports of children as young as 6 months being injected as well.


We as judges will prepare and file the documents but it’s YOU the public who must take matters into your own hands and walk these court documents to the police in your nations, Dr. Rima reminds us. “Our efforts will languish and die if We The People do nothing in response to these tribunals,” she says.

There is currently an implosion on the amount of Americans willing to be vaccinated. Vanity Fair came out with article on the harms of the Covid-19 vaccine. There is now a sizeable momentum so let’s keep raising the awareness.

The public has been downright irresponsible in response to this biological assault. When you are at war you do not acquiesce to your death. You don’t sit back and wait for somebody else to fix things or bury your head in the sand until it’s all over. You stand and resist. This tribunal is making it possible for you to win this war, as a people’s unified army. Please stand against this genetic tyranny and enslavement of the human race.

When they will turn on the 5G and direct powerful weapons on us the power stations can be taken out and will have to be to protect our lives. The authorities will be pulling people from their homes eventually. At the moment people are being coerced with free beer, joints, burgers and lottery’s. The next step is vaccine passports. It’s believed the racketeering eugenicists do not have the financing anymore and that is to our advantage.

We need enforcement and non-violent resistance and to create protocols of gathering to go into different stores and refuse to mask and dare to be arrested. Businesses have no right to refuse service to anyone and the law is on our side. Make waves now. This could be our last chance to take a stand. This is a mind control test to get people to take a euthanasia shot and the psychotic elites believe this is a compassionate way to depopulate! Reach out to others to take actions. Create and join action networks and join us on Worldwide Liberation Day. Worldwide demonstrations are promoted at Open Source Truth.

We are saving lives with this tribunal and we are now enrolling judges so please join us and spread the word.

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International Tribunal Of Conscience: Covid-19 Is Genocide


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  1. joseph2021 says:
    ‘I have seen the asset stripping and killing of vast numbers of elderly people’

    After our Midazolam episode, we had many whistle-blowers reach out. Shirley is a care home legal advisor and she spoke to us about what she calls a ‘wider eugenics program’ being implemented.

    • joseph2021 says:

      Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks To Barrister Frances Hoar and Care Home Nurse Carly Lou Mansfield About The Legality Of Mandatory Vaccinations
      Jun 18, 2021

      Yohan Tengra talks about the situation in India. A Care Home legal advisor whistle blows on eugenics and robbery of the elderly. Activists Christine & Steve talk about the importance of grass roots activism. Guy Tal talks about the situation in Israel.

  2. danceaway says:

    Dri Laibow is one of the original whistleblowers, along with her late husband. She is highly credible. This is such a succinct analysis, hitting all the main points. Here is another succinct analysis of what we can be preparing for, including the predictions of Werner von Braun, which to date, have proven to be highly accurate.

  3. tnwshare says:

    The ITC & UN connection, problem-reaction-sulution: