“If you tolerate this…” and you did

The end game is in sight. Enough people tried to raise the alarm but the resistance was minimal. They’re coming for your children. The enemies of the people are revealing themselves and their goal is becoming clear. The question is which approach will they use to achieve it?

Gillick competence? State of emergency? Martial Law? … or come right out and say we own your kids re the birth certificate etc? Will they do it at school without parental consent? In the golden arches without parental consent? At Alton Towers withourt parental consent? At a pop up vaccination center in the local town car park with free ice cream without parental consent? Now is the time for any true caring loving parent to educate their children on the coming attempts to get them jabbed so they have a much needed awareness of the modern day Mengeles when it starts.

They are going to try everything. They believe they don’t need parental consent but are stuck because you think they do. They’ll try everything to find a way around that.


What did they offer you Professor? Money? Drugs? Fame? Position? The White Rabbit? Or … Time? Chronos can’t be beaten but he can be appeased.

I can just imagine Albert Pierrepoint’s comments on Peter.

“Pure evil … no notes kept … SNAP!”

The worrying thing is they want to vaccinate children with the covid “vaccine”. The disturbing thing is increasingly people have been brainwashed to think it’s a good idea. The psychological manipulation is powerful and ruthless. In fact I’d say it’s witchcraft.

Imagine the future. What did you do while your 6 month old was getting jabbed? “I was enjoying the free Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee I got for allowing it”.

We don’t need police officers … we need peace keepers. We don’t need soldiers … we need warriors. The time has come to see if any oaths of office mean anything and if there is any honour left.

Taking an oath and failing to fulfil it has repercussions in the spiritual realm. It’s not enough to swear an oath just to get a job and a monthly pay check and conveniently forget about it when “in post”. Historically oaths were sworn in blood/life and were taken extremly seriously. Now an oath gets you a nice uniform, good salary, regular employment and if you’re lucky, an appearance on Police Interceptors.

The dark forces still use blood oaths in their secret societies as they understand the power they hold.

A reminder for the police:

Under Common Law, if a public officer wilfully and without reasonable excuse or justification neglects to perform any duty they are bound to perform, by Common Law or Statute, then they are guilty of the offence of misconduct in a public office.”

For some reason the good old YouTube algorithm has recently started throwing up “auditing” videos for me. A quick watch of a few of those suggests most of our public servants, especially the plod, have no interest in honouring their oaths. Some “auditors” who feel their civil rights have been infringed or denied are making claims personally against the man rather than the officer. Is this the way to go? Time will tell. All I know is I wouldn’t want to be a police officer at this time. Kapo may be a more appropriate name. When their job is done they’ll be discarded.

The line in the sand has been drawn. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. That time is now.

“You tolerated it and your children are next”.

In peace.


7 Responses to ““If you tolerate this…” and you did”

  1. Hey you says:

    In a way, it is a kindness to cull the children if you are culling the parents.

    My daughter’s manager is a single mother with 4 very young children. I didn’t ask if she has been vaxxed but if she has been done while her children haven’t, then who will take care of the kids when she dies? And who will take care of the mother when she succumbs to the effects of the jab? It’s a very sad situation though right now, everything is normal but how long will this last?

    If the children are not getting culled, there’s going to be many orphans in a couple of years. There won’t be any grandparents around to take over. If they must cull, then it’s more humane to cull entire families.

    • John says:

      I think it’s time to stop everything and take stock of where we’re at. I would like to see politics suspended and have all public officials audited. We need to look at their bank accounts, their business dealings their allegiances and check every piece of legislation and every deal they have done for us the people while in office. And while we’re at it I suggest strip searching them and checking their genitalia. Starting with “Teresa May”. We’ve been lied to but the question is how much. The answer may shock us all.

      • Hey you says:

        I’ll start with seizing all their computers and freeze all their bank accounts.

        The Satanic network is very extensive but once the arrests start, there’ll be enough of them squealing to nab the rest. As well as arresting the scum, they should close the borders and all entrances to the underground and underwater bases. We don’t want any more Lord Lucans.

        If they are adrenochrome addicts, they won’t last long in prison. I used to read the Twitter posts of someone who claimed to be an involuntary donor of cerebral spinal fluid. She claimed these vampires’ bodies were deteriorating due to the shortage of trafficked children. The very rich one had their own private ranches but the others had to feed within their own families when commercial supplies ran down.

      • John says:

        I love old si-fi movies. Recently I was reminded of “Lifeforce” from 1895. Watch that with new eyes and you might get a small inkling of what the rulers are and have always been up to. Couple it with Jupiter Ascending and holy moley.



        Or as the late alex:g would call it. Facts In Screen Fiction.


    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “It’s a very sad situation though right now, everything is normal but how long will this last?

      Do you honestly consider this current abominable state of affairs ‘normal’, Hey you? Really?
      If so, I sure as heck wouldn’t want to see what kind of dystopian, totalitarian governed societal gulag, would be awful enough for you to regard as ‘abnormal’.