Victims of vaccine experiments struggle for compensation

Déjà vu – NHS staff were told the Swine Flu vaccine was safe, over a decade later they’re still suffering the consequences

The following is an article written for BuzzFeed News in 2018. It is a timely reminder that just because authorities tell us something is safe it does not necessarily mean that they are telling the truth. Dozens of NHS workers are fighting for compensation after developing narcolepsy from a swine flu vaccine that was rushed…

This  is a reprint of a 2018 article and is a chilling warning that the elites have never learned from their experiences.

12 years ago the government approved the use of the GlaxoSmithKline SwineFlu vaccine “Pandemrix”. Everyone was told the vaccine was safe and had been fully tested. This was untrue and the government had agreed to indemnify GSK. As a result many people developed life-long narcoplexy and/or cataplexy meaning they could no longer drive or work.

As of the date of this article 2018 many people were still awaiting compensation.

For more information on the dirty tactics used by the government in an effort to deny its full responsibility read the press-release on the case of a 7-year old boy
Again Portugal leads the way. 152 people died from Covid rather than 17,000. The Court ruled that the data was fraudulently reported. An investigation has begun.
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  1. ian says:

    After 9/11, I was trying to educate co-workers about it being a FF. I remember one lady, now I am Scottish, but living where I do, don’t really have a Scottish accent, indeed am often mistaken for a Geordie or a Cumbrian. This lady however was very Scottish, I remember her disbelief as I tried to explain that the Mossad and elements of the US government carried out the attack. ” Achh they wadnae dae that”, she said, ” They’re oor friends”, she said. Much water under the bridge since then, but for the masses, her opinion still rules.