Highly toxic deuterium in water and what you can do

Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland limiting consciousness, deuterium inhibits spiritual awakening

Deuterium propagates leukemia https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Deuterium-oxide#section=Viscosity

Could the water you drink be making you sick?

Deuterium Hurts Us

Characteristics of too much deuterium in the body:

4 strategies to lower your deuterium levels


There is a higher purpose to this finding us now

Research where you live MegaHydrate™ one of Patrick Flanagan’s great inventions.



https://megahydrate.ca [thanks Cindy]


Dr. Gabor Somlyai Lead researcher DEUTÉRIUM withdrawal

International research in recent years demonstrated the positive effect of the procedure on the body’s resilience, physical performance, long-term memory, a link between deutérium content of drinking water and the predisposition to depression, and anti-ageing effect of the procedure have also been demonstrated. Deuterium depletion has a key role in the living organism [DDW = deuterium depleted water]. https://hyd.hu

Watch the Water

In theory, the presence of deuterium may be another way globalists tried to eliminate the idea of intelligent design. No God, no Source, and divert attention from the possibility that deuterium may have been intentionally planted on earth.

150 parts per billion of deuterium in our bodies certainly accomplishes the globalist agenda. It drastically reduces our quality of life, suppresses our cognitive abilities which includes our intuitive nature and discernment, reduces life expectancy, seems to cause several diseases, and accelerates cell splitting. It also appears with recent studies that a depleted deuterium water can assist in the growth and thrivability of plant life, and deuterium is an amazing energy source that is super clean and massively abundant.

Research now shows that lowering our deuterium levels could

a] make mankind much healthier, less susceptible to cancer and other diseases, increasing our quality of life
b] helps us resonate at a much higher level of cognition and discernment
c] drastically increases our life expectancy
d] massively increases the growth and health of plant life which in turn increases our oxygen levels
e] have substantial health benefits for animals
f] be one of the most clean and available energy sources on earth even without fusion

Deuterium cannot be efficiently removed by reverse osmosis or distillation processes, unfortunately deuterium is still in rain water and wells.

Higher alkalinity is a good idea and has been proven powerful in its health benefits but unfortunately the deuterium remains in the water. Glacial water is the way to go however most companies that market this do not have lower deuterium levels in their glacial water.

How to lower deuterium levels in your body

1] get early morning sun exposure
2] get grounded
3] eat a clean Ketogenic diet

It also allows us to create deuterium depleted metabolic water in our body.

What would happen to the globalist’s agenda if we were all healthy with an incredibly responsive pituitary and pineal gland?

What if we lived into our 120s with a great quality of life?
What if our crops and animals were abundant and healthy?
What if we had unlimited energy, food, and housing?
What exactly would happen to the evil globalists?

THEY WOULD CEASE TO EXIST and that is incredibly scary for them.

Deuterium; could this be what ‘Watch the water means?’

Take best possible care of your whole body

When you consider non-stop assault from silent weapons, many unknown to most people, you may agree that our physical, mental, emotional, spirit/soul body can use all the help we can give to function at optimum levels.

Please share this information widely for people to expand their awareness, get healthy, nurture the children, and awaken potential in them to create change from the inside out.

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