Government of the People or Kapos of Prison Planet Earth?

With the apparently strange things going on now and the crazy decisions the world’s governments are making which the average man intuitively knows are wrong, is this a good time to take a different look at the role of governments. More importantly, is it time to ask what is their real/occulted role and who do they actually answer to.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

In his famous quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe may have accurately described the position the world’s people have currently found themselves to be in. If the politicians, mainstream media, entertainment and music industries and numerous others have done their hidden masters bidding correctly the average man/woman would not know they were enslaved. A good background to this position and method of enslavement can be seen in the William Lynch speech. Whether real or fake it outlines the perfect way to keep a large number of slaves happily under their master’s control while loving their captors.

If, and it is an if, we have been and are being subjected to this type of psychological control and manipulation the natural question has to be why and by who. While being a very big question to answer a good starting point would be to ask are the governments in on something we’re not and who do they really answer to/serve? Also, who do the ruling parasites they think they are descended from may be another question nobody generally thinks to ask.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If the governments, royalty, elites and ruling parasites are working for someone else and are not loyal to the people they certainly would not talk or communicate about it in the common man’s tongue. They would logically use a code, cypher or their own language. We know through the works of John Harris, Gary Fraughen, Mary Croft and many others that in court the “legal system” uses a different language but are there other systems in play such as pictorial/allegorical systems?

In the picture below originally published in The Daily Mail there are a few anomalies that suggest that may be the case. The bull definitely looks to be a photoshop construct. Done I suggest for the shape it makes with the bull looking over its shoulder being a big clue. A missing leg is also another. The purpose of this post is not to conclusively say that is the case but to suggest the possibility of it and stimulate investigation and discussion. The picture looks strongly photoshopped so as to tell a story and send a cryptic message as are many pictures in the mainstream media today.

As Ian Crane would say, “They hide it in plain sight telling you what they’re up to and if you don’t object, you consent”.

If you have eyes to see it, mull on the picture and see if Borris is signalling where his allegiance lays and who he/they are concerned about as it’s definitely not us the people.

Readers with an astrological knowledge have an advantage. Orion shows the way. Follow the path to the end of the rope. The concept of a message in the picture was inspired by Wayne Herschel and his excellent book “The Hidden Records”. Pierre Sabak is also a great resource for hidden messages, codes and messages in symbols.

Is the Jovian Cross causing an energetic change between the earth and sun which leads to unwanted changes on earth for the “rulers”. Or, again as Ian would say… “are those who believe themselves to be our “Rightful Rulers” about to be revealed?”.. whether they want it or not.

Fallen Angels or Outcast Criminals? The truth is probably on its way.

One can only imagine how Albert Pierrepoint would have written about Borris Johnson.

“Large man, lots of fat, evil looking beady eyes, plays the fool… weighed a lot and had a neck merged with his shoulders. Took a triple thick rope and double height drop to dispatch him.”

The sun is a frequency gate opened by love. My guess is an evolved consciousness can open it and go home. Evil can not. It’ll be lonely down here on your own Borris. Time to change sides, sing like a canary and avoid the coming fire while you still can. Take note Ferguson, Hancock, Vallance, Whitty.

If the People’s Union of Britain get their court date and the above four have to turn up in person then maybe we should open a book on who will sing first. My money would be on Ferguson as he always looks terrified now. As always though the vipers will probably end up turning on each other and pull the “I was only following orders” excuse, be “too ill to testify” or convenitely pass over/go to live in the middle east under a new identity. Karma though is unavoidable and the cloak of invisibility comes off eventually.

As always, God wins.

All comments are welcomed. Namaste. 🙂


9 Responses to “Government of the People or Kapos of Prison Planet Earth?”

  1. Hey you says:

    I wonder if this has any teeth
    UK mass surveillance found unlawful by Europe’s highest human rights court

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Of course it’s ‘unlawful’, but the ruling class, masonic cabal don’t care about the law. They ARE the law. Unto themselves, so they’ll continue to do whatever they want to us, because we allow them to, by offering almost no resistance, or any sort of push-back.
      As I keep repeating: the solution that will end this wicked control agenda will not be found in any biased and corrupt courtroom. nor can anyone else ‘rescue’ us from this global enslavement agenda being rolled out in plain sight.
      The ONLY solution is entirely in our hands, via en masse civil disobedience and refusal by everyone to comply with any and ALL of their oppressive, dehumanizing mandates and diktats.
      IOW: Everyone needs to grow a spine and simply STOP COWERING from these tyrants, who we astronomically outnumber (including their moronic police and military thugs), but stand up to them and STOP COMPLYING!
      Few people realize that the evil globalist cabal are a lot more afraid of us than we are of them. Hence the rampant increase in hysterical lies being championed lately about ‘third waves’, ‘Indian variants’ and how everyone ‘MUST get the jab’; and why they mentioned nothing about the biggest protest in Britain’s history held last weekend, on any of their BBC FEAR propaganda services.
      Think about that for a moment or two and stop being afraid. Start living like normal, free human beings are supposed to live. If everyone did that, there would be nothing they can do. There are too many of us.
      If we continue obeying them and do nothing, they will win and have complete control over every aspect of our lives as defenceless and hopelessly enslaved serfs.

      • Aldous says:

        I know exactly where you are coming from Alan – and if only life could be as straightforward and the solution as simple as what you suggest.
        Most people are vulnerable (in some way or other) to what you suggest they do and I am certain there are many out there who detest what is happening but wary of the consequences of open defiance or even ‘sticking their heads above the parapet’.

        For example, good, law abiding, God fearing parents are having their children snatched from them by the nefarious authorities for daring to speak out and make themselves known. I honestly don’t know how one deals with such evil.; doctors and scientists are being murdered (or financially ruined) for trying to expose, not just this Covid scam but the cancer/vaccine industry fraud etc.
        Look at what happened to Dr David Kelly for trying to expose the ‘Dodgy Dossier’ about Iraq’s WMDs. The list is endless.

        IMHO, I think the thrust of your comment is spot-on but one has to bear in mind that we are dealing with a neo-Bolshevik monster that takes no prisoners and will kill another estimated 100+ million civilized Christian citizens at the drop of a hat like they did in occupied Russia.

      • Aldous says:

        I also meant to add that ‘when the enemy is making a mistake, don’t for God’s sake interrupt them’ or words to that effect, which I think Napoleon once said.
        These really are desperate times but we may never get a better chance to expose and defeat the satanic ‘elites’ (by their own actions) and certain it is that God/Life moves and works in mysterious ways, whether one believes in God or not. Life itself is certainly a miracle if one thinks about it.
        At the moment, we are being denied what we want and thoroughly getting what we deserve – for letting the pariah and bandit state of Israel(sic) butcher the Palestinians for one very good reason on this often Hell on Earth.

        I’m not organized in any way these days and make each day up as it comes. I’m a member of a few places that prefer me to be on the inside of their tent pissing out than on the outside pissing in as it were. However, I never miss an opportunity to vent my spleen if someone stupid says something like ‘have you had the jab’ etc. I’ve been told to ‘cool it’ by board members present but quite frankly, I don’t care or give a damn any more at my age. They usually agree anyway with what I’m ranting on about.
        Oh well.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        IMHO, I think the thrust of your comment is spot-on but one has to bear in mind that we are dealing with a neo-Bolshevik monster that takes no prisoners and will kill another estimated 100+ million civilized Christian citizens at the drop of a hat like they did in occupied Russia.

        Thanks Aldous, great comment and excellent points you’ve raised.
        Perhaps that’s what’s needed to wake the complacent and ignorant fools up from their sleepwalk. I think most of those imbeciles hiding their faces in shame behind those muzzles they wear so proudly; and especially young people who haven’t been educated in history, because the UN’s global communist indoctrination program has erased it all: simply don’t believe what we KNOW is happening now, is even possible.
        They plod along in blissful ignorance and also believe the masonic ruling class tyrants care about their welfare and have their best interests at heart! Hopelessly dumbed down and so pathetically deluded and detached from reality, it’s little wonder they so gleefully comply. and will soon drag the rest of us over the abyss with them.
        So, it could be a blessing when another neo-Bolshevik style monster arrives, or probably something worse happens. The long overdue awakening they (and we) so desperately need, because can’t wake them up and make them see the elephant in the room and God knows we’ve tried every which way to help them see it. But they simply refuse to see or listen to anything logical. It’s a lost cause owing to lifelong indoctrination and/or prolonged exposure to hysterical TV programming.

  2. ian says:

    Bojo leading the dumb animals by the nose while his compatriots rely on luck by not stepping on the cracks in the pavement. An odd picture.

  3. John says:

    That’s a good reading of it and very apt. 🙂

  4. Aldous says:

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse and it was safe(sic) to go back into the water:

    And remember… the Government care… by jabbing you to a quick death.

    Robocop all news and commercials 1987 (5:31)

    Apologies for the extended commercial features but it does include ‘Laser Start-up Platform’ reference (or something similar) and is indicative of Predictive Programming in movies (in this case to Direct Energy Weapons) and their prevalence in movies since.