Government document encourages teachers to report parents that disagree with the official narrative on Covid-19 to Social Services

A government document produced by Education Scotland details how authorities now consider anything that goes against the official narrative on Covid-19 as an extremist view that endangers children and risks radicalising them.

The document entitled ‘How extremists are using Covid-19 to promote disinformation, misinformation, and conspiracy theories’ claims that it is aimed at senior leaders, teachers and safeguarding leads, and aims to provide a summary of the ways in which extremists have responded to Covid-19, highlighting the additional radicalisation risks for children.

Education Scotland describe how young people may have been exposed to disinformation, misinformation and conspiracy theories, which they label as “fake news”. The document states that the people spreading what authorities have deemed to be conspiracy theories, as extremists who are seeking to exploit Covid-19 in order to spread hateful narratives and increase mistrust and division.

But what sort of theories have Education Scotland classed as extremist?

  • Anti-Semitic conspiracies blaming the Jewish community for spreading the virus or suggesting that COVID-19 is a ‘Jewish plot’;
  • Claims that British Muslims have flouted social distancing rules and spread COVID-19;
  • Narratives promoting Anti-Chinese hatred;
  • Daesh-inspired narratives claiming that the pandemic is divine punishment for the West’s ‘sinful’ behaviours and using this to promote the need for a Caliphate in the West;
  • Extreme right-wing conspiracies claiming that society is collapsing and the right-wing terrorism can accelerate its end through inciting social conflict violence and ultimately a race war;

Sounds pretty reasonable so far doesn’t it?

That is until you find what other views Education Scotland now regard as extremist –

  • Wider conspiracy theories relating to 5G, test and protect and anti-vax, which can be detrimental to public health messaging.

Let’s begin with 5G. This is a new technology which has not been subjected to sufficient safety tests on human beings. Something we shouldn’t be surprised at considering the fact authorities are hell bent on injecting every man woman and child with another experimental technology – the Covid-19 vaccines.

It does not make you anti-vax to refuse to take an experimental “vaccine” which is still in phase three trials until 2023 at the earliest. It makes you anti-unsafe-vax, because that’s exactly what they are until such time as there is long term data to tell us otherwise. Is that an extremist view? No it isn’t, it’s an incredibly sensible one to which anyone with an ounce of common sense should be able to realise. To be considered extremist for arguing against experimental gene therapies that the authorities are trying to coerce the entire population into taking means we really have landed in the middle of George Orwell’s novel Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

Then there’s ‘test and protect’ or test and trace as you may know it. An app created to track your every movement in the name of preventing the spread of Covid-19. It has served as a restraint to those foolish enough to download and use it, possibly missing scores of days of work and life well spent because they happened to be within the vicinity of somebody who received a positive test for SARS-CoV-2. Somebody who most likely received a positive test after being tested even though they had no symptoms, thus being a false positive. Is it really extremist to express these facts? Education Scotland certainly seem to think so.

What has Education Scotland recommended if teachers suspect their students may have been subject to such views which are in fact the truth?

  1. Review your school or setting’s safeguarding/risk assessment processes or procedures to ensure that they include the risks of radicalisation, and consider the impact of COVID-19 and the information in this briefing, as well as any local
    changes in risk or community tensions;
  2. Ensure staff are familiar with the issues raised in this briefing to increase their confidence in recognising concerns;
  3. Ensure both staff and learners are clear on the reporting procedures to raise concerns;
  4. Dedicate time to rebuilding relationships between children and young people and trusted adults and positive role models, which may have been absent during the pandemic. This absence may have led to extremist narratives and individuals who are offering an explanation for the pandemic increasing in appeal and going unchallenged. Have ‘safe space’ discussions with learners and encourage staff to adopt ‘active listening’ approaches and to seek advice if they are concerned about a child or young person;
  5. Review curriculum opportunities for critical thinking, online safety, and media literacy (further support and guidance can be found below).

In other words they recommend that the parents should be reported to the relevant authorities in the name of safeguarding the children, as they have been subject to views on this “shamdemic” that do not conform to the narrative the authorities have attempted to push on an unsuspecting and extremely gullible nation since March 2020. They also recommend to ensure they are indoctrinated back into the system and subjected to the authorities narrative as being the only narrative by ‘rebuilding relationships with trusted adults. They are in essence implying that if as a parent you do not agree with the authorities narrative that you are a threat to your child’s safety.

But it get’s even better, or worse depending on which way you look at it. What resources do Education Scotland recommend should be used by teachers and children to help them identify misleading content? None other than those available at the BBC.

Would that be the same BBC that has failed to report on the last two marches for freedom in London on the 15th May and 29th May at which up to 1 million people attended to protest against medical tyranny? Would that be the same BBC who did report on the march for freedom that took place on the 24th April but instead reported disinformation by insisting only a few thousand attended? Ironically via their very own disinformation team in the form of Marianna Spring and Mike Wendling who labelled those attending as “not very mainstream normal people”.

We have allowed the United Kingdom to become akin to the forgotten state of East Germany, and we have allowed medical tyranny to be normalised. Never ever forget that this is not normal, but your silence has got us to where we are, the problem now being that they are coming for your children. At what point will you say enough is enough?