Former Policeman Mark Sexton Reports Crimes Against Humanity to Police, Arrest Hancock, Boris, Whitty [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Now it’s Mark Sexton‘s turn to present his evidence of government crimes against the people, which he did at Leamington Spa police station last Friday, June 18. (Danny Cook and some friends had already done this at the Bromley Police Station last week – see MUST-SEE VIDEO: “When a Child Dies From the Vaccine, You Will Be Accountable For Murder” – Bromley Police Confronted.)

Leamington Spa is a town near Warwick, both of which lie south-east of Birmingham. The UK government minister responsible for the Covid vaccine programme is Nadhim Zahawi, also MP for nearby Stratford-on-Avon. It is to him that Sexton’s research and evidence has been sent.

We’ll give our notes on the video below, but first here is what Sexton himself had to say about this video yesterday on Facebook:


Sexton introduces his interview with P.C. Bower with his intention to report a criminal offense of misconduct in public office against a Warwickshire MP. We assume this is Zahawi.

Using data from the UK government’s own website, 1,295 to date have died following Covid vaccination; 922,000 adverse reactions have been recorded following vaccination. Which is close to a MILLION people.

On May 25, 2021, Sexton went to four hospitals in the Birmingham area, due to information he had obtained that the PCR test, made in China, is contaminated with ethylene oxide, lithium and hydrogel. He reported this at Leamington Spa police station on the same day. It was forwarded to Special Branch because Sexton had claimed it was a terrorist attack. This information at the hospitals was passed onto senior staff. There he learned that there were massive influxes of people with serious adverse events following the ‘vaccines’ such as blood clots, menstrual problems, neurological issues, &etc. So he contacted Nadhim Zahawi, MP for Stratford, who is in charge of vaccine rollout in the UK.

Sexton then takes P.C. Bower through the relevant documents. The evidence he gives to the officer is drawn from Dr. Byram Bridle, the Canadian vaccinologist; Dr. A.H. Khan Zaheed re. evidence from Pfizer; a report from Slovakia re. contamination of the PCR test; and a letter from Dr. Tess Lawrie re. vaccine harms.

Sexton is thus demanding a halt to the use of the PCR test AND the vaccine programme.

All roads lead to you, Mr. Zahawi

He then presents other evidence including: MHRA vaccine data; Dr. Jenny Harries’ (UK deputy chief medical officer) comments about Covid and children; evidence from Boris Johnson; the success of alternative therapies such as ivermectin, HCQ and vitamin D; the UK government being guilty of the criminal offence of blackmail; death and burial statistics showing that 2020 had lower fatalities than the previous six years; the falsity of claiming there are ‘variants’; police are independent of government and sworn to protect the people, &etc. The video stops abruptly at around the 30 minute mark.

The UK government is planning mass vaccination of children starting in September.


Ex-Policeman Mark Sexton Reports Crimes against Humanity to the Police – Arrest Hancock, Boris, Whitty




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4 Responses to “Former Policeman Mark Sexton Reports Crimes Against Humanity to Police, Arrest Hancock, Boris, Whitty [VIDEO]”

  1. emm jay says:

    Credit to this guy. At the very least he’s getting the facts through to the comatose. I think we all are struggling to deal with these people who couldn’t wait to roll their sleeves up for the experiment, etc. etc. etc. People that we truly thought we knew. So, coming from an ‘ex policeman’ ie ‘authority’, is, ironically, perhaps the only form of delivery of facts that these people will initially listen to and possibly accept. It is true that it’s harder to convince people that they have been lied to, than the lie itself.

  2. Derek says:

    Mark Sexton has a sound case. His evidence as reported shows he knows his procedures, he is crossing his i’s and dotting his t’s. All well and good.

    Where I fear it will fail, is when it ‘goes upstairs’, it will be met with higher levels of ‘management’ connected to branches of organisations that will see it as a powder keg sat in front of them. It will go so far – and no further.

    Ex Constable Sexton is a good man, but he’s dealing with a legal structure that is corrupt at the top. Does anyone remember Albert Burgess? He was an ex-Special Constable fighting the peoples corner in attempting to get certain Ministers brought before Crown Court for Sedition and Misprison of Treason. In the process he lost his marriage and his home and is today largely forgotten. The accused remain and are sitting very comfortably.

    I wish Mark Sexton well and to watch his back.

  3. rachel469 says:

    Thank you Mark it has done my soul good to see the action you have taken in such a methodical way. Unfortunately there is a leaked memo from Ferguson which shows the treachery of these people and something must be done before the15th July because it states in the memo that they plan to lock the UK down permanently, they plan to completely to censor strongly any comment or post that disagrees with there stance on Covid and give out heavy sentences of any duration they wish. if you say you will not take the vaccine they plan to remove your children or elderly parent or they will remove you from your house; fine you from £50,000 and jai you indefinitely. They plan to send out batches of bracelets to make sure you stay at home and do not move out of “your space” The army is to be brought in to every street. and carbon copies of this have been sent to the media Common purpose and other people complicit in this fraud and terrorism of the people. The peoples Union For Britain already have a case in the court and it is in the last stages waiting for the Judge to issue a warrant for the arrest of the 4 horsemen responsible. Time is what we do not have and I am hoping the army steps down on this if it gets that far but by the 21st December they want us all in bracelets in UK. It is all in the leaked memo!