Feel sorry for Chris Whitty? Then you must not know what Whitty and Hancock did to the elderly and vulnerable from March 2020 onwards…

There’s a video doing the rounds in the mainstream media today showing Chris Whitty looking visibly distressed after a couple of young lads harassed him for a “selfie”. You probably feel sorry for him? We wonder if you’ll still feel sorry for Chris Whitty once you realise what he has done during the past fifteen months?

Chris Whitty along with his accomplice Matt Hancock instructed hospitals to discharge patients into care homes to free up beds. Patients that required urgent Medical attention.

On the 19th March a directive was sent out to the NHS which required them to discharge all patients who they deemed to not require a hospital bed. They declared that transfers from the ward must happen within one hour of that decision being made to a designated discharge area, and that discharge from hospital should happen within 2 hours. NHS trusts were told that “they must adhere” to the new directive.

This directive meant that people who required medical treatment and attention were discharged into Care homes in the thousands.

These were beds that never needed to be made vacant because the number of beds occupied within NHS hospitals during the entirety of the alleged first wave, between April and June 2020 were 30% down on the previous year.

We examined NHS data from 2017 – 2020 looking at the months of April – June. Again this is for the total number of beds occupied.

  • In 2017, April-June there were on average a total of 91,724 beds occupied which equated to 89.1% occupancy.
  • In 2018, April-June there were on average a total of 91,056 beds occupied which equated to 89.8% occupancy.
  • In 2019, April-June there were on average a total of 91,730 beds occupied which equated to 90.3% occupancy.
  • In 2020, April-June there were on average a total of 58,005 beds occupied which equated to 62% occupancy.

Stats like that make you wonder why they ever built the nightingale hospitals? The ones that cost the taxpayer billions, were never used and then dismantled a year later.

Chris Whitty along with his accomplice Matt Hancock then oversaw the purchase of enough midazolam hydrochloride to cover a normal two years.

This article confirms the purchase and that Whitty and Hancock were looking to purchase much more –

Supplies of the sedative midazolam have been diverted from France as a “precaution” to mitigate potential shortages in the NHS caused by COVID-19, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has told The Pharmaceutical Journal.

A spokesperson from Accord Healthcare, one of five manufacturers of the drug, told The Pharmaceutical Journal that it had to gain regulatory approval to sell French-labelled supplies of midazolam injection to the NHS, after having already sold two years’ worth of stock to UK wholesalers “at the request of the NHS” in March 2020.

The DHSC said the request for extra stock was part of “national efforts to respond to the coronavirus outbreak”, which included precautions “to reduce the likelihood of future shortages”.

Midazolam is a commonly used drug in palliative care and is considered one of the four essential drugs needed for the promotion of quality care in dying patients in the United Kingdom. Think of it as diazepam on steroids.

Midazolam can also cause serious or life-threatening breathing problems such as shallow, slowed, or temporarily stopped breathing that may lead to permanent brain injury or death.

UK regulators state that you should only receive midazolam in a hospital or doctor’s office that has the equipment that is needed to monitor your heart and lungs and to provide life-saving medical treatment quickly if your breathing slows or stops.

A doctor or nurse should watch you closely after you receive this medication to make sure that you are breathing properly because midazolam induces significant depression of respiration. Your doctor should also be made aware if you have a severe infection or if you have or have ever had any lung, airway, or breathing problems or heart disease.

Midazolam is also used before medical procedures and surgery to cause drowsiness, relieve anxiety, and prevent any memory of the event. It is also sometimes given as part of the anesthesia during surgery to produce a loss of consciousness. But all elective surgeries were cancelled, again under Chris Whitty’s directive, so midazolam was not needed for this purpose.

Over 2 million operations were cancelled at the end of March 2020 to free up beds for at least three months for “coronavirus” patients. – Source

Chris Whitty along with his accomplice Matt Hancock then oversaw the mass blanket roll-out of DNR’s on the elderly and vulnerable in care homes without informing the patients or their families. This is not hearsay, it is a matter of fact as confirmed by a Care Quality Commission (CQC) report and an Amnesty report.

The CQC felt it necessary to issue a statement in August 2020 addressing the issue of innapropriate DNR’s being placed on care home residents without informing the resident or their family –

‘It is vitally important that older and disabled people living in care homes and in the community can access hospital care and treatment for COVID-19 and other conditions when they need it during the pandemic … Providers should always work to prevent avoidable harm or death for all those they care for. Protocols, guidelines and triage systems should be based on equality of access to care and treatment. If they are based on assumptions that some groups are less entitled to care and treatment than others, this would be discriminatory. It would also potentially breach human rights, including the
right to life, even if there were concerns that hospital or critical care capacity may be reached.’

That statement was issued because the CQC found that 34% of people working in health and social care were pressured into placing ‘do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation’ (DNACPR) orders on Covid patients who suffered from disabilities and learning difficulties, without involving the patient or their families in the decision.

Chris Whitty and Hancock’s mixed messages then led to doctors, nurses, using a DNR as permission to put the elderly and vulnerable on end of life care.

This involved the refusal of medical treatment, all current prescribed medication being taken away and refused, a cocktail of midazolam and morphine being administered (as per shocking Covid-19 palliative care guidelines), and forcing the elderly and vulnerable to be nil by mouth due to the small risk of aspiration. This meant that the elderly and vulnerable died of starvation and dehydration. Chris Whitty and Matt Hancock then told you these people had died of Covid-19.

This document produced by the NHS states that Midazolam should be used for comfort at end of life care due to Covid-19 to ease fear, anxiety and agitation. Source

The following is a graph showing the alleged first and second waves of Covid deaths in the United Kingdom –

This is a graph of the amount of midazolam solution produced each month from January 2019 through to March 2021 –

Can you spot the difference? We couldn’t either because there isn’t one.

According to official data in April 2019 up to 21,977 prescriptions for Midazolam were issued, containing 171,952 items, the vast majority being Midazolam Hydrochloride. However in April 2020 45,033 prescriptions for Midazolam were issued, containing 333,229 items, the vast majority being Midazolam Hydrochloride. That is a 104.91% increase in the number of prescriptions issued for Midazolam and a 93.85% increase in the number of items they contained. But these weren’t issued in hospitals, they were issued by GP practices which can only mean one thing, they were issued for end of life care.

Need any more evidence that they committed euthanasia of the elderly and vulnerable? Perhaps an explanation of from Whitty and Hancock on how they got through a two year supply of midazolam in 7 months could dispel any refusal to accept the facts you may have?

The two-year supply of midazolam was depleted by October 2020 according to NHS documents –

But once replenished the stocks were again depleted by the beginning of February 2021 according to official NHS documents –

Chris Whitty and his accomplice Matt Hancock’s decisions and orders led to 17,850 excess deaths occurring in care homes in April 2020 alone compared to the five-year average.

The above mentioned is just a portion of the atrocities Chris Whitty has committed since March 2020. Do you still feel sorry for him now?

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  1. ian says:

    Feel sorry for Whitty??, If the two lads had doused him in petrol and set fire to him, I wouldn’t have felt pity for the murdering scumbag.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Fake news. Hancock is supposed to have three children. Anyone ever seen one? His ‘wife’ couldn’t care less about his wandering off. ‘Being dignified’ according to the media. In fact he’s gay or possibly otherwise inclined, and she’s his beard. Blair is ‘gay’ as is Brown. These are all fake people with fake family narratives. Derry Irvine chose Ewan Blair’s schools according to Alastair Campbell. That’s because Irvine is Ewan’s father. Gordon Logan exposed Blair’s making use of male prostitutes – can be found here on Tap News, ending his chances of becoming President of the EU. Hancock needs to get out without carrying the blame for making 30 million people seriously ill through the vaccine which he is invested in, with many deaths, so they ran a separation narrative to take peoples’ attention away from his crimes against humanity. That’s why no one seems bothered either way. Because it’s all fake. Many politicians are gay actors, and many of crypto-Jewish background.