One Response to “FAUCI_GATE This is how the viru.s was created Subject: Corona_viru.s Bioweap.on Production Method”

  1. Hey you says:

    Wow wow wow! And they’ve been trying to pin this on China…..

    This is only the start. Years ago, Clif High described a scenario where people will go to bed at night, exhausted from learning all the secrets that came out during that day. Then the next morning, there’s another avalanche of secrets revealed and so on and so forth.

    This can’t be stopped because these secrets are all connected. When one part unravels, all the rest will come tumbling out. Th paedophilia, human trafficking, cannibalism, Satanic sacrifices, secret treaties with space aliens (eg they can eat as many humans as they want, in exchange for giving us some fancy weapon tech), our real history etc.

    This is going to be fun, fun fun.