6 Responses to “Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Europe is broke.”

  1. joseph2021 says:

    He says European governments and European pension funds are bust and when people find out, they’ll be going after the guys responsible. (Davos crowd and Great Reset people). He thinks that’s why they want to vax everyone – so these vaxxed people will “not be able to defend themselves”

    He’s right in his conclusion that the vax is to render the people harmless to the power elites. But it’s not because the pension funds are bust

    There is something of which he is not aware. This unknown thing is the reason government kittys and pension funds have been drained. It’s this yet-to-seen thing which will definitely get the politicians killed. But now that they have taken pre-emptive steps to render us harmless via the COVID jab, we’re going to kill them before this thing becomes really obvious.

    • ian says:

      What is this thing Joseph2021?

      • joseph2021 says:

        I thought of emailing RF to tell him but changed my mind. No point bothering him as he’ll only delete the msg as being from another time waster.

        Recently I tried to reach out to a real woo woo guy. He interviews way out types and I thought this will be right up his street. Nah. Never looked at the links I compiled to back up my claim.

        It’s always been like this. People are always caught by surprise. They are never prepared. And then it’s total societal collapse. But it’ll be soon.

        If you follow Clif High’s work, he has said that lawsuits will be flying all over the place but something happens and nobody ever gets to collect. You see lawsuits all over the place now so that’s your temporal marker. And long ago, he said there’ll be a lot of fighting in the Middle East and something appears which makes the soldiers put down their arms and go home. Their commanders try to force them to stay and fight but the men simply kill them and leave. So if you see fighting intensify in the Middle East (war with Iran?), that’s your temporal marker.

        You will know when you see it. You’ll just know. We have soul memories of this – it’s deeply ingrained in our DNA – it’s that fearsome.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        There is one glaringly obvious ‘thing’ he appears not to be aware of and you already know what it is ian.
        The ‘thing’ Foolmich naively expects will fairly & justly try then appropriately sentence these hateful, anti-humanity murderous criminals:
        The humanity hating Davos / UN and other members of the illuminati’s biased and extremely corrupt judiciaries of all UN member nations; which the illuminati controlled governments own and completely control; along with the laws themselves, which those unscrupulous (and untouchable) institutions are supposed to adjudicate over.
        As I repeat almost daily: the solution to ending this tyranny will never be provided by any of their corrupt courts of lawlessness, nor any of the laws they chop & change at their leisure to best fit their evil agendas. These lawyers need to wake up, its not there to protect us – the ordinary hardworking and law abiding citizens of this Godforsaken world anymore.
        We now exist under a totalitarian New World Order, where there is no law and order or justice.

    • ian says:

      Who is the video guy jo’. It could be a DAVOS or WHO or UN sponsored video to give them plausible deniability when the crash the grid. It might be real, but there have been “the end is nigh” preachers since time began.