DNA Codes Under Attack: The Vaccine Agenda


Presenter: Dr Graham Downing

It seems that with every passing week another assault is launched against the health of ourselves and children.

Whether it be vaccination unnecessarily administered against relatively harmless diseases; the over-prescription of cholesterol lowering medication even though cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease; or GMOs and Roundup taking over our food supply amidst mounting evidence against its use.

Common sense dictates that we pause and investigate just what IS happening to us. When it comes to vaccination and GMOs the word Autism isn’t far behind…and the observation has been made that autistic children are the modern day Canary in the coal mine and are a dire warning of what is to come for all mankind.

I remember unravelling DNA in the labs of King’s College, then under the directorship of one of the men that discovered it, Prof. Wilkins. Little did I know then how important that knowledge would be today.

Dr Downing’s FACTUAL RESEARCH will reveal how your DNA Codes are under attack and why and how you need to defend them.