9 Responses to “COVID vaccine shrank my dick”

  1. joseph2021 says:

    Is this how unvaxxed people become magnetic? I’m not buying any cheap meat and would never dream of shopping in Asda which is owned by Walmart. Do I have to test my meat with a magnet before consuming?

    Ok, so now, 3 confirmed cases of UNVAXXXED people being magnetic. All 3 are in CO. All 3 have meats that are magnetic.

    IMO this results from Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles being introduced into the feeds. They do so because these are cheap way to add weight.

  2. danceaway says:

    I am beginning to think we do, Joseph.

    • joseph2021 says:

      Do what? Test if our food is magnetic before consuming?

      Found this website

      Soon, we’ll be having a lot of issues with iron oxide in the atmosphere. So stock up on those face masks while they are still available if you don’t want to develop welder’s lung. I’ve got some dust masks that’s normally used for DIY jobs but the thought of wearing one for hours on end is most dispiriting. I have no idea how I’m going to cope with what’s coming down the pike.

  3. joseph2021 says:

    Package Meat. Contaminated Food Supply?!

    If the food label says “enriched” or “fortified”…beware! Many foods are full of metals (Magnetism)

  4. joseph2021 says:

    Baby food too!

    Jim Crenshaw writes:
    “We need to just kill these bastards. I hope people watching this realize the time for courtesy and understanding and being fair is out the window. There is no room for mercy any more. If we find who is responsible just drag them out and kill them for these types of crimes. The elite are committing crimes against humanity. It must stop. Be sure. Be swift. Be harsh.”

  5. joseph2021 says: