Boris Johnson flies by private jet to Cornwall to talk climate change with G7 leaders

So about a week ago Portugal was taken of the green list, meaning holiday makers either had to cut short their long awaited holidays or suddenly adhere to amber list rules.
This meant taking a test before departure for the UK, isolating for 10 days on arrival, and taking a further two tests ( both of which had to be paid for prior to departure ) on the second & eighth day following their return.
This being the case even if they had recieved both doses of the vaccine, leaving many holiday makers rightly asking what the point of the vaccines actually was.
Hopefully the penny will now have dropped for them as they finally realise what we have being saying for months, that vaccine or no vaccine nobody will be going anywhere for much longer.
No doubt the governments decision to change the rules without notice was deliberate, fully intended to create chaos, uncertainty, and a reluctance to travel in the future.
However around a week later the leaders of the worlds richest nations proved that once again its one rule for us & one rule for them, as they all flew in to cornwall for the G7 summit.
I use the term leaders lightly, because as many of you are aware in reality they are nothing but puppets for globalist billionaires
Ignore any theatre, they are purely here to rubber stamp & promote agendas that have already been decided by their masters behind closed doors.
Each puppet has arrived with its own staff and security details, meaning the total number of arrivals is in the thousands.
Not a single one of them will have to self isolate and quarantine for 10 days.
According to UK column yesterday the policing bill alone for this farce will cost the tax payer £70 million, god only knows what the armed forces presence will cost.
Cornwall btw you may remember was the destination of choice for hundreds of brits last summer.
Brits whos irresponsible beach days were widely slated by the msm, before it was realised that actually no infections had occurred there after all.
So back to the G7, whats actually to be discussed ?
Well primarily the elite pushed agendas of global vaccination & climate change of course.
Boris is to push for the global covid vaccination programme to be stepped up, with everyone now getting vaccinated by 2022.
This will mean that everybody on the planet will have been vaccinated before the vaccine trials have finished, and before any long term safety data has been gathered.
All fully vaccinated with an experimental vaccine, against a virus that even going by official figures 99.8% of them would survive without the vaccine. Unbelievable.
Now as with covid no dissenting voices and experts will be allowed to challenge the myth of man made climate change, no matter how qualified or experienced.
And once again just like covid the solutions will require ever increasing centralisation of power & ever increasing taxation & restrictions.
Reduced emissions onlys equal one thing for the masses, vastly reduced travel.
Not so however for Boris Johnson, who showed just what a farce the whole thing is, along with his contempt for the rest of us, by turning up to the summit in a private jet.
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2 Responses to “Boris Johnson flies by private jet to Cornwall to talk climate change with G7 leaders”

  1. ian says:

    TV will fix it all for the masses. Spin doctors will be getting great overtime just now.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Meanwhile the obedient, dumbed-down masses gleefully continue the short march to their guaranteed demise, while applauding Boris the FAT controller, without a word of dissent, let alone push back and hoping their hateful and cruel masters make even more oppressive mandates to further restrict their already ruined miserable lives, at the masonic cabal’s anti-humanity G7 conference; where they will also decide how many of us ‘useless eaters’ they are going to exterminate.
    So tired of these morons. Only hope is they get more ‘vaccines’ into their worthless bodies to protect them from the non-existent monster they believe they’re hiding from.
    Hurry up and die you treacherous, masochistic FOOLS! There might be enough half intelligent people left to finally realize they’ve been had, then maybe DO something to defend themselves and salvage whatever remains of our society these humanity loathing, self centred cowards destroyed while you muzzled morons applauded them for it.