4 Responses to “Blanket Surveillance Coming Online”

  1. ian says:

    The arrests near the start looked staged. Just like TV shite, little 5′ women shouting and subduing 18 stone blokes. Don’t think so luv. Footage looked professional.

    • ian says:

      You gotta love Max though, he’s been a powerhouse for truth. My cynicism was never aimed at him.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Hi Ian 🙂 Footage is edited monochrome version of much longer clip that was recently featured & re-broadcast on UKC news. This is the part at the end where the protesters were isolated & singled out as they were dispersing after being ordered to by Aussie Robocops in great numbers. Their retreat was cut off and they were then assaulted despite following the unlawful orders of the Aussie Cheka.

      The Cheka (sometimes called VeCheka) was the much-feared Bolshevik security agency, formed to identify and eradicate counter-revolutionary activity. The Cheka is sometimes referred to as the Bolshevik ‘secret police’, though most Russians were well aware of its existence and activities.

      • ian says:

        Thanks Sov’. Hired thugs seem relatively easy to find. It was the actions of the females that annoyed me. All TV cop shows show them beating up big men, whereas in reality they’d be flattened. Having said that, their lack of brute force does not affect their ability to be brutal when things are in their favour.