BATLEY EMERGENCY – who stands for humanity?

-–With so much media attention on this contest, all sorts of groups will be standing. The appalling Marxist-Muslim George Galloway has already thrown his hat in the ring. Several ultra-racist splinter groups are also set to stand. Whoever actually wins the seat, it is really important that Therese beats them, just as she did last time.


Labour are clearly desperately worried about the chances of their candidate in Batley and Spen.  They have just called the by-election in the West Yorkshire town at the shortest possible notice. The vote will be on 1st July.

At the by-election which saw Labour’s now resigned Tracy Brabin elected in 2016, the English Democrats, Therese Hirst stormed in to second place.

The English voters of Batley & Spen voted heavily for Brexit but has been seriously damaged by decades of Westminster elite neglect and open door immigration policies.

Batley is heavily Pakistani/Muslim and was the scene of demonstrations and death threats against the Religious Education teacher who had dared to show a cartoon of Mohammed.

In Spen and the surrounding countryside, on the other hand, over 80% identified as “English only” in the 2021 Census.  These are the voters who it is our special duty to give a real choice in this by-election.

Our Therese Hirst is already busy sorting out her nomination papers and getting stuck into the campaign. This brave lady deserves our full backing. She is standing for England. Standing for you! So my question is, what are you going to do?

Therese urgently needs not just the £500 deposit, but also £2,000 to pay for thousands of leaflets that the Royal Mail will deliver for free. We also need English Democrat posters around the constituency to help cement our position as the leading opponents of Lab-Lib-Con and their multi-cultural betrayal of our nation.

But we don’t need these campaign items in four or five weeks. We have to get them NOW!

With so much media attention on this contest, all sorts of groups will be standing. The appalling Marxist-Muslim George Galloway has already thrown his hat in the ring. Several ultra-racist splinter groups are also set to stand. Whoever actually wins the seat, it is really important that Therese beats them, just as she did last time.

We must seize this opportunity to hammer home the English Democrats’ status as the leading political expression of English nationalism and resistance to the multi-cultural, liberal elite. We can do it! Therese can do it! But she needs your help, RIGHT NOW!

Please dig as deep as you can! England Expects!

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Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman

English Democrats Party · PO Box 1066, 
Norwich NR14 6ZJ, United Kingdom

8 Responses to “BATLEY EMERGENCY – who stands for humanity?”

  1. Aldous says:

    I honestly don’t understand or care for the language being used in this and previous articles on English Democrats.

    “Several ultra-racist splinter groups are also set to stand.”

    Believe me, the only ‘ultra-racist’ parties out there – especially towards indigenous Whites – are the Zionist owned, bought and paid for LibLabCon, the one party with three misleading names.
    It’s absurd to label the likes of NF and BNP ‘racist’ (a Commie invented word) never mind ultra-racist. Perhaps they (NF/BNP) are more than aware of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to breed out of existence and wipe out the White indigenous peoples of Europe by mass Third World immigration?

    Therese Hirst-Muchewicz has two days to submit her nomination! The deadline for nominations is 7 June.

    She is cutting it really tight. I expect her to lose her deposit by a large margin and George Galloway to steal it from Labour Co-op.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Yes to all you say Aldous, bar one thing. How can we slow the crushing human-killing machine that is government? The political system is not a source of great hope, and the Zionist-controlled parties are going all out to reduce our numbers. Who cares what race we have as long as we exist and survive, to be honest? In fact mixing race seems to work very well. I’ve always been puzzled as to why mixing race matters to politicians, in the sense of ‘wiping out white races’. Wipe away if interbreeding is the chosen method of doing so. Better than assassination by vaccine, I would suggest. It’s the conversations I’ve had with Robin Tilbrook which convince me we share similar aims and objectives, unlike our Conservative people-exterminating monsters in parliament.

  3. Aldous says:

    Most if not all Asians/Muslims will vote for George Galloway as they HATE Keir Starmer with a passion.
    He brings his family up in the Jewish faith and is despised by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
    The Tory vote will possibly hold firm but dissenters will certainly not flock to Labour. There may even be a serious backlash for cynically shoehorning in Jo Cox’s sister to garner the sympathy vote and save Starmer’s neck.
    I think he’s toast and deservedly so.

  4. Aldous says:

    Hi Tap. I posted that later comment at 7:22 before seeing your reply to my previous at 7:10.
    I wish Therese Hirst all the best on 1st July (if she gets her nomination in on time) but fear for the worst of all results. Fingers crossed she retains her deposit at least. I think there will be a few lost deposits that Thursday and who knows, Labour Co-op could hopefully be one of them?
    Miracles do happen.
    I’m sure I wouldn’t want to stand in such an election if my sibling was allegedly murdered there.

  5. Aldous says:

    Can Therese Hirst even legally campaign before she has submitted her nomination for candidacy?
    I only ask because in a previous ED article it was suggested that the writ of election had been made (on 27th May) for 1st July, which was the minimum time available for canvassing etc and which would give Labour-Co-op an advantage over any opposition.
    It seems somewhat strange that ED/Therese Hirst haven’t even registered yet when they have had all this week to do so.

  6. Aldous says:

    Thérèse Hirst/English Democrats got their nomination in by the 7th June deadline.
    There are an astonishing 16 candidates in total after the Greens pulled their candidate (Ross Peltier) when some historic (2014 – 2018) and highly controversial tweets came to light which have upset the LGBT brigade. The Greens also stated that not standing would reduce the chance of a Conservative win and gain of the seat.

    I think tactical voting will play a VERY big part in this by-election in order to give Keir Starmer a bloody nose and get rid of him. Choosing/persuading Jo Cox’s sister to stand could seriously backfire.
    What is Starmer doing there as Labour Leader anyway when he has only been in Parliament since 2015? Ridiculous or what?

    My money is on George Galloway snatching it by a narrow margin and all of the fringe candidates losing their deposits. I expect only Labour Co-op and Tories to hold onto their deposits coming in 2nd and 3rd.

    There is still no update on Wiki of the latest (and final) list of candidates.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Aldous, thank you for your detailed research. The English Democrats did well coming second last time. The ‘matrix’ will e doing all it can to keep them down, that is for sure.

    • Aldous says:

      Evening Tap. Thérèse Hirst/English Democrats deserve to at least retain their deposit but ‘deserve’ has little place in murky politics these days.
      I think the voter knives are out big-time for the LibLabContrick Alliance One Party with Three Fake Names – but what do I really know?
      Then we have the vote-rigging aspect to consider. Who is going to be counting the votes?