As the bodies pile up, anger will grow

The Stockholm Syndrome Goes Universal

The Stockholm Syndrome is a mental disorder where hostages or abductees develop a bond with their
abductors, coming to sympathize or agree with them. It was first coined after a bank robbery in
Stockholm in 1973, but it soon became more widely used for Patty Hearst, who allegedly joined those
who kidnapped her in 1974. The Hearst event was a big fake, of course, but the Stockholm Syndrome
is a real thing, as we now know firsthand with the manufactured Covid crisis. The textbooks tell us the
syndrome is rare, with only 5% of hostages falling to it, but that percentage hasn’t panned out in the
past year, where we have seen 60-80% exhibiting some signs of it.

I say this because you have been hostage to this fake crisis and those who staged it. A majority still
are, as we are seeing this week here in New Mexico. As you may know, the CDC dropped its mask
mandate for vaccinated people last Thursday, and our Governor immediately dropped the mandate
statewide. Stores are no longer required to enforce the wearing of masks for anyone, vaccinated or not,
and most no longer are, including the food markets and big box stores. Their employees are still
wearing them, for reasons unknown, but customers are not required to. HOWEVER, ALMOST ALL

I have celebrated by going on a shopping spree, not really buying much, but just going store to store
maskless for the fun of it. I am the only one in most stores without a mask.

How could this be? It would be like opening all the doors in a jail and telling the inmates they are free,
but finding they still prefer to huddle in their cells for safety. You say people are still afraid of the bug.
The TV has got them believing that the unvaccinated like me are a danger to them, so they have to
continue to be cautious. But I don’t believe that is what is going on. It can’t be, because it makes no
sense. If the vaccine works—and we are assured is it something like 97% effective (same as condoms,
by the way)—then the vaccinated have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. Since most people got
where they are by listening to and believing the mainstream news, they should believe that. Well, if
they believe it, they should be joyfully removing their masks now, no matter what the unvaccinated
choose to do. Since more than 50% are vaccinated here, we should see 50% not wearing masks in
stores. Instead, we see less than 1%.

I think what we have here is the continuation of a mass Stockholm Syndrome event, with most people
adopting the psychology of their captors. Rachel Maddow at MSNBC admitted it: she said her brain
would have to be rewired to not look on the maskless as sick and dangerous. Since the majority of
people have successfully had their brain wired by TV, only TV can rewire them, and that will take
time. It will take a period of brainwashing in the other direction, and that stage in history has not been
entered yet. So most people cannot break their bonds on their own. They will need months of therapy
to get back to 2019 levels of the syndrome.

Only the few like me who were unhypnotizable from the start can take off the mask with no trauma. I
have hated my captors all along, and hate them more now than ever. I never even bought a mask, using
only a bandana in direst need, and I have no attachment to it, I assure you. But I think most people are
going to be dizzy from over-oxygenation for a while. Their brains have been used to surviving on the
oxygen levels of an alien moon, and will have to re-adjust to normal levels.

I am already back to normal, since I never left normal. But I hate to say that I think with most people,
normal may never return. Not for the reasons given by the mainstream media, but for other reasons
entirely. They have allowed themselves to be permanently scarred by this, simply by offering too little
resistance to it. They can never look at themselves in the old ways again, because they can no longer
pretend they are the rebels or freethinkers they thought they were.

That “question authority” bumper sticker is off the car and can never go back on. All the woke liberals are finding out, or will soon find
out, that they were neither woke nor liberal. This past year has been a worldwide test, and the failure
levels were massive. Under pressure, we saw an amazing thing: the liberals acted conservative and the
conservatives acted liberal. Meaning, the so-called left side of American politics utterly caved to
fascism. They have loudly embraced censorship, speech limitations, and authoritarian dictats, and the
main reason they did so, beyond being brainwashed under this Stockholm Syndrome, is that they
enjoyed being petty tyrants, following illogical and ad hoc rules and enforcing them on others. It gave
them a faux-power they had not been able to earn by genuine means, and it went to their tiny heads.
So they will have to learn to live with that for the rest of their lives. They will have to adjust their self
images accordingly. But I predict that, rather than do that, they will simply huddle with those of their
own sect. They can’t really socialize with us anymore, since we have their number. In future, in just
about any discussion, when push comes to shove, all we have to do is say something like, “wait,
weren’t you one of the ones who thought masks and vaccines were a good idea? Weren’t you one of the
ones who trusted WHO and the CDC and the NIH and Fauci? Weren’t you one of the ones cheering
when Trump—as standing President—got censored by Twitter and Facebook? Weren’t you one of the
ones who permanently damaged your children with masks, while pigheadedly claiming we were the
dangerous ones? Weren’t you one of the ones whose friends, neighbors, and family members dropped
dead of the vaccine, or were maimed by it, while you stood by and cheerled for it? Weren’t you one of
the ones who used to tell us what a great philanthropist and humanitarian Bill Gates was?

Yes, I think you were.

Which means your judgment is not worth sour apples”. These people could eat humble pie
for a while, and issue a blanket apology to the rest of us, but I don’t think they are up to it. I predict
they will find some way to dive into a deeper pit of denial, trying to keep some shred of self-worth by
externalizing all negatives. They will find some twisted way of confirming that they were right and we
were wrong, despite all evidence to the contrary. In short, they will take refuge in that most disgusting
and debilitating of human frailties: hating those who were right, only because they were right.
I have been ostracized my entire life for that reason, so I know it well. In fact, I venture to say that I
know it more deeply and profoundly than anyone alive. There was a time when I only experienced it
personally, face to face, in real life, but since I have become a presence online, I have had to deal with
it on a worldwide scale. So I got my views on human psychology not from textbooks, but by vast
experience. In the art and science and history wars, I have come to know my enemy almost as well as
myself, and the report I must file on him is not pretty. If I ever expected a fair fight or an honest
opposition or any level of sophistication or elevation, I have been sorely disappointed. For this reason,
I have very little expectation that anyone will treat Covid as a learning experience, or will have learned
anything from it. In general, most people have an aversion to learning that is nearly unquenchable.
But if anyone should arrive here serendipitously from some dark place of soul, having decided to
reform his formerly dastardly ways, I tell you your conversion is welcome. As I have said before—and
it is true—I am a bear only in opposition. And I think this is true of most like me. Once the gloves are
off, we are only teddy bears, and we prefer to get along. As most of my readers will confirm, if you
come to me in friendship, I am cuddly enough. And if you catch me out of email, I am ten times as
cuddly from the start.

Which just goes to say that those who decide to learn something from this formidable crisis we have all
passed through—other than what they have been force-taught by the mainstream—will find those like
me welcoming enough. Those who really wish to break the bonds to their captors will find us ready
with the shears. But those who prefer going on as before will find us more ferocious than ever. I tell
you we are through with all that forever.

Which brings us back to the Stockholm Syndrome, to take this full circle. What the “experts” never tell
you is why captives would sympathize with their own captors. After the Covid event, we can now
answer that: the power the captors have is hypnotizing by itself. The captors are in charge, and the
captives are powerless. Power acts as authority, and the captives instinctively bow to it. It is like baby
animals imprinting. They can’t help following the only larger being in sight who seems to have power.
It would appear that a great majority of people can’t help but fall down in abject submission before any
authority that presents itself, no matter how transparently irrational, illogical, or evil, and this is what
the governors rely upon. Nothing short of that can explain the past year, or indeed all of human

So where exactly is the hope in that? If this is an instinct, how can it be changed? How is there any
hope of revolution, or even of progress? Because species evolve, and under duress they evolve faster.
Under the pressure of catastrophic change, Nature can and often has exhibited almost overnight
conversion. And the human species is especially open to change, and especially of a psychological
change of this sort, since we are the only self-reflective species. We are the only rational creatures we
know of, capable of thinking ourselves out of such a situation. You will say we have never done it
before as a society and don’t look like doing it now, which is true. But the future is not determined by
the past, and the important point is that we could do it. This is not a guess, because some of us have
already done it. Some of us have already evolved to the next level, which is why the governors are in
such a tizzy. They see evolution outpacing their tired old schemes.

Why do you think they keep making films like X-Men, about mutants? Because WE are the mutants. We have already mutated
into a creature they cannot control with the old lies. To answer this, they turn up the pressure even
more, but that backfires because it is the same as catastrophic change: it is the pressure that is causing
the mutations, so they cannot solve this with more change, more pressure, or more chaos. Ironically,
they are seeding their own destruction. Everything they do to contain this just makes it worse.
The year 2020 was the most catastrophic in recent history, with far more psychological pressure
applied to the general population than even during the world wars. The world wars were stressful, but
people still knew their places during those decades. The governmental response was cohesive and the
enemy was clear and mostly defined. But that isn’t the case anymore. Psychologically the past year
has been far more catastrophic, and we can see that just by consulting the polls. During the wars,
people’s trust in the media went UP. Patriotism went UP. Right now, trust in government and media is
at an all-time low, by a huge margin. People are asking questions they have never asked in the history
of this country. And patriotism, defined as solidarity with the current regime, is also near zero.

Yes, we have some patriots left, but they aren’t itching to defend the status quo or the current rulers, they are
patriotic only about the Constitution or some bygone time that never actually existed. They are
patriotic about the IDEA of America, not the actuality of it. Most patriots wouldn’t lift a finger to
protect the current regime, in any of its forms. Technically, they aren’t patriots at all, but
revolutionaries, which is why the current regime treats them as such. The government and military is
now defining all such patriots as domestic extremists, which is the usual flip. It is the government and
military which has become extreme in its contempt for law, truth, and the welfare of its own citizens. It
declared war on us long ago, with that declaration becoming louder and more transparent with each
passing year. An ever-growing portion of its budget is devoted to destabilizing us, confusing us, and
manufacturing widespread fear and panic.

And where is the hope there? The hope is in the fact that none of that would be necessary if we weren’t
waking up. If the revolution were not proceeding, there would be no reason to try to squelch it with
such outrageous measures. The response is proof of the advance.

You can also think of it this way: the manufactured chaos of 1960s—as in Projects Chaos and
Cointelpro—has led inexorably to real chaos. Although those projects looked very successful in the
short term, they have turned out to be disastrous in the longterm, since government was originally
about CONTROL. Military Intelligence, old style, was about containment and control. Chaos was the
enemy, for obvious reasons. But, bored by the 1950s, the top dogs in Intel in the 1960s were itching
for something new. They were like the mathematicians of the 1820s (see Bolyai, Gauss and
Lobachevsky), who were bored with the history of Euclidean math. They wanted something new at all
costs. We can also compare them to artists in the early part of the 20th century, who turned art history
on its head, destroying all rules and inverting the entire field, mostly from boredom. Well, the flipping
of Intel was the same sort of capricious miscalculation, and it has led us to the same dead end. Worse
than a dead end really, since in this case it has guaranteed precisely the revolution they had hoped to
contain. As you now see, Intelligence was trying to forestall a revolution in society by becoming
revolutionary itself. It ditched all the old rules of engagement, replacing them with their opposites. It
would manufacture chaos in order to ward off chaos. It would pre-empt real events with scripted

But as always happens with such schemes, it has gotten its scarf caught in the wheels. It has been
hoisted on its own petard. Obviously, it is not possible to avoid chaos by purposely spreading it. By its
very nature, chaos has an uncanny way of breaking its channels. Like everything else, Intelligence
would have been better off sticking to its old definitions, which had been proved by long usage.
Euclidean math didn’t rule for 2100 years by accident. Classical art didn’t rule for just as long by
accident. It is the same for Intelligence.

Whether or not the current rulers like my analysis, they must admit we are just one spark away from all
hell breaking loose, and it may not be the spark or the hell they have planned. They think that with all
the money in the world, their safe places are impregnable, but that is assuming the armies remain loyal.
I see no proof of that assumption. They must not be too sure of it themselves, or they wouldn’t now be
purging the military. But I have news for them: if you have reached the point of having to purge your
military, you are in serious serious trouble.

This Covid fake has the same potential to spark mass rebellion. It already has, as we see from the
numbers refusing the vaccine: something on the order of 40%, at the least. Even 50% of CDC and NIH
workers are refusing it, which is an astonishing statistic. But that rebellion could get far larger very
fast, especially if the vaccine keeps killing and maiming people. As the bodies continue to pile up, the
anger will grow. As the truth continues to leak, the anger will grow. Bill Gates should quit buying
land and start using his money to fund a private army. I think he is going to need it. The Bushes used
to joke that if people ever figured out what they were up to, they would be swinging from the nearest
lamp post. It may come to that, since people are figuring it out.

We have been hearing reports from France that both generals and top police are warning a civil war
may be imminent there. I will tell you what I think of that. I believe many countries are on the brink
of open rebellion, but the governors and generals are hoping to turn that rebellion into civil war. That’s
right, they want civil war, because it beats the alternative. By civil war, they mean we will be fighting
one another, as in red versus blue, or the French equivalent. Liberal versus conservative, black versus
white, man versus woman. That is why they have been pushing those divisions so hard recently. They
want us to target one another, instead of them. They want a civil war rather than revolution. But I
suggest you don’t oblige them. Walk around all of their suggestions and divisions and ally against the
real enemy. It isn’t your fellow citizen, of whatever color, sex, or affiliation.

Before Covid, I often said that the Phoenician Navy could avoid destruction by backing slowly away
and reversing course, but I am no longer sure that is an option.

After the events of the past year and their incredible crimes against humanity, who believes any longer that these people can change, even to
save themselves? Free will being an absolute, it is still remotely possible they could do so, but Nature
is also inexorable, and she may have something else in store for them, no matter what they decide to
do. For her, revolution is no inconvenience: turning the oceans over and inverting mountains is just
another day for her. If the Phoenicians think they are turtles that strike slowly but hard, they are
nothing to Nature. She has crushed more successful races than the Phoenicians without a blink of her
lidless eye. And just remember this: she created mutants like us, and she does nothing to no purpose.

That is your hope.

Miles W Mathis

Prince Charles world leader of The Great Reset and The Sustainability Agenda.  Other ways to keep population down is cultural confusion –

Boris Johnson said at G7 with Prince Charles on BBC news today “We will build back better with GENDER NEUTRALITY!!!!



One Response to “As the bodies pile up, anger will grow”

  1. Hey you says:

    Yah, I saw a message channeled by Joseph Tittel from Mother Nature. She’s hopping damn mad and she’s going to punish these miscreants something awful.

    They had planned to retreat to their DUMBs to escape our wrath but it seems many are becoming uninhabitable. Some are getting too hot while others are filling up with water. Maybe that’s why they have to cull us if they have to stay on the surface. Space X ain’t delivering the goods by breaking out to take them to the off planet colonies.

    As for those underground bases where they can hide out, a terrible fate awaits them. It seems that while we undergo the transformation on the surface and move on, they will be left behind. By the time it’s possible to come up to the surface, they would have been down below for so long and cloned themselves so much that they have degenerated to bodies which are not worth living in. Apparently, some of these entities who are working with these Deep State guys have come from the future. The reason is to warn themselves not to make this terrible error of judgment but instead to surrender and face the music. Otherwise, they choose this very bad timeline.

    If you follow that Credo guy’s work (the South African guy that David Icke quotes from time to time), you’ll find that he has eaten the flesh of one of these grey ‘aliens’. They call them “pinkie pinkie” because the grey skin is actually a suit and those large eyes are goggles. Once they cut through the outfit, they are pink inside. I think these may be what humans now degenerate into after living a long time underground. It seems they can only reproduce by cloning. Normal births can’t happen so far below ground.

    BTW I have no idea if any of this is true