Arthritis cured

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Remember when I sent you a post in a few months ago about a clinic called Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness centre.
Well it was just over a year since I started treatment for arthritis of the knee (was told a new knee joint was the only option NHS) and arthritis of a foot joint, and the results have been absolutely astounding.
Frequency is the absolute future of healing, Iam now not only pain free in both the knee and foot but the arthritis is being reversed too which continues to heal for six months post treatment, no surgery, no time off work and no painkillers either. Just visit the website and look at the MBST Treatment. (Link below)
This really has changed my health outlook on the future.
Please if you have joint issues, don’t suffer like I did for years get, on the phone to Ian at Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic.
Tap, Iam so amazed by this treatment if anyone wants my full story I would be happy to answer any questions.
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  1. Hey you says:

    I had a look at the website. If you’ve been vaxxed, avoid this like the plague…..