Another doctor breaks ranks appalled by vaccine effects.

Forwarded from Archaic Revival
The Covid vaccine rollout is about using the power of the state to maximize corporate profits for pharmaceutical companies.

An ethical Covid vaccine policy would begin with TCell screening for all patients before any vaccinations are even deemed necessary. But that would imply a responsible medical system that is not driven by the profit motive. If you already have natural immunity you don’t need the vaccine.

Let’s begin by discussing cross reactive immunity. Millions of people have cross reactive immunity to SarsCov2 because of previous infections with related coronaviruses.  That puts the Herd Immunity Threshold at between 50 and 25% because so many are already incapable of contracting Covid.

Next the Millions of Covid recovered people don’t need a vaccine.  They have durable, long term TCell,  Antibody, Bcell, Cd4, Cd8, Bone marrow immunity, etc.  In fact it has been shown that vaccinating Covid recovered patients diminishes their innate immune response and is therefore contraindicated.  Why are there no exemptions for natural immunity? Because natural immunity doesn’t benefit corporate profits.

Most young people are not at risk of dying from Covid. Excluding people with pre existing conditions, cancer and the immune compromised. The CDC statistics are very clear in this regard. Therefore forcing an experimental medical intervention on them is particularly aggregious.  Especially when you take into account the tsunami of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths that we are presently beginning to experience.  Keep in mind that the VAERS system generally only reports between 1% and 10% of adverse reactions.

I have treated an unacceptable number of adverse reactions to the experimental Covid vaccines.  I’ve seen more adverse reactions in the past 4 months than I’ve seen in the past 15 years of practicing medicine. Capitalism in the Vaccine Industry and the lack of corporate liability is deeply disturbing to me.  Safety and efficacy are not taken into consideration,  only profit. ???

So far I’ve witnessed 3 cases of Bell’s Palsy,  1 Parotitis,  1 Trigeminal Neuralgia,  3 cases of Shingles,  1 stroke, 2 Guillan Barre,  1 runaway high blood pressure spike,  1 miscarriage. Etc…  Disaster.

Of course all of the adverse reactions I’ve seen are acute. We aren’t even talking about the long term implications.  We are definitely already seeing Antibody Dependent Enhancement and Pathogenic Priming in the vaccinated. We won’t see the cancers, autoimmune disease or inflammatory conditions for a few weeks to years after the injection as it takes some time for cell signaling to mount an inflammatory response.  The biggest concern is long term neuro degenerative issues like prion disease.  Only time will tell.  But I’m certain that the Vaccine Aftermarket will be primed to rake in astronomical profits. Orders of magnitude greater than profits from direct Vaccine sales.

Next,  let’s consider the warnings of Nobel Prize winning immunologist Luc Montagnier that the mass vaccination campaign is causing Antibody Dependent Enhancement which is driving immune escape mutations and creating the variants.  This mass vaccination strategy might be beneficial for Pharma in that it will drive the booster shot market. But it will not end the Pandemic.

The most disturbing part of this medical malpractice fiasco is the latest Lancet study that shows the Pfizer as being 0.84% effective, Moderna at 1.2% effective, J&J 1.2% effective. How useless.

People need to stop mistaking a marketing campaign for a health campaign. ???

And finally it’s important to remember that using government force to push a corporate profit agenda is fascism.