1. Gordon says:

    Richard D. Hall Exposing the man behind the Corona virus scam


  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    I have to concur, that Dr Fuellmich is certainly very forthright and confident with a wealth of legal knowledge and hands on experience in some very difficult and legally complex cases which many thought could never be won, yet thanks to him and his extremely competent legal teams, they were victorious.
    However I still feel he is now in 2021, the year of the dystopian, justice devoid ‘new normal’, facing a truly formidable enemy, which is totally biased, dishonest and corrupt in the extreme, thus are completely onside with the tyrants who control the judiciaries who he rightfully expects will hear his charges and allegations without prejudice and apply justice, based on the undeniable, evidence he has amassed to corroborate all such allegations and charges.
    I therefore expect his and his team’s otherwise watertight cases will be literally laughed out of their corrupt courts, which they control.

    In the likely event that that should happen, it could well trigger the long overdue revolution by the victims, namely: ‘we the people’, aka the subjugated plebes.
    In the meantime, the remaining majority of sleepwalking zombies need to wake up, throw away their stupid shame muzzles, stop following the lines and the spots on the supermarket floor like herded sheep, and disobey each and every dehumanizing mandate and diktat these humanity loathing cretins assume they have the legal and moral ‘right’ to impose.

    En masse civil disobedience, by outright refusal to comply with any and all of their oppressive mandates and edicts, is the ONLY solution that we have in our arsenal, but is also the only weapon that will effectively kill this omnipresent, anti-humanity parasite of oppression, once and for all.

  3. Ander1991 says:

    The person who plays a (US) lawyer on the internet (and may actually be one – possibly, maybe) and who panhandles in the intermission says: Reiner Fuellmich will fail, Nuremberg Code etc will NOT work (in the USA or certain States, presumably)


    Warning: contains some foul language.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      I’ve been saying more-or-less the same thing ever since becoming aware of Dr Fuellmich’s legal ‘quest’ to challenge our oppressors, in their own biased and corrupt law courts.
      Under their meticulously planned and
      engineered dystopian ‘new normal’ regime (or NWO): law, order and justice, at least for us downtrodden plebes, is a luxury we could (sometimes) rely on to protect us from invading tyrannies, treasonous governments and unelected NGO tyrants, in the past ‘old normal’ world. Now, in 2021 we no longer have the luxury of law and order or justice. The ruling class ‘elites’ OWN the law and the corrupt judiciaries that are supposed to fairly adjudicate over them, thus law & order and justice only applies to THEM; and that applies in ALL UN member states, not just the US.

    • BBQWhales says:

      Really, is that all you got – piss n whine that it will never work. All based on Bullshit? First of all get educated, He’s a real lawyer – registered to practice in California and Germany. This single case is made up of 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors. They have already filed the case in Canada Supreme Court. I suspect you never try anything – you might fail. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Re-read my comment, assuming you read it at all. The case they filed in Canada, against these humanity loathing cretins in THEIR own biased and corrupt courts of lawlessness is guaranteed to fail.
        The solution to this global coup of tyranny and oppression of the masses, indeed a massive crime against humanity, based on the covid ruse and massive LIE, will NEVER be found in any courtroom, no matter how competent the ‘real lawyer’ and his huge team of professionals are; nor how overwhelming and undeniable their evidence is.
        This 2021 the era of the illuminati controlled NWO, not 1947 and the Nuremberg trials.

        I am tired of repeating the ONLY solution that can and WILL will end it, if people would only wake up, grow a spine, then stand up to these humanity loathing murderers. I’ve posted numerous comments here about it. Try reading them and THINKING about what I and others have said, instead of attacking us with insults.
        You people are so deluded and out of touch with the reality of today’s illuminati controlled New World Order.

        If you people continue investing your hopes in others, such as Dr Fuellmich, to come and rescue the world, you are only preparing yourselves for huge disappointment.

        Do some research before you return to troll us again.

    • ian says:

      Hi Ander1991, I agree with Alan on this. You just need to look at WW2, the very corrupt Nuremberg trials with confessions obtained by crushing testicles and the threat of their families being sent to Russia. The murder of 2.000.000 German soldiers by starvation in Eisenhower’s Rhine meadow death camps, where they got round the laws by simply calling them disarmed enemy combatants. instead of POW’s. These people are above the law, but will stall and drag out these legal attacks, as while they are going on, it will give many the feeling that something is being done, and they don’t have to worry their pretty little heads.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        “…but will stall and drag out these legal attacks, as while they are going on, it will give many the feeling that something is being done, and they donโ€™t have to worry their pretty little heads.” ?

        Yeah, the latest I’ve heard on that front is that Trump will be back in the chair in August (next month) and he’ll send them all to Guantanamo for rigging the 2020 election… They don’t care about the covid scam only that the election was stolen – most of ’em are quite happy to wear the muzzle for the rest of their stupid lives as slaves, providing they’re nice red ones with MAGA emblazoned across them.
        If true, he’ll ramp up ‘Operation Warp Speed’ which he instigated, to full power (scotty) to hasten the great cull of humanity.

  4. kbamfield says:

    the hearing is focused on the PCR test and the evidence supports the fraud and misdirection therein – this should be an easy win – if all the other issues are brought in to cloud the trial then it will go on for a long time – if this point of law about the PCR tests is the only thing focused on then theres a win – the rest will fall apart as then non of the data is correct as is being proven each day now – false data, false reports, false news all failing apart and CDC and FDA are starting to change their attitudes as many get sick of this EU drug gene therapies nonsense

  5. MikeH says:

    Going into their courts to try and stop them is futile. They set the rules. They move the goalposts to suit themselves.
    The only way we are going to stop the massive corruption, lies, crimes and TREASON is to haul them into a common law court before a Jury of 12 people. We are working towards this now in Australia, but everyone in the world has the power to do the same. It’s called Common Law: Read about it here: