MPs sentence unvaccinated to die without medical assistance


14 Responses to “MPs sentence unvaccinated to die without medical assistance”

  1. danceaway says:

    So this means I cannot be forced to go into hospital, the killing field. I consider this a blessing.

  2. danceaway says:
    For those whoo know how to access earlier material, it was this website which revealed to me what really goes on in hospitals; jeanine speaks from personal experience; I first came across her on David Icke’s short lived tv platform. I highly recommend investigating what she reveals on several fronts.

  3. Aldous says:

    Will no one out there in UK rid the World of this troublesome Hanprick?

    • Occams says:

      Maybe a woman will step up. The ‘men’ were all in their cages, penned off from the others, at the football game.

      ‘Look to the women to lead this fight. The men have failed their women, families….. and humanity’ ~ Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante

  4. Aldous says:

    Hanprick does infect my eyes and ears whenever I inadvertently see or hear it.
    I would shake it’s demonic hand in hateful disdain but fear that my hand would then fall off.

  5. Occams says:

    They’re getting desperate. There’s still not enough vaxxed to reach a big part of their depopulation goal, and they need to scare more into ‘just getting it out of the way’ before even The Stupid start to wonder that maybe this isn’t like they’ve been told.

    At this point? I don’t give a fk. 98% bought into this stupidity AND PUT US HERE. Good riddance.

    I’ve said goodbye to those here who, in their smug arrogance, never failed to tell me how wrong I was.

    For the record, a lead cyber-security expert for the UC California University system laughed at me a few days ago and said;

    “lol….no one had died from the vaccine!”

  6. ian says:

    They’re obviously far more scared of the owners than they are of us.

    • Gordon says:

      Then what do they have to hide?

      • ian says:

        On second thoughts Gordon, if they don’t behave, they might have to get the jab.

    • ian says:

      Not sure what you’re getting at Gordon.

      • Gordon says:

        If they are more scared of their owners than us then their owners must have knowledge of some serious misdemeanour or criminal activity on them. In other words Blackmail.

    • ian says:

      oh yes Gordon. I see. Deffo, I don’t think they would get into their positions if they weren’t controllable. It is how the system works,