Your Government is Lying #1: fiddling stats and shifting blame


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Hancock Blames Refuseniks for Bolton Hospital Cases,

Yet SIX on Critical List Already Had Vaccine

Those who have not taken the vaccine are increasingly becoming the target of a government campaign of discrimination, abuse and intimidation, with yesterday’s attack by Matt Hancock specifically blaming refuseniks for the surge in Bolton a sign of things to come.

Hancock’s characterisation of the situation in Bolton was a manipulation of the truth. What he neglected to tell the House was that a full third of those in Hospital with Covid in Bolton had already received their vaccine, some both doses, and still contracted the virus. His omission of this fact was done on purpose of course. The entire pandemic is one huge manipulation of data.

Hancock neglected to tell us all the facts about the Indian Variant and the Vaccine either, which include:

The Indian Variant is not causing excess deaths, even in India, despite the hype.

Health officials have absolutely no idea how many cases are the Indian Variant, other variants or even Covid at all, as the tests are so inaccurate as to be worthless.

Over 1000 Blood Clot Deaths were linked to Vaccines IN THE UK ALONE:

370 Pfizer

756 AstraZeneca

2 Moderna

15 Unspecified

In contrast Hancock said in his statement: “It’s been really heartening, I’m sure the whole house will agree, to see the videos that have been published over the weekend of people queuing up to get the jab,” he said. “And, to anyone who feels hesitant, not just in Bolton or Blackburn but to anyone who feels hesitant about getting the vaccine anywhere across the country, just look at what is happening in Bolton Hospital where the majority of people in hospital with Covid were eligible for the jab but have chosen not to have the jab and have ended up in hospital, some of them in intensive care.” “Vaccines save lives. They protect you and your loved ones and they will help us out of the pandemic.”

The decision to blame ‘refuseniks’ for the Indian Variant comes as no surprise.

The Behavioural Insights Team advised government to blame all variants on Refuseniks. Not only does it put more societal pressure on those who don’t want the vaccine, but also provides a handy scapegoat when another Lockdown is wanted. The idea of blaming refuseniks on Lockdowns being extended is now solidifying, with the media obligingly jumping on this bandwagon and also implying that vaccine refusers are jeopardising a recovery, extending lockdowns and putting others lives at risk.

There is no evidence for any such claims outside the fervent imagination of cultists in SAGE, but why let the truth get in the way of a good scare-story, Matt Hancock certainly doesn’t.

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Your Government is Lying #1: fiddling stats and shifting blame


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One Response to “Your Government is Lying #1: fiddling stats and shifting blame”

  1. Aldous says:

    Comments Disabled/Turned off on that ITN News(sic) YouTube video. What a surprise.
    It’s all utter rubbish and lies, damn lies and statistics of course as no Covid-19 virus (aka Flu/Common Cold) has ever been isolated/identified, as have no variants thereof, so how on earth can they say these ‘alleged’ deaths are due to any so-called Indian variant B.1617.2?
    What an absolute load of crock. Handcrock should be his surname and one who is effectively pissing down the UK people’s backs and telling them it’s raining.