World Health Organization (WHO) Calls for Global Surveillance, More Authority over Nations, and Billions More in Funding

The WHO published a report, COVID-19: Make it the Last Pandemic, by an “Independent Panel” established by the WHO, and their message is: “No more pandemics.  If we fail to take this goal seriously, we will condemn the world to successive catastrophes.” Patrick Wood of said that if their plan is implemented, “the top political leaders of each nation would become the puppets of the WHO, whenever it decides to declare a pandemic.” He said that the WHO is not independent, but is a key agency of the United Nations. He added, “It seeks additional authority over nations and needs money to accomplish it. Nobody prevents a virus from spreading, so the call for more funding is spurious at best. After contributing to the current crisis, they want to prevent the next one?”

Excerpt from Lifesite News:

“The WHO is not and never has been independent,” Wood continued. “Rather, it is a key agency of the United Nations and subservient to its ideology. It seeks additional authority over nations and needs money to accomplish it. Nobody prevents a virus from spreading, so the call for more funding is spurious at best. After contributing to the current crisis, they want to prevent the next one?”

Wood told LifeSiteNews that “total surveillance” is  “the holy grail” of the “sustainable development” agenda, which he says can also be described as the “technocracy” agenda.

“This is a fast-track conduit/supply chain for Big Pharma to push its gene therapy shots and vaccines to a generally uninformed global citizenry,” Wood added.

Regarding the so-called “Independent Panel”, Wood said:

The panel of eleven is far from “independent”. Two are associated with the elitist Trilateral Commission, two with United Nations agencies, one member of the Communist Chinese Party who was a principal in the COVID outbreak in China and all are UN ideologues. To my knowledge and study, when the United Nations calls for “independent” or “high level” panels, they are signaling the exact opposite. Those elitist/ideologues who populate such panels always and only promote one thing: Sustainable Development in all its forms and control over society.

Working together since September 2020, the panel says that it has “examined the state of pandemic preparedness prior to COVID-19,” as well as the global responses to COVID-19.

They state:

The world cannot afford to focus only on COVID-19. It must learn from this crisis, and plan for the next one. Otherwise, precious time and momentum will be lost. That is why our recommendations focus on the future. COVID-19 has been a terrible wake-up call. So now the world needs to wake up, and commit to clear targets, additional resources, new measures and strong leadership to prepare for the future. We have been warned.

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2 Responses to “World Health Organization (WHO) Calls for Global Surveillance, More Authority over Nations, and Billions More in Funding”

  1. ian says:

    If the WHO is the tool which the assholes in charge wish to use, then it’s as good as a done deal. WHO logo like NATO’s has 33 segments in the design. Ordo Ab Chao.

  2. Gordon says:

    BillHoward 7 hours ago
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