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Whistleblower: Newspaper industry chiefs criminally negligent over Covid scaremongering

We publish the below anonymously for self-evident reasons.

Working for what is essentially the propaganda unit of our government is something I am deeply ashamed of.

I have been a journalist at newspapers across the UK for 25 years and feel the industry I work in has grossly let down the public during this alleged pandemic.

To protect my position as a legacy media journalist, I am unwilling to say where I work, whom I work for, or who I am, but I am sharing these thoughts with UK Column readers to hopefully give them an insight into how and why my industry has got things so badly wrong.

For the last year I have been deeply troubled by what has been happening and would gladly quit my industry if it wasn’t for having to support my family on a good wage—but I feel like my soul is dying as a result.

What I used to hold in high regard, legacy media newspapers, have revealed themselves to be an enormous echo chamber begging readers every day to lock down harder, socially distance further, mask up more often, and to—above all else—get vaccinated as soon as humanly possible.

Despite this relentless messaging to comply, not one mention has ever been made in any of the titles I work for of the government’s Yellow Card Scheme that has recorded more than 1,000 deaths shortly after vaccine, to date. As the Government’s own website says, only 10% of vaccine injuries are ever recorded, so we can make that 10,000 deaths and counting.

Meanwhile, we have columnists crowing about getting their vaccines, and relentless fearmongering editorials that may as well have been written by Chris Whitty himself.

I am disgusted by it all but I do have a handful of colleagues who share my concerns—but we are powerless to do anything, with managers either too scared or too programmed by the propaganda to allow for anything more than occasional snippets of alternative narrative to appear.

Wartime delusions

The only explanation I can think of for myself, being the only one of my colleagues trying to get counter-narrative in the news pages, is that many of them think their responsibility is to save lives in a time of crisis, as if they were on a wartime footing, and that anything challenging the official narrative would end up with more deaths.

It is ironic that their ignorance, cowardice and/or lack of journalistic integrity, probably born out of fear of the virus and/or fear of what others might think of them, is costing thousands of lives of the most vulnerable in our society and the rapid loss of our freedoms. And it has left children at the cusp of having to receive this vaccine without informed consent being given to their parents.

It is our duty to present both sides of a story impartially, and in that task we have failed to such an extent that I feel there has been criminal negligence from those at the top of the industry, who must take responsibility for the skewed narrative we have offered for more than a year now.

I have had many sleepless nights thinking about the horrors that are happening in hospitals and care homes—and more recently as a result of the vaccines—as a result of the Covid protocols that we as a newspaper industry are turning a blind eye to, or are playing down the significance of. And the devastating fear programming of children that we have become a part of is something that is equally cruel and criminal.

I must also add that it has become common practice to describe anything bad that happens in society to be “due to Covid”. No, it is not! It is due to the draconian restrictions that our economy has had its heart ripped out, it is these restrictions that have left the elderly to die alone and in despair within hospitals and care homes. It’s not Covid doing that, but the regulations imposed.

The role of the press in bringing about the hate-filled society

Through ignorance and a desire to make things seem as terrible as possible—in the misguided belief this would save lives—it has meant we have fanned the flames of fear and helped create the society that the government psychologists wanted, with non-compliance being the subject of social disapproval. In fact it has gone much further than that, with non-compliance avidly hated by many who do conform.

The vitriol and scorn from many of our reader comments to stories is extreme—to the extent they wish anyone breaking regulations “catch the virus and die”. These comments are sickening to read and show that much of the public has been deeply programmed by the fear propaganda and psychological manipulation that we, the press, perpetuate on behalf of our government.

There are only a very few journalists who think as I do: certainly none of the managers I work with are willing to speak up or are able to grasp that the government is not working in our best interests. Or perhaps they are motivated by their pay cheques to keep the official narrative going?

From being relatively proud of being a journalist, I have become truly disgusted with my profession and the cowardice and ignorance of several of my colleagues, and the downright propaganda appearing in the titles I work for.

There are many more good people than bad within my industry, I would like to stress, but they are clueless as to narratives outside the legacy media bubble and this is a dereliction of duty on their behalf.

The C-word is also a problem: conspiracy. The word is enough to send most journalists climbing the walls in outrage or fear, and they will carry out as much cognitive dissonance as necessary to block out any information that suggests anything conspiratorial could be happening, especially as this conspiracy is on such a grand scale.

Like most people, I experienced adrenaline-dump levels of fear when news of Covid-19 broke and the now-proved-to-be-fake news came out of people lying dead on the street in Wuhan.

Paying the piper

But I quickly woke up to what was really going on by seeking out content from medical experts of the highest level—that was being so ruthlessly censored by the tech giants which our newspapers are beholden to, as most of the traffic to our websites come from Facebook and Twitter.

The vast majority of my colleagues have not done this research and remain under the impression we are in the middle of a deadly pandemic. How can they be so ignorant, some may ask. The simple answer is they build their beliefs from the very same newspapers that are selling the fear and propaganda.

Our newspapers are like salesmen desperate for everything that moves to be vaccinated, and it is a grotesque role we are playing. Combine that with the complete failure to allow for any significant counter-argument to mass vaccination and lockdown, and it is clear we are not carrying out the role of journalists.

Indeed, for several years now, our titles have been filled with centrally-produced content hammering home the message that we must all get our jabs for everything.

We are a PR machine for big pharma, it’s as simple as that, and it is truly depressing. I have been close to tears many times over the past year because of the propaganda we are delivering that has caused so much suffering.

Journalists are no more and no less than a reflection of the public they are supposed to serve, and perhaps that is why those who do try and challenge the established “truth” on asymptomatic spreadingvaccine efficacy, and the effectiveness of the PCR test are attacked by those within their own industry.

Recently, I asked one reporter employed by another company, and who has covered Covid regularly, what they knew about the PCR test and how medical experts across the world are branding it as not fit for purpose.

This reporter—who is usually one of the best I know for digging down into stories—did not have a clue what I was talking about. Global censorship can be the only explanation for this.

That censorship is what many of my colleagues are blissfully unaware of (or they think it is only for deleting hate speech) and it is helping governments across the world to impose these devastating impositions without resistance from the public.

Pity the public

I may come across as angry in this report but my overriding emotion is that of sadness for the public we have so badly let down.

The vast majority of my colleagues build their views on what is happening from the legacy media and fact checkers (I use that term as loosely as possible), and are completely ignorant of the thousands of doctors worldwide who have formed groups calling out the huge holes in the official narrative.

When I have confronted managers with my concerns about the propaganda we are publishing, I have been tarred as a conspiracy theorist who denies the existence of the virus.

How wrong they are. I am a realist, not theorist, and, yes, I do believe there is a virus about, a flu-like disease that is causing no more deaths in this country than the majority of years going back to 2000 when the figures are age-adjusted to account for our more aged population in recent years.

I do not want to come across as belittling the illness, which does appear to have long-term devastating effects for many, but the excess deaths are at a level that do not justify the lockdowns or mass vaccinations, not least because of so many examples of countries and US states suffering no worse problems without locking down.

The rolling counts of deaths across seasons screamed out by our front-page headlines are grossly misleading and do not take into account the vast levels of misdiagnosis.

I do not know one reporter other than myself who has asked health officials about the unreliability of the PCR test. The lack of knowledge among my peers is deeply frustrating and, again, I must blame censorship for this, as the people I work with are otherwise fantastic journalists who want to be accurate and fair.

Zombie writing produces zombie readers

The tone of stories is another issue I would like to address. It is key that it be balanced and without offering opinion in news articles—but most of our Covid reporting is littered with examples of how we must obey or else!

I have had a close family member appeal to me to seek mental health treatment as I am questioning the Covid narrative, and I have lost several friends as result of my opinions. And I fear that this closed-minded attitude is rife within the world of journalism.

This is a “pandemic” that cannot be questioned within the legacy media, and I would urge readers to stop consuming content about Covid from this dying industry, if they haven’t already.

Manipulation and downright lies fill the columns of our newspapers, with critical thinking and the journalistic skills of following the money and asking who benefits (cui bono) being all but non-existent when it comes to the vaccine roll-out.

I am still within this industry and fully accept the scorn and hatred I may attract for taking a pay cheque from this propaganda unit I work for.

I will continue to try and change opinions from within, and hope that the public will start looking away from our papers for the truth.

My closing remark would be this, in the hope that some editors within the legacy media are reading this. Please, please, please, let there be debate. Do not allow for censorship to take hold in your titles. And, as a message to my fellow reporters, do not fall prey to the cowardly act of self-censorship to protect your reputation.

There is too much at stake to allow for debate to be silenced as the screw is tightened and freedoms are eroded to levels that were once unimaginable. Families are being torn apart and my industry is responsible for that.



2 Responses to “Whistleblower: Newspaper industry chiefs criminally negligent over Covid scaremongering”

  1. Gordon says:

    Victormarx This video
    filmed in 1969 will shock you.


  2. Mr Dude says:

    I work alongside journalists but Covid nonsense took all my freelance work away – forcing me into the building trade for a while.

    I am extremely glad that I have not been forced to play a part in this relentless Psyop that has been played on the public.

    I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have swerved it. Plus building is great – fuck the media