When the Health Secretary is bad for our health


Talking of Matt Hancock . . .

by Martin Day – Party Secretary
What will it take for him to go?
As details emerged about Matt Hancock and his sister owning shares in a firm awarded an NHS contract, a government spokesperson said: “Mr Hancock has acted entirely properly in these circumstances…….. Ministers have no involvement in the awarding of these contracts, and no conflict of interest arises.”
Are we expected to believe that?
Do we have another justifiable claim to cronyism? preferential treatment and “brown paper bags” or their modern equivalent?
Apparently not, decided Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) officials, who ruled that any conflicts of interest could be dealt with in accordance with the ministerial code.
This, however, states that ministers should declare not only their own, but also the interests of close family if they believe they might give rise to a conflict. Mr Hancock did not.
A DHSC source claimed Mr Hancock had discussed being given shares in the firm with civil servants before he received them.
So, having mentioned this to civil servants, those same civil servants immediately proceeded to give a firm, in which the Hancock family have more than 30% of shares, a contract to shred NHS documents. Coincidence?
Matt Hancock has form for this.
Recent deals saw a number of his friends and acquaintances gain lucrative contracts over the last year. The DHSC said Mr Hancock had no active role in running Topwood Ltd. Mr Hancock has not yet commented. Well, he wouldn’t, would he?
Somehow, this man has found himself dominating a weak Prime Minister and remaining in this post through all the debacles of the last 15 months.
He’s been adjudged to have unlawfully distributed contracts for PPE in the High Court, “too busy” was the excuse. £10.5bn-worth of contracts were awarded directly without a competitive tender process.
Somehow the DHSC had been “too busy” since 2016’s Operation Cygnus to ensure the NHS was properly stocked up!
He is also widely held responsible for decisions involving tens of thousands of cancer deaths, compensation claims for which will start hitting the courts this year. Yet he still clings to power like a common limpet. I ask again, what will it take for him to go?



4 Responses to “When the Health Secretary is bad for our health”

  1. ian says:

    He can go onto the fire nailed to the same pallet as Kill Bill.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Hmmm… I’ve said before, so I’ll say it again for about the 50th time: Know thy enemy.

    This is a prime example of the kind of thing which makes me able to more confidently assert to those fools who think people such as Canadian lawyer Rocco Gelati, or, Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his international team of lawyers, who think they can successfully prosecute the illuminati in Nuremberg style trials, through the corrupt, biased and unjust legal system (which is also controlled by the illuminati), with ‘crimes against humanity’, need to wake up and face reality.
    These despicable demons ARE the law, unto themselves, thus are literally untouchable. Dr Fuellmich and all those very naïve people who have invested their hopes in him and his team, are setting themselves up for a huge fall from a great height into devastating levels of disappointment.

    However, maybe it’s the wakeup call they need in order to get to work on waking the sleepwalking, compliant and likely ‘vaccinated’, masked zombies to join us in fighting this war realistically and practically. By practicing total refusal en masse, to comply with any and ALL of their humiliating and dehumanizing diktats and fakery based edicts and mandates; which is really the ONLY pathway that will lead to our freedom and God-given human rights being returned. Forget the ‘law’, it doesn’t apply in this totalitarian centrally governed NWO.
    We exist in a dog-eat-dog, enslaved society now and people have to understand that the freedoms they took for granted prior to gleefully surrendering them all to lying, humanity loathing tyrants in March 2020; were bravely fought for and won. Therefore must be fought for and won again and NEVER surrendered for ANY reason.

    We will NEVER win this war while stupid people, incapable of any kind of critical thinking, continue wearing shame muzzles, practicing ridiculous ‘social distancing’ rules and agreeing to vaccine passports, and otherwise obeying the tyrants that hate them.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Nice one! Very clear and easy to see everything in proper perspective.