WATCH: How to de-Google

James Corbett’s latest edition of #SolutionsWatch deals with disentangling yourself from the rainbow web of Alphabet Inc.

Remember when Google was just a search engine? In the age of Gmail and Google Drive and Google Maps and GooTube and Google phones, it’s truly unsettling to think how much of the average person’s online activity is now directly feeding the Google data behemoth.

Today on #SolutionsWatch, James talks to Rob Braxman (The Internet Privacy Guy) about how to de-Google, and why protecting your privacy online is so important.

In a piece of perfect serendipity this video came out only days before OffG itself was (finally) able to get our proper email functioning again, and bid farewell to our (unfortunate) temporary reliance on gmail.

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One Response to “WATCH: How to de-Google”

  1. Occams says:

    Well, I ‘googled it’ – and it said it’s not true. As well vaccines are safe – including the new one – and there has been ONLY ONE confirmed death from this vaxx in the US!!!

    So I’m good. Besides, if I’m “not doing anything wrong”, why worry, right?

    I use Linux, phone rarely but running LInux, and use a VPN for my general stuff. And NOTHING Goolag.

    Yea, I know. They can probably find me, but I’m not handing it to them, and I guess proof of that is that I NEVER get any emails or ads from anything I talk about, almost no spam E’s, period, but I don’t actually keep my phone even with me, much, and my computer has the camera taped and a plug, the wire cut, dead-heading the microphone jack.

    You do what you can