UK Party declares opposition to The Great Reset and Wealth Grab.

English Democrats Party

I hope you have seen photos and footage of the gigantic Freedom Rally in London on Saturday.  Just one day after St. George’s Day, hundreds of thousands of decent English citizens gathered in central London for the biggest protest against the Johnson regime’s lockdown tyranny yet.

You don’t get enormous numbers of ordinary people giving up a glorious spring day to march in defiance of police and government diktats without a hidden groundswell of popular anger. The rigged opinion polls and fake news doomporn propaganda clearly aren’t working any more. People are waking up to the reality of the elite’s Great Reset pandemic hoax.

The strong line on this issue that we’ve taken in issue two of our English Patriot newspaper chimes perfectly with this new public mood. No other political party is on the same side as the vast crowd that marched in London on Saturday, because all the others have sold out England and our English freedom.

Right now we have the perfect opportunity to make the English Democrats THE party of the popular rejection of the Great Reset tyranny and wealth grab. The chance to make ourselves the political expression of the huge and growing wave of informed and passionate resistance.

But we need to get this very timely issue into people’s hands right NOW. Will you help me seize the moment? Please order your supply right now – HERE – and let’s get busy!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman