UK Funeral Director Confirms Our Suspicions – Must-Listen

ER Editor: This 26-minute interview with John, a UK-based (London area?) funeral director with 15 years in the business, is interesting for several revelations he makes. The interview was recently posted to Andy Heasman’channel on This is his twitter account. This interview can also be found posted to his twitter account on May 21.

We recommend listening to the full interview as many opinions are expressed. Below, however, we’ve confined our notes to points relevant to the funeral business:

  • A UK hospital indicated to him back in November, 2019 that ‘something nasty’ was on its way. He was only allowed to view the body in this hospital in an isolation tent. [ER: As we recall, nothing like this was being communicated to the general public for a very long time. Meanwhile, in France around January 2020, hydroxychloroquine was being reclassified to be put out of the reach of the public. As Ron Unz reminds us in this recent article, US intelligence had put out a report on the virus outbreak in Wuhan in November 2019, before China even seemed to be aware of it. At ER we’ve published a lot of stories about strange respiratory breakouts during 2019 BEFORE November, in fact, in several countries. This hospital revelation made by John shows that LOCAL MEDICAL AUTHORITIES were alerted well in advance of the public.]
  • The death rate hasn’t been higher than it is for any other year.
  • Death rates are naturally higher in the winter with seasonal respiratory disorders. Death rates may spike in summer if the weather is extremely hot.
  • The death rate is currently very low, as evidenced by the booking availability that can be viewed on any crematorium website.
  • The death rate hasn’t been higher than it is for any other year. And the death rate for 2020 was, in fact, slightly LOWER than for 2019. HOWEVER, THE DEATH RATE SOARED IN JANUARY, FEBRUARY AND MARCH OF 2021, which is when they began vaccinating. November & December of 2020 was an extremely quiet time for deaths, to the extent that funeral homes in several adjacent regions were turning their fridges off until early January. Vaccinations began on January 6th – “I’ve never known a death rate like it in 15 years”. Is that coincidence? Except for January, February and March of this year (2021), there has been nothing to suggest there’s been a pandemic. The real ‘pandemic’ was the first 3 months of this year.
  • The funeral home director was personally called by a ‘senior health professional’, an NHS consultant who was also a client, through an encrypted channel and told not to touch the vaccines (which John acknowledges to be gene therapy) ‘under any circumstances’. The advisory team to the government, of which this health professional was a part, told the government not to use the vaccines because of the risks.
  • Anyone can find out what the number of burials & cremations is from their local health authority. This data will show that during the past 14-15 months, the death rate hasn’t been any higher than normal.
  • He gets a call once a week from a ‘pandemic guy’ whose job it is to call all the funeral directors and grill them about the number and type of deaths they’ve had during the past week. He clearly tries to make the deaths seem due to Covid even when the death is likely due to old age. ‘They’re deliberately inflating the numbers.’ This man admitted to the funeral director, “I don’t know why I’m doing this job because there are no Covid deaths”. He’s heard stories of premiums being paid to the health authorities for every Covid death. He’s had personal experience of angry families whose loved one died from cancer or a stroke, yet ‘Covid’ has been put on the death certificate. Funeral directors have freedom under these circumstances not to wash and dress (possibly embalm) a body for viewing as they would normally do ‘because of Covid,’ yet they still get paid the same. Under these circumstances they’re simply able to get away with putting the corpse in a body bag.
  • Every year there are deaths due to flu, but interestingly, this year, there have been none.

If there was a deadly pandemic out there, I’d be the first to know. 




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UK Funeral Director Confirms Our Suspicions – Must-Listen


3 Responses to “UK Funeral Director Confirms Our Suspicions – Must-Listen”

  1. Mick says:

    I’ve been allover looking for this video and got nowhere. Why not make it easier for us mugs and post a link?

  2. Weaver says:

    Sorry Mick I thought it had copied, just found the video on Bitchute and pasted it into the article.

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    Interesting that Andrew said ‘it’s kinda shocking to hear this’… Where has he been the past 14 months? Probably sound asleep if he really does find it ‘shocking to hear’. Although he clearly had his tongue firmly planted in his cheek when he said that: Obviously, he wasn’t really surprised at all, he just said it to better emphasise the depth of the MSM’s blatant lies.
    Nobody who is awake should be in the least bit surprised by what this interview exposed and should expect the same simple, but undeniable truth to emerge from any other funeral director who might be asked to report on their activity, say, over the past 2 years.
    This is the kind of reporting that if it were broadcast on TV, would have quite a catastrophic effect on the progression of the despicable, humanity loathing cabal’s murderous plans, as it would make even the most dumbed-down and brain-dead muzzled morons at least start wondering what’s really going on. Maybe even start asking pertinent questions…
    Hmmmm… Well, maybe some of them would. (Sigh…) ?
    It’s just a shame that they need anything like this to inform them of what is obvious to normal, critical thinking people like us.
    That’s the really scary part of this whole evil scam and Mega hoax, and it tends to make me feel utterly hopeless.