8 Responses to “The Strong Delusion”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The contradiction in this video is stunningly obvious. The church is sold out to the One World Government, yet somehow Jesus is powerful enough to stop the Satanists. You need to square the circle Gordon. Jesus in the bible is a fabrication based on a real man who knew how to commune with God telepathically, and free mankind from the Satanists. That’s why the Satanists buried his true story inside a religion which is run by Satanists and is based on a fake Jesus. Complicated? Not really. But most Christians won’t be able to unravel the con. ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’ is pure Satanism. Christians and non-Christians can rally around the figure of Jesus, and deploy his spiritual power. It’s the only way to stay strong in the face of the mass-murdering satanic devil-worshippers. They’ve all lost their souls. This video is not a genuine attempt to unravel the con. It’s a continuation like the Childs one.

    • Loccie says:

      Many people say well if God exists why doesn’t he stop all suffering?

      santan was created by God himself, a being of gold and topaz with special abilities. satan a being able to shine like the sun and so satans own vanity corrupted him into believing himself as great as God. Now imagine satan learnt man and woman would one day be brothers and sisters to Christ above the angels satan became deeply angry and decided to show God how worthless these ‘bags of meat’ were. He corrupted us through the free will of Adam and Eve he then used ‘our’ choice to corrupt a third of the angels and argue to God that he deserevd a chance to prove he could be as God on the Earth.

      At this point God could have destroyed them all, but what example woud that have show to the angels that chose not to follow satan? What of the example to his own son? Adam and Eve chose satan through free will and God has to be rightious in all thngs. God gave satan a limited period of time to prove he could be as God on Earth and this rotten world we now see is the culmination of satans work.

      satan knows he has no chance to defeat God, and because he sinned in the spirit there is no chance of repentance. He knows his time draws rapidly to a close in these final days and his only wish now is to take as many with him as possible. He hates us all equally even those that follow him, he just want us all to suffer and burn with him.

      The only hope for salvation is through The Son of God, because nothing else will help us now. Do you really think understanding the plan satan has sold to his duped worshippers will make a difference? satan is lying to them his only plan is for total anyhilation through the war simmering away nicely on the back burner while everyone stirs the covid pot. When these nationalist satanist realise they are no longer required by the globalist satanists do you think they will go gently into the good night? They have already started arguing amongst themselves as evil can not live with evil.

      The church refered to by Christ are not the corrupt organisations created by rhe followers of constatines babaylonian child sacrifice.

      ‘The term ekklsia occurs over 100 times in the New Testament, it always refers to groups of people, never to the building where the people met. The word ekklsia was used of many different groups, not just Christians.

      • Gordon says:

        I’m encouraged by your knowledge and understanding of scripture which few receive.

        Clearly, you have a good understanding of the controversy between God and satan and God’s plan for man which is that man will co-share the universe with one we call Jesus and God at the helm.

        In the mean time satan remains the rebel king of this world until Christ returns as King of Kings with all authority invested upon Him. satan being dethroned and jailed for a millennium will have no further influence on man by which time the whole earth will be like Eden which was intended for Adam to do but failed. The thing is, that whatever is decreed by God must go out and return with interest.

        After the Earth is healed restored and beautified next comes the universe in the long and everlasting eighth day.

    • Gordon says:

      “You need to square the circle Gordon.”

      Truth is folks is that I didn’t post this, it was posted as a comment to The British Illuminati and edited by Henry whom has yet again taken the opportunity to demean me to the world for having alternative thoughts to his own. Furthermore, I’m as well read as anyone and consider Ralph Ellis a total fraudster always trying to make himself the all knowing authority with little proof but twists the truth with total speculation to fit the narrative.

  2. lindywise says:

    2Th 2:10 (b) because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11  And for this cause G O D
    shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth (Jesus Christ, the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life, John 14:6) but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 

    Speaking of strong delusion, repent, the time is short–Tapestry.

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    ” This video is not a genuine attempt to unravel the con. It’s a continuation like the Childs one.”

    Yes, I hear you and tend to agree. It doesn’t really offer any solutions or as you remarked in a comment below the Childs post, the other day: any hope.
    The Childs’ one was very helpful for me, simply because it revealed a lot of information I’ve trying to find out for a long time, after this mason – a workmate I was friends with, invited me to join their special ‘club’. I rejected it because he refused to answer most of my questions, or tell me anything until after I’d passed a special suitability or ‘integrity test’, then participated in a special ceremony and swore to secrecy.
    Prior to that I naively thought the freemasons was just a volunteer, non-profit charity organization, much like the Lions club or Rotary, but they don’t keep any of their activities secret and protected by any kind of solemn oath or anything, so I became very nervous and suspicious that they’re at least a bit weird and probably not advisable to become involved with them.
    His response to my questions, or lack thereof) sent shivers down my spine, so I politely declined his invitation and to my relief, he never mentioned it again.
    Now, thanks to that very long video presented by Altiyan Childs, packing all of that info into one long but easy to understand ‘freemasonry 101’ style lecture, I at least now know, what they’re hiding and why.

    Anyway Tap, what would you consider a genuine attempt to unravel the con?

    • Tapestry says:

      Nice question Alan. As you say they reveal lots of great information, then leave you back where you started. People who want to come out of the Masons need help to deal with the oaths they undertook – to have themselves killed, bring bad luck on their families for three generations etc. A friend of mine helps them by telling them to appeal to Jesus Christ for help in facing up to the evil of the oaths. My friend believes every word of the bible is true. I don’t but I still believe that Jesus Christ knows how to drive out demons as I’ve seen it done. A combination of Ralph Ellis’ work and Chris Everard’s tells you that Jesus existed as a historical figure in a different time frame to the bible. He and his followers communicated telepathically with God, and were active against all things Satanic. The demons and the devils fear him, and he can be called on to drive them out in prayer. He is not the only powerful spiritual force on the side of good, but he is the leader.. The building of the church hierarchy is simply the same as the Freemasonic hierarchy. Those at ground level have little or no idea of the evil of the Satanists at the higher level, except with the Masons, people like you use their gumption and can see what it’s all about. When the religions deliver full-on ‘he died for you’ Christianity, and similar from other religions, they are simply locking you back up again. Jesus and God are the power source that can be called on to face monstrous evil. The New Testament was written by Josephus Flavius, a Roman traitor to King Jesus, either in his own hand or under his instruction. He wrote all the St Paul letters. The Christian guilt trip, repent and so on is a Satanic creation. Some people have sold their souls to the Devil and although ostensibly big winners, they are entirely losers, as they can never be content. Our souls/spirits survive earthly death and we can go through to the spirit world content that we fulfilled our destinies on earth and rejected Satanic evil. The aim of the powers behind the Satanists is to destroy our contentment, and prevent us fulfilling our destinies. They want distressed souls like their own, and can never admit they’ve made the wrong choice. You didn’t Alan. Well done. It’s very hard to turn back once you’ve gone down the Satanic path. They are desperate to stop people realising they are sold to the Devil and desperate not to lose their power. Look at their miserable faces as they squirm. Happiness is completely beyond their reach. Never let go of what you have, and call on the spiritual forces that are there waiting to help us.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Thanks Tap, You and I are certainly tuned to the same wave length in the spiritual sense.
        Another experience I had a few years ago, not long after that bloke invited me to join the masons, was when I attended a service of the United Pentecostal church, aka Born Again Christians and they started singing these kind of modern day ‘rock hymns’. They even had a 5 or 6 piece rock band, with typical rock band instruments and I must admit they were good! Then suddenly some of the blokes in the congregation began blurting out what sounded to me like ‘magical spells’, in some unearthly or alien language. To say I felt ‘uncomfortable’ would be grossly understating things and I never went back there again.
        By the end of the service I was literally dizzy and close to fainting! It was only out of courtesy to the family that invited me, that I stayed until the end of the service (about 90 mins), otherwise I’d have bolted as soon as they started ‘speaking in tongues’, as they refer to this clearly demonic ritual.
        These deluded people believe they are devout Christians and honestly believe they’re in contact with Jesus, or otherwise friendly spirit entities or heavenly beings that are connected to Him and that those entities are channelling through their voices to express themselves. To me that only means they’d been possessed and only satan’s servants (demons) do stuff like that or show themselves to anyone within the earthly or physical plane of existence. NEVER anyone or any spirit entity serving Jesus.
        Now that I know a bit more about freemasonry, it’s little wonder I was afraid!

        Interestingly too, is that Australian PM Scott Morrison is a high profile member of this church (and often ‘speaks in tongues’ apparently), yet at the same time, he’s a highest degree: 3rd Master Mason!
        Talk about wolf in sheep’s clothing!