The Quantum Financial System 101 – Transforming ‘Value’, Eliminating Bankers

ER Editor: Quantum technology, including a quantum financial system, is definitely the next big thing and, according to some sources, is designed to be an entirely good thing for humanity, representing the Real and Better Reset (our capitalization). To that end, we’re going to be exploring the topic as best as we are able, bearing in mind its complexity, with few people so far really understanding what it is. For starters, it meshes physics with economics …

We’re kicking off here with a veteran of the topic, Gunther Sonnenfeld, whose work can be found on Medium. We’ll be publishing more from him.

The takeaways we get from this article so far are:

  • There is a moral vision of what banking should be about, namely –
  • to ‘protect all parties from corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking system and ensure banks are monitored and protected’
  • Beneficial projects can be financed without the interference and ultimate approval of ‘financial middlemen’ or banks, who would also take their cut. That is to say, the direction and vision of the world doesn’t depend upon the financial class
  • ‘Value’ takes on an entirely different meaning, where it isn’t some arbitrary financial number established by a power elite in backrooms but is based on real-world value: ‘financial assets … are not separate from their sustained utilities in the natural world, to include any and all environmental variables which ultimately determine their value.’
  • Will this ‘reset’ abolish old systems of debt and credit that have traditionally shackled us to those who have owned and controlled our money supply? Is this an interest-free system? ‘In the case of a non-interest based system, it must be established that a proper “reset” entails no dependencies on credit or debt that result in the “overfinancialization” of assets.’
  • It is a gold-backed system, fully surveilled and accountable: The coins themselves and the virtual coins will have barcodes (for ownership) and GPS tracking devices (for location).
  • The complex AI system QFS utilizes carries its own human-contamination risks, mentioned at the end of the article.


Quantum Finance

A new system is emerging that, with the proper structuring, puts financial control back in the hands of the people.



As this author has also outlined, this system can also support economic development that does not involve banks.


Quantum finance is an interdisciplinary field, applying theories and methods developed by quantum physicists and economists in order to solve problems in finance. It is a branch of what is known as econophysics.


Beyond the AI and natural resource implications, it is purported that a FIAT cryptocurrency will convert into a gold-backed Basel III, IV and V compliant digital coin.


Right now it is unclear as to how exactly the QFS is being ledgered, and with what specific ledgering system.


“Crypto-biases” aside, something monumental is about to happen.



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The Quantum Financial System 101 – Transforming ‘Value’, Eliminating Bankers


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  1. I enjoyed this article about the QFS. Just wondering why Gunther Sonnenfeld has special project experience with the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon who are DS and can’t help wonder why his company has a logo shaped like a triangle. I can’t find a bio on him either. I guess I am suspicious of anyone who put a triangle logo on his company especially with all the illuminati symbolism going around lately.