8 Responses to “The Organic Prepper, Famine is coming to the USA, courtesy of the Truthseeker site.”

  1. Hey you says:

    Partly natural, partly manufactured.

  2. ian says:

    Given that chemtrailing, is a daily thing in the UK although most folks wear rose coloured chemtrail hiding glasses, I think weather control is far advanced. In the US to get the drought to coincide with globalist plans and rely on a natural event seems unlikely. I suspect that it’s a created drought, to go with created wildfires, and the created media driven pandemic. and the created vaccine attack. They will all coalesce to create death of people in Biblical numbers worldwide.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Unstable weather is also a part of the grand solar minimum which strengthens every year, covered up by main media, who talk of anthropogenic climate change – feel guilt for the weather and don’t change your farming techniques. Farmers should stop growing wheat and corn and head for root crops.

    • Tapnewsreader says:

      I agree anthropogenic MMGW change is a total fraud and lie.
      Yes, there is a lot of talk around online now, how a mini ice age caused by Solar Minimum is coming, some voices say from 2025 to around 2040.

      What about Miles Mathis though? I dont think hes a disinformationist, his papers are interesting and he seems legit.
      Miles Mathis , whos a polymath, physicist as well as artist and old book and bicycle restorer and cat lover. Says yes weve been in a Solar Minimum, theres been very low charge. And we are headed to come out of it in next year or two , things are going to get better.

      So, if MM is valid in what he says. What can we infer , and can we reconcile this, with all the doom of Solar Minimum mini ice age ahead? What does it all mean?

      There do seem to be real moves by the Arctic countries, Russia Canada Denmark the USA Norway, stand offs jostling for territory and dominance (though this might be staged theatre who knows) , anticipating a melting Arctic, and theres talk of the Northwest Passage opening making shipping much easier.

      So a good question is: Is there a worsening Solar Minumum/Mini Ice Age coming on the cards, or isnt there?

      Perhaps unstable unpredictable weather in the world is whats ahead. Might it be the southern hemisphere/Antartica is destined to get colder and more ice? Ive read that online.

      What does this mean for the UK? Will we become like north Finland in which case big changes are coming to farming. Or will this neck of the woods get warmer or be ok?

      To end, it all seems very confusing and conflicting. Miles Mathis says how they are underrporting sunpots.

      ” If you don’t know what I mean by military interference, and think that may sound paranoid, I remind
      you of RationalWiki, which is just one of many places running projects against me. They happen to be
      located in Albuquerque at Kirtland Air Force Base, just down the road from where I live. RatWiki is aproject of the psychological operations unit there, and I am one of their targets. Plus, unless you read
      my science site as well, you may not know the Air Force is also running a project against my Solar
      Cycles research. I have written many papers on Solar Cycles since 2014, and those papers were
      becoming so influential in mainstream circles, the Air Force was forced to take over control of sunspot
      reporting. My predictions were so successful, the reports have had to be faked, with sunspot numbers
      being underreported by huge margins. Currently, numbers are being underreported by about 75%, to
      make it look like my predictions are not coming true. But they are, and we can tell that because they
      are still publishing the raw visual data. They are miscounting spots, but since we can see the spots for
      ourselves, we can count them ourselves. ” http://mileswmathis.com/natwood.pdf

      NEW PAPER, added 2/2/21, January Sunspots. The USAF has taken over the pushing of data here.

      NEW PAPER, added 1/5/21, The Sunspot Numbers for December were Grossly Miscounted. The mainstream continues to implode, faking numbers in plain sight.

    • Tapnewsreader says:

      Also, our Sun is certainly whiter compared to 20-30 yrs ago when it was more yellow. So thats significant but what does it mean? How does that link into what Miles Mathis saying they are underreporting sunspots?

      The sun still appears as warm and yellow golden as ever at sunset though.

    • Tapnewsreader says:

      ” It does seem to be getting hotter for growing things in summer in south UK if the recent Guardian piece is correct. Then again someone i know from Devon, her elderly parents claim its cooler there now compared to years past.
      If it is getting hotter , then if more melted freshwater enters the Atlantic and shuts off the gulfstream, what will that mean?

      Hotter summers colder winters more extreme UK weather making us more like Canada at this latitude now? Or will the overall warming in the Arctic northerly areas , outweigh cancel out any chilling of the gulfstream stops. And we will become more meditteranean? Id like to hope its this but suspect it could be more the Canadian scenario. ”

    • Tapnewsreader says:


      PAPER UPDATE, added 12/5/20, The Big Smoothing Cheat. See p. 4, where I show more massaging of data.

      NEW PAPER, added 12/4/20, The Big Smoothing Cheat. Where we see NASA, NOAA, and others fudging and hiding data from us in spectacular ways, to distort the start of Solar Cycle 25.

      NEW PAPER, added 12/1/20, Solar Cycles: Miles v. the Mainstream. My Dutch collaborator Steven Oostdijk has written a long paper comparing my predictions to the mainstream’s. In short, the current hard spike in numbers coinciding with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a body blow to current dynamo theory. It confirms my charge models with huge exclamation points.


  4. Hey you says:

    Soon, it will not be possible to farm outside. Then we need to grow indoors like those salad guys in the defunct tunnels in London. I’ve seen some plans for vertical underground farms on the internet but I doubt anyone’s doing that in the UK. Learn to sprout seeds for yr fresh greens.