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  1. Occams says:

    Why would I ‘fight’ for the very same people who PUT US HERE – and CONTINUE to keep us here?

    Take the GD’d vax and let us try to put the pieces back together with a more critical-thinking population

    • ian says:

      I hear where you’re coming from Occams. I however wonder, what will they do with us. They kill the old and you could say stupid, but obedient is more the case. People are taken at an early from their parents and trained for life. Discipline is drummed into us from an early age, and by the time you get out of school, you have a majority of people who will do as they are told without openly dissenting. TV keeps it going, and moulds their behaviour. A small percentage of people not so easily trained by the system, “us”, can see through the psychology used, and the inherant unfairnesses within the system. It doesn’t necessarily make us smarter, just more aware, and suspicious.

      My point is, why kill all the folks who’ll do as they’re told and leave the rebels?. I think it likely that there are plans for the survivors, if we are not force vaccinated that is.

      I think that they’re going this way to cause a huge kill. Over say 5 years, but it will “the plan”, be constantly changing and being restructured and Rev Niemollers’ poem springs to mind. First they came for the stupid.

      Time will tell.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Yes Ian, those of us born in the disappeared analogue world have a definite advantage. We’ve not spent so much time looking at screens like the digital victims have.

        And those of us lucky enough to be educated in schools that actually taught critical thinking have a further advantage. I was educated in the 1960’s in a Grammar school and I feel blessed as a result. The Fabians and their dupes eliminated that from the state system in the final quarter of the 20th century

        I agree that we not necessarily smarter, we’ve just been shown how to think for ourselves. Having said that I know plenty very intelligent folk from my generation who have swallowed the psyop hook, line and sinker. So there must be another factor involved

        Finally I’m not certain that a cull is the primary motivation by any means. There are some strong indications that this is primarily a transhumanist agenda, see here:


        As you say, time will tell

        Best wishes

      • ian says:

        You may be correct about the transhuman thing, Pete. We can never be 100% sure when second guessing someone else’s moves. The Deagel report claimed a 23% survival rate I think, and they seemed desperate to get all the old folks. RFKjr and Dolores Cahill, Judy Mikovits and others all claim that once the vaccinated get a real virus, a cytokine storm will kill many. That is my current belief Pete, but again, obviously, I am unsure. We’ll see. Best wishes to you too Pete.

  2. ihunt says:


    MacArthur there is no pandemic-CDC only 6% Covid….deaths of 16000 that supposedly died of Covid true figure only 9210.

    No Parental Consent Needed For Covid Jab of 12-17 Year Olds in Nova Scotia.

    SCHOOL children under the age of 15 are more likely to be hit by lightning than die of Covid-19,

    “Parents are willingly allowing their children to be killed if they allow them to have the Covid Vaccine”- Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Thai-German Microbiologist


    Out of the mouth of innocent children.

    This woman is healthcare worker. She has had “COVID”. She received the Pfizer vaccine, and has since suffered from seizures and high blood pressure. She is now completely sceptical of the vaccine.

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